Teh ghey rapper Drake was spotted holding his gonads while shopping in D.C. with his boys over the weekend.

If you need even more proof that Drake is Teh ghey, check after the break for footage of him having an on-camera orgasm at the mere mention of Lil Wayne's name!

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Actor Shemar Moore was spotted leaving his doctor's office in Beverly Hills today. This makes the second time in recent months that Shemar has been seen leaving a doctor's office. Why would a strapping, seemingly healthy young man like Shemar need to visit the doctor so frequently?

Singer Mario and Amber Rose's side pice Dez showed up at Lil Jon's album release party at Playhouse Hollywood in LA last night. I guess Dez is trying to follow in Amber's footsteps by aligning herself with gay men in the industry that she doesn't have to worry about putting out for? I'm just guessing.

Edited to add this picture of actor Larenz Tate and producer Jermaine Dupri at his Hip Hop Honoree party at the Gold Room on Monday (June 7). More pics in a minute.

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A nearly 25-year study shows that children raised in lesbian households have fewer behavioral problems than children raised by gay men.

But does this study really prove anything? Women are naturally more nurturing than men, aren't we?

A nearly 25-year study concluded that children raised in lesbian households were psychologically well-adjusted and had fewer behavioral problems than their peers.

The study, published Monday in the journal Pediatrics, followed 78 lesbian couples who conceived through sperm donations and assessed their children's well-being through a series of questionnaires and interviews.
Funding for the research came from several lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender advocacy groups, such as the Gill Foundation and the Lesbian Health Fund from the Gay Lesbian Medical Association.

Wendy Wright, president of the Concerned Women for America, a group that supports biblical values, questioned the legitimacy of the findings from a study funded by gay advocacy groups.

"That proves the prejudice and bias of the study," she said. "This study was clearly designed to come out with one outcome -- to attempt to sway people that children are not detrimentally affected in a homosexual household." Read more...

I realize that you Necole Stans care more about this than I do, hence, you're emailing this story to me.

I told you last year that Necole will sleep around with men or women to further her career. Now she's all on Chad OchoCinco's jock (and he on hers). Word is that Chad enticed Necole to move to Miami near his home. Necole and Chad are both attention whores, so it's hard to tell who's using who here.

Necole was reportedly despondent over her breakup with a not so well-known female singer who was spending a lot of time in Atlanta. So Necole was happy to move to Miami to put some distance between herself and the chick.

According to Gossip Jacker:

Earlier this week the Internet was buzzing with rumors about Ochco Cinco not wanting any black chicks on his VH1 dating show. Ocho later used his Twitter to point out that he dated blogger Necole Bitchie proving the allegations about him not liking black girls was false.

I received that email too. But I decided not to post it because, who cares about what Chad thinks?

We thought Sean Combs entirely revamped rapper Nicki Minaj's cartoonish image? Or maybe this VIBE cover was shot before he signed her to his management team? This excerpt from VIBE's cover story gives a little insight into the diection the ex-Barbie is going in:

“I’m not abandoning the funny voices. I just did a crazy tribute to ODB’s ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya,’” she says, perfectly impersonating the late Wu-Clansman. “But it’s coming up more with the album. I had a teacher in elementary who would stand on her table and whisper. We’d all turn around like, ‘What is this lunatic doing?’ But she would achieve what she wanted. She wanted us to stop talking and listen. I feel like I need to mellow it down so people can hear what I have to say.

Source: Miss Jia

Gays and lesbians in the U.S. military are rejoicing at the news that the US Senate has voted to repeal the controversial 'don't ask, don't tell' policy -- the so-called 'gay ban' on gays serving in the military.

On Friday (May 28), a Senate panel approved an amendment to repeal the ban by 16-12. Later, lawmakers in the House approved the amendment by 234 to 194. The measure still requires a full Senate vote.

This means that more than 60% of gay enlisted soldiers will now 'come out' to their superiors -- and demand special treatment in the process.

Gays in the military will no longer be forced to hide in plain sight. Gay soldiers can now solicit each other for sex openly in the barracks without risking a dishonorable discharge.

