RuPaul, the nation's most famous drag queen says (s)he will not be in attendance at New York's pompous Fashion Week next week.

When asked if (s)he'll participate in Fashion Week, RuPaul replied, "I don't. I cannot stand the people. I think the fashion people are so nasty and so pretentious. One thing that I am not is pretentious and I cannot stand pretentious people. I love fashion, love color, love texture, love all of that. But all of the people who surround that are rot-ten." Season two of RuPaul's Drag Race premieres on February 1. Read more...

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Homewrecker Alicia Keys and her beau, producer Swizz Beatz who left his wife and son for Alicia, were spotted holding hands on a beach in Hawaii over the weekend. The ring on Alicia's finger begs the question: did Swizz and Alicia elope and get married? Is he officially divorced from his stalker Mashonda? No good will come out a relationship that was ill-conceived from the outset. It's not a matter of will Swizz cheat on Alicia, it's just a matter of when.

Chris Brown attended a menswear fashion show early today in Paris, France. What is he wearing on his feet? He looks like a Himalayan Sasquatch. The name on the straps reads 'John Balliano' and they probably cost a G, which means that no matter how stupid a brand name item looks, if it's expensive you can always find a dummy to wear it in the name of fashion.

Remember that photo of disgraced golf great Tiger Woods that was on all the blogs last week? Well, the paps who are gathered outside Tiger's sex rehab facility in Hattiesburg, Mississippi thought they saw Tiger again on Friday, but it wasn't him. The dude was wearing the same type of clothing (t-shirt, shorts, ball cap, hoodie) the same jewelry and he was carrying a styrofoam cup in an obvious attempt to trick the media into believing the National Enquirer sold them pictures of a fake Tiger.

The images are going for $10,000 a pop so in order to keep the cash flowing uninterrupted, the National Enquirer hastily released a statement claiming their image of Tiger was the real mccoy. But now I'm hearing some of the media outlets don't believe the Enquirer and are asking for their money back.

MORE pics after the break!

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THIS is more like it. This is the Chris Brown that we are used to. For a while there he was looking very suspect. It says a lot about Chris Brown's immaturity that he would allow others around him to influence how he expresses himself personally.

Jay Z was spotted leaving his hotel in Paris today. I love the jacket and the ostrich skin backpack. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love backpacks. So I got two backpacks for my birthday, including a really nice Louis Vuitton backpack yesterday (thanks Alex!). But nothing as nice as the one Jay Z is holding. It must be nice.

More pics from Fashion Week in Paris. As a Tyler Perry would say if approached by a female for sex, "No ma'am!" Amber Rose doesn't do it for me and I wish she and Kanye would just disappear. Go make music or something. the attention seeking behavior is a little over the top.

Kanye and Amber attended a menswear show in Paris early this morning. They tried their best to look like your average heterosexual couple, but the guy behind them looks like he's saying, "Don't believe them! They're GAY!"

MORE pics after the break!

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Entertainment's most boring couples Beyonce and Jay Z and Kanye/Amber arrived in Paris, France yesterday. Beyonce and Jay Z will take to the stage to raise funds for relief efforts in Haiti.

And we don't know what Kanye and Amber are doing other than looking like confused, oversized penguins in those fur coats.

As you know, Kanye West was asked not to participate in the telethon for Haiti that airs tonight on MTV and other networks. A producer told celebrity gossip blog that George Clooney, who organized the telethon, decided not to invite the emotionally disturbed Kanye to avoid any embarrassing outbursts.

MTV released a statement yesterday disputing this report and claiming the network extended an invite to Kanye. But insiders say MTV is just doing spin control and the producers of the show do not want Kanye to appear on the telethon.

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I wish celebrities like Queen Latifah would remember that wearing her grandfather's hand me downs while traveling is not the biz because the paparazzi stake out all airports in major cities. Just because she's in a smaller airport like Dulles just outside of Washington DC doesn't mean the paps aren't there too.

The Queen looked stunning today when the paps caught up with her outside the Rockefeller Center where she made an appearance on the Today Show in NYC. It even looks like she's shed a few pounds recently.