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The 3 Brown Girls: Nicole Johnson, left, Eboni Elektra and Kim Porter attended The Moet & Chandon's Sex and the City 2 Private Screening at Wooduff Arts Center in Atlanta last night.

Nia Riley (Teddy's daughter) and Deiondra Sanders (Deion Sanders daughter) also attended the screening. These two ladies are rumored to be bisexual lovers, but I have even better juice than that! According to a little birdie, Nia has allegedly been quietly sneaking over to Hawks star Al Horford's home to get her back twisted out. During one of her weekly chiropractor sessions in Horford's bedroom, she -- allegedly -- accidentally got pregnant. But, please, you didn't hear that from me.

Meanwhile, NFL legend Deion Sanders' daughter Deiondra never tires of spending daddy's money. Deiondra doesn't have a job (and if she can help it, she never will). I hear that daddy bought her a 2010 Mercedes CL600. I test drove one of those once, and before I could get it off the lot I knew I couldn't afford the pricey coupe with a price tag in the neighborhood of $120,000! But I test drove it anyway because a sista can dream can't she?

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Rapper Trina, right, and her ex Missy Elliott partied the night away at the Velvet Room last night.

Trina's CD Amazin' is in stores right now. In a recent interview, Trina blamed the male-dominated rap game on the lack of attention real female MCs receive:

It's always gonna be less recognition for female MCs because it is a male dominated industry. I work as hard as the male artist do, if not more, so I just stay focused on that and continue to keep grinding. I don't let those barriers distract me at all.

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According to DC Black Gay Pride organizers, rapper Wale has abruptly pulled out of a Gay Pride concert as headliner.

Apparently, Wale asked the organizers to hide the fact that the event was part of the Black Gay Pride festivities going on in DC that weekend.

It seems Wale didn't mind taking the organizer's cash, he just didn't want it publicized that he was participating in a "gay" event. But I thought Wale was gay?

Earl Fowlkes, the DC Black Pride board member acting as spokesperson for the nonprofit organization, said Wale's decision to cancel his appearance was due to homophobia.

''Basically we had an agreement, and we were very clear to the different parties and agents involved that this was an LGBT event,'' Fowlkes says. ''What happened is that when the first blast went out that Wale was going to be at Black Pride he got cold feet, and his agent first said Wale wasn't available because he had to do family stuff. Then we got another e-mail saying he didn't know what kind of event this was when he agreed to it.''

According to an e-mail from Jesse Kirshbaum, a talent agent representing Wale... his client took the [gig] because it was a local Washington event, but that he was ''mislead.''

''All of the facts of the event were not disclosed with the offer and therefore, he feels mislead and regretfully declines.''
Fowlkes says that is not true. ''We said, 'We told you up front, how could we hide that DC Black Pride is LGBT?''' Fowlkes says. ''They just said he couldn't do it. So it basically is homophobia rearing its ugly head once again, and on our 20th anniversary, it's really sad.''

Everyone thought troubled actress Lindsay Lohan was still pining away for her former lover, DJ Samantha Ronson. But LiLo fooled everyone. According to online reports, she's been quietly dating a 36-year-old Cougar, and things are heating up between them.

From X17 via NY Post:

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been dating 36-year-old photographer and reality television star Indrani, who worked with the 23-year old starlet on a photo shoot last fall.

Indrani, who is also known as Julia I. Pal-Chaudhuri works with photographer Markus Klinko, who told the NY Post, "Lindsay and Indrani have been seeing each other since we shot her last fall. I've seen them on dates, I have seen them making out. Indrani is a good influence on Lindsay. She is the opposite of a party girl -- a Princeton graduate, she's into art and is a philanthropist -- not what you'd expect the typical girl for Lindsay to go out with. When they are together, they talk about art and the deeper meaning in life."

The two have been on several dates in Los Angeles and Indriani recently spent the night at Lindsay's hotel. Indrani reportedly told the Post, "We have been spending a lot of time together. I have never had a relationship with a woman before, but Lindsay is just somebody who I find fascinating, gorgeous and extremely smart, as well as super-hot. Lindsay gets a lot of bad press, but she's a really strong, creative woman and is trying really hard to get her life in a good, positive place."

Senegalese singer Akon rocked the house at KIIS-FM's Wango Tango 2010 show at the Staples Center over the weekend.

Singer Akon, left, singers Kelly Rowland and David Guetta performed live at 102.7 KIIS-FM's Wango Tango 2010 show at the Staples Center over the weekend.

Kelly performed in the usual slutty attire traditionally worn by today's female singers who need to do a lot more with less -- talent, that is.

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Singer Toni Braxton was spotted leaving the Ritz Carlton hotel today in Berlin, Germany. She was heading to her soundcheck for the Duft Show 2010. Doesn't she look stunning for 41?!

There's a new media slut in town and her name is Dez. You might know her from the many paparazzi pictures of her strolling with her BFF Amber Rose (has anyone seen her lately?) Anyway, Dez is always passing herself off as Amber's "sister" to hide the fact that she and Amber are more than just friends.

The two allegedly met when they both stripped for loose change in a Philly gentlemen's club in their hungrier days. Nowadays they both find that acting as undercover beards for high profile men is a much more lucrative gig than swinging from poles.

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So far I've provided you with ample evidence that Drake is indeed the gay rapper. I do this as a public service because some of you ladies are feelin' Drake but you don't have the ability to tell a gay man from a straight one.

If you don't mind being nothing more than a beard for an undercover brother then don't read any further.

Do you need more evidence than this? Drake is flashed by a female in the audience, and he screams "OH MY GOD!"

Ladies, That's gay!

Singer Seal and his sons, Henry and Johan, were spotted having a good time at the LA Lakers game yesterday. The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder by the final score of 111-87 in game 5 of the West playoffs at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Reality TV personality Ray J was spotted filming his and sister Brandy's VH1 reality show "Family Business" at a sushi restaurant in Calabasas yesterday.

MORE pics after the break!

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LOL! Amber Rose looks like a walking cartoon caricature of herself!

From X17Online:

Kudos to Amber Rose for having the balls to flaunt her curves in a nude unitard at Guys & Dolls last night, but maybe next time she should be more careful about her nylons? Runs in your stockings aren't sexy ... even if you're Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus.

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I realize this is asking a lot, but can Pseudo singer Cassie put out a hit record so we can notice her for something other than just her lame hairstyle? Cass attended the 'I Love Africa' private send off dinner for the Riviera to Africa Run for Aids Awareness hosted by Diamond Information Center at The National Arts Club in NYC yesterday.

Rapper Drake performed live during day 2 of the 41st annual New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans yesterday. I wonder if he got paid $100,000 for the gig?

Rapper Fabolous performed at the Power Live event at the Highline Ballroom with The Dream and Omarion in NYC over the weekend.

MORE pics after the break!

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Rapper Nicki Minaj finally opened up to Details magazine about being bisexual. This is welcome news to her young, still closeted lesbian and gays fans who need a role model to look up to.

Now I can finally begin to take this chick seriously. I can respect her moves now. I think it's interesting that Nicki listens to Enya. I used to have all of Enya's tapes back in the day when CD cassette tape decks were still standard factory equipment in new cars. Anyone who listens to Enya is alright with me!

Q: As an openly bisexual rapper, do you think hip-hop is getting more gay-friendly?

A: I think the world is getting more gay-friendly, so hip-hop is too. But it's harder to imagine an openly gay male rapper being embraced. People view gay men as having no street credibility. But I think we'll see one in my lifetime.

Q: Have you seen the YouTube video where Michelle Trachtenberg raps one of your verses?

A: She's the cutest thing. I just wanted to reach into the computer and kiss her. I might have to get her on a track.

Q: Is it true that you're a big Enya fan?

A: Who doesn't love Enya? Whenever I'm in a trying time, she is the calm in the middle of the storm. If I put her on, I'll be in this crazy peaceful state. I love her style. And her harmonies are freaking genius.

So now you can stop asking 'is she' or 'did she really eat Remy Ma's box?' The answer is, yes she did.


I'm not mad at rapper Lil' Kim for being down with the kitty! Kim stepped out for a night on the town with her girlfriend last night in Hollywood, CA. The two partied at Guys and Dolls night spot, and yes, they are holding hands. For once Kim looks nice and happy.

Rihanna gestures to her boyfriend Matt Kemp of the Dodgers after he hit a home run at LA Dodgers opening day yesterday. The Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks by the final score of 9-5 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles CA.

More after the break...

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R&B singer Trey Songz is enjoying a resurgence in popularity these days now that Chris Brown's career is officially dead in the water.

Trey's label and management has worked overtime to dispel the gay rumors that continue to plague him. But it's Trey's own actions that will eventually prove the rumors true or false. He knows he can only do so many photo shoots with his shirt off before his fans start to catch on.

So to combat the persistent rumors, Trey has been hanging out lately with a curvy LSLH Cheetah waitress who, I have learned, is VERY popular with industry men. She seems to know a lot of guys, I'm told. I don't know her name yet. But I'll find out when I make my regular pilgrimage to the popular titty bar this weekend for dinner.

According to a credible source, Trey and his waitress/beard showed up at another popular strip club, Onyx on Tuesday night. My spies tell me that Trey and his boys were turned around at the door when they tried to get into Onyx for free. "You don't know who I am?," Trey allegedly asked the door man. When they were told the cover charge was $40 each, they dipped out.

Here's the interesting part: Trey and the woman arrived at the club in separate cars.

Prior to the success of his latest film, Why Did I Get Married Too?, playwright and director Tyler Perry announced his leading man for his latest project, 'Colored Girls': Isaiah Mustafa. Perry met Mustafa on the Oprah show last week, and agreed to cast him in the film.

Mustafa is a former NFL player whose Old Spice commercial became an instant YouTube viral sensation, garnering over 6 million views in two months. It should be obvious that Mustafa is "How U Doin" just from the commercial, but of course, it isn't to most women who always miss the signs.

'Colored Girls' stars Janet Jackson (who also stars in 'Too?'), Whoopi Goldberg and Mariah Carey.

Well, you knew it had to happen (because it's so painfully obvious): a loyal reader has evidence that Mustafa bats for the other team.

Well, after seeing Oprah on Friday and watching the viral sucess of Isaiah Mustafa for Old Spice ad I have found out that he used to work at the famous West Hollywood gay spot, The Abbey .... He was quite friendly and didn't mind the love pats he got on that huge ass of his..... LOL. I am riding a horse backward.... Good Practice and this girl he is taken by is a beard, a lezzbo from the club .... He should be really good in Tyler Perry's new movie For Colored Girls

So he is smelling like a man and a manly man and looking like a bunny.

I find it interesting that nearly all of his leading men are either gay or bi. I take it that Tyler casts his leading men based on the type of men he prefers: thuggish, cute, young, impressive abs, biceps, azz; or a combination of all these physical attributes.

The lesbun version of the runaway hit Bravo TV series 'Real Housewives' is set to premiere on Showtime cable network. Showtime, which brought us the canceled, highly rated series The L Word -- has assembled a cast of gorgeous, mostly white and one mixed, professional lesbuns for its new series, The Real L Word.

Here's a break down of the cast courtesy of Eonline:

Tracy, 29: Smokin' hot film and television development executive Tracy is the newbie to the lesbian scene, and still struggling with her mother, who's having a hard time dealing with Tracy's sexuality. Throughout The Real L Word, we'll watch Tracy juggle career and a new relationship.

Whitney, 27: We're bound to see some drama with this one! The Hollywood special effects artist is a self-professed terrible girlfriend, saying she's "always looking for love, but losing to lust." Keep an eye on this street-smart wild child.

Nikki, 37: Already famous in her own right (she's a rep/manager/producer/industry bigwig, and publicly came out on The Oprah Winfrey Show!), Nikki is now engaged and planning her wedding to Real L Word costar Jill.

Rose, 35: Listen up, fans of the original L Word—Rose was actually the inspiration for Papi. This real estate advisor is a "lotharia" who wants to settle down, but can't seem to shake her old habits. She's currently in a loving relationship and has the full support of her family.

Mickey, 34: Also a bit of an L.A. celeb, Mickey is the founder of The Gallery Los Angeles and produces LA Fashion Weekend. She's also engaged and trying to plan a wedding of her own. We'll see if she can balance her fiancée, clients and the motorcycle she loves so much.

Jill, 33: This Jersey girl next door is engaged to costar Nikki and enjoys her career as a writer in Los Angeles. She, too, has the support of her family.

The Real L Word premieres on June 20 on Showtime. Check your local listings for the time.

Source: EOL

I don't know why I keep getting emails like this one when it should be obvious that I have gay male friends and I love them. I don't have love for cowards who hide in the closet their entire lives and tiptoe out only when it's convenient for them (ie, Ricky Martin).

Sorry, but I'm not apologizing for being real. So let's all say goodbye to Jason and wish him well on his journey to other blogs where, hopefully he will discover that life is full of little disappointments.

Hello, Sandra. I'm a regular reader and have been since about 2007-one question: Do you hate gay men? It appears so. You glorify lesbian relationships but find disgust with any male who even thinks about being with another man. You seem to hold the point of view that gay men are responsible for all the ills confronting Black America. The last time I checked, they were not the ones selling crack, killing and robbing folks, going to jail repeatedly, leaving women with multiple fatherless children...and the AIDS thing. OK, you can't blame gay men for Black women having unsafe sex with NON gay men. Gay men don't like women, remember? Black women are disproportionately affecting the high AIDS rate because of their own actions. Go to any "str8" Black club and you'll see why.

Its bad enough you condemn violence on the one hand-and then glorify convicted gun slinger T.I. and that dreadful Tiny on the other, which can be understood considering you are presumably (at least I hope) being paid handsomely for your deference. But to perpetually degrade gay men is just beyond the pale because gay men are a big part of the reason you are so popular. They love you and you know it. Too bad its a one way street. You stake your claim as an influential music industry insider; if so, then how could you of all people disregard the fact that gay men may make up a larger constituency on your site than just the silly over-opionated women who dominate your posts? You love who you love; why can't you let other people do the same? You're a gifted writer who wastes a lot of time dehumanizing an over-victimized minority. As for me, I wish you well but the virulent homophobia has become too much for me and I'm OUT.

Thanks for helping make the world a safer place for bigots everywhere.


Yesterday, Latin singer Ricky Martin came stumbling out of the closet much to no one's surprise. He said that announcing his gay status gave him courage and strength.

Jarrett Barrios, president of GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) applauded Martin's move, saying "His decision to model this kind of openness and honesty can lead to greater acceptance for countless gay people in U.S., in Latin America and worldwide.”

That may be so, but Martin waited until he was 38 to finally come out. For two decades, Martin repeatedly denied being gay when pressed about his sexual orientation. In a December 2000 interview with The Mirror, Martin said:

"I guess these rumours were started by people who don't have a life, or perhaps it's because they want me to be like them and I'm not. I try not to pay attention to any of these allegations. I could have been married with kids for years or have 27 girlfriends, and if people still want to go around saying that I'm gay, they will."

Martin was 28 when he made that statement. So is it okay to live your entire life as a lie and then expect to be rewarded when you finally come out and tell the truth?

Being gay and proud has been socially acceptable for at least the past two decades. Gays run the music industry, and 95% of celebrity bloggers are gay. So in 2010, why is anyone sitting up in the closet anymore? The only explanation is cowardice. Plain and simple. If I can come out at the age of 5, then these grown folks who I'm about to name can come out as well.

Here's a list of urban celebs who are believed to be either gay or bi who should come out of the closet to help make this a better world for younger gays who feel alienated in their communities.

**Celebs in photos together does not imply that they are dating each other**

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith

Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry

Russell and Kimora (Kimmie once threatened to sue me to keep the contents of her closet a secret)

Rihanna and Melissa

Teyana Taylor, Mario

More after the break

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Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin ended years of speculation today when he came out of the closet in a letter on his personal website. The singer, who used the services of a surrogate mother to birth his twin boys, wrote that finally coming out filled him with "strength and courage."

"At this moment I'm feeling the same freedom I usually feel only on stage, without a doubt, I need to share," he wrote.

Hopefully, those of you who refused to believe Ricky was gay (just as some of you still refuse to believe Tyler Perry and Bow Wow are gay) -- will remember all the denials he made and the string of women he paraded in front of the media while hiding his true sexual orientation.

Yes, Virginia, more than half of your male singers, actors and rappers are either gay or bisexual, and they don't want you.

Source: EO

I'm guessing Bravo network execs got at RHOA cast member Kim Zolciak for denying her lesbun relationship with DJ Tracy Young -- and thus ruining the only plot angle she has to draw in viewers.

Zolciak recently sat down with Life & Style magazine to dicuss her PR stunt relationship:

L&S: Was there chemistry the first time you and Tracy met?
Kim: Well, we were both going through heartbreak at the time. I had split up with Big Poppa, and she had just ended a relationship she had been in for three years. The first night we met, we just connected on a different level. We ended up talking for two hours. After that, we started working in the studio together, remixing “Tardy for the Party.” We gradually became closer.

L&S: Can you pinpoint the moment when things became romantic?
Kim: There were sparks, but [physically] it was a gradual situation. Tracy made the first move. Our first kiss was passionate and exciting.

I spoke with a Bravo producer last night who told me that the production company has been in Atlanta for at least a month now waiting to start filming. The producers have been cooling their heels waiting for the green light to proceed with the coonery. A source said the shooting schedule has been pushed back at least three times.

The reason is: a couple of the cast members are still refusing to sign on for the new season because they're holding out for more cash. The two hold outs know what the other cast members have already agreed to -- and they want equal pay for equal coonery.

One of the hold outs said to a friend: "Why should Kandi Burrus make more than me and I've been on the show longer?"

The two hold outs realize that they risk being kicked off the show. But thats OK because it's written into their contracts that they must be paid for the entire upcoming season even if they are let go.

A photo shoot is scheduled for next week for the cast members, and afterwards filming of the new season is supposed to commence. But as I've said, the shoot start time has been pushed back a few times already.


Rev. Run's daughter, Angela Simmons, and her boyfriend Rob Kardashian (Kim and Khloe's brother) had a girl's day out at the spa yesterday in L.A. They both got a manicure and pedicure -- and Angela took care of their tab. Wasn't that sweet of her?

We all know that Rob is gay. But sadly, women like Angela -- who've been badly hurt in the past by brothas -- would rather date a gay white man than a straight black one. I guess she thinks a gay man won't break her heart?

But then again, it could be all that azz on him that's got Angela sprung. Sistahs are suckers for a man with a big butt and a smile.

I'm told that their relationship is not staged for her reality show because her show is on a separate network than Rob's. And they both have a non-compete clause written into their contracts. On the other hand, the two networks could have agreed to let their artists appear on each other's shows. Who knows.

MORE pics after the break!

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A loyal reader called my attention to the fact that singers such as LeToya Luckett, Monica and newcomer Dondria have begun featuring obviously down low men as leading man in their music videos. Has anyone else noticed this trend? Are down low men the new music video accessory?

A loyal reader writes:

Hello Sandra,

Remember Dondria the youtube singer chick signed to Jermaine Dupri's label well she has hot Springy feel love single called "Your The One" that's been blowing up on radio airwaves for some time now. The video just came out and guess who she picked to be her leading man.... You guessed it Trey Songz alleged ex-lover Brandon Hines. Just thought I'd let you know.

And what's up with all these ladies picking closeted men to be their love interest in videos? First Letoya Luckett with Keston Karter and now Dondria with Brandon Hines. Is a good straight man that scarce out there?