On the right is how Latifah looked on Friday (Jan. 15) on her way to the BET Honors taping. As you can see she upgraded nicely wearing the same coat with a fuschia dress, black hosiery and peep toe shoes. But the oversized men's trousers, the old worn basketball shoes and the ill-fitting Gucci skull cap were simply unforgivable.

Photos: Splash News, Wireimage/Getty

Hollywood's most boring couple, Rihanna and Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp, attended the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Los Angeles Clippers NBA game at the Staples Center on Saturday.

Kamber (Kanye and Amber) were spotted leaving a midtown Manhattan recording studio on Saturday night. Amber was in Atlanta Friday night where she pocketed about 10 Gs to appear at lesbian and gay men events as part of the MLK weekend.

'Precious' star Gabourey Sidibe looked glamorous in emerald green on the red carpet at the 67th Annual Golden Globes Awards in Hollywood last night.

Angelina Jolie took her daughters Zahara Jolie-Pitt and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt shopping over the weekend. It's good to see Zahara Marley, who just turned 5 on Jan. 8, so happy. But the Jolie-Pitts' biological daughter, the gender confused Shiloh, 3, rarely ever smiles.

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Speaking of pregnant pseudo-celebrities... "singer" Christina Milian looks about ready to bust while putting gas in her tank yesterday.

Kanye West's beard Amber Rose finally grew some hair. Now she no longer looks like a stripper version of Big Bird.

Garcelle Beauvais should never step out of the house without a pair of pantyhose on. Those legs are not the biz.

Former rapper-turned-actor LL Cool J could easily be confused for a homeless man outside a food bank. He used to be so fine and macho. I wonder what he thinks about his firstborn son being gay?

Reality TV personality Ophilia, aka Trey Song's beard, took to her Twitter page yesterday to defend her homie Trey from the backlash that is sure to come now that it has been revealed that he takes it from the back.

This comes as shocking news to his mostly unemployed rabid fans who are mesmerized by Trey's good looks but cluelessly ignore the obvious gay signs.

According to another gossip blog, Trey Song pulled strings to get his boy toy, singer Brandon Hines, added to Jay Z's Blueprint 3 Tour. Ophilia posted these tweets on her Twitter page yesterday, most likely per the request of Trey.

Her tweets about getting her back twisted out by Trey (LOL) are hardly believable at all. If she was really getting it from him like that she wouldn't have time to be on twitter 24/7. People with lives do not spend most of their time tweeting.

Also, isn't she married with a bunch of kids?

Thanks to loyal reader Zuley for the screen grabs and the video link to Trey and Brandon singing a love song to each other.

Local club promoter Slimm and his lady, actress Vivica A. Fox partied at Tongue & Groove Monday night in Atlanta. They'll be in Miami, Florida next weekend clubbing, enjoying the surf and doing a little shopping. It must be nice!  Photos (2) by Prince Williams/

I've never seen a young man get hated on like this just because of who he's sleeping with. Even the brothas can't hide their envy. One industry cat called me to hate on Slimm's shoes. Come on, son.

Celebrity stylist Misa Hylton celebrated her 30th birthday at Greenhouse in NYC last night. As you know, Misa holds the honor of being Sean Combs' first baby mama. Their son Justin turned 16 recently. It pays to be a baby mama to the rich and famous. We may not know what you do but at least we know your name.

Sean Combs' mom Janice Combs attended Misa Hylton's birthday bash last night at the Greenhouse in NYC. Doesn't she look hawt! Get it mama! I LOVE your confidence. She gives the hatahs LIFE!

Singer Lil' Mo is so nice...

Why do I look at this pic of Que and suddenly have an urge for pancakes and syrup? This boy is too sweet. He'd better not ever tell a woman that lie that he's straight.

Photos: Getty Images

A loyal reader has informed us that another gossip blog just outed the struggling R&B singer Trey Song.

According to my loyal reader, the gossip blog has proof that Trey is in fact bisexual. We realize that this news may come as a shock to those of you who have difficulty identifying a bisexual man even if he had "I'M GAY" tattooed on his forehead.

But we told you so.

She writes:

I asked around and it's some truth behind one of his male lovers. Now you know I'm gonna kick you these beats like no other. Ok so B is saying Trey had a relationship with underground singer Brandon Hines. But what they didn't say was Brandon Hines went to Howard Univ. Around '05-07 time frame and everyone on campus knew he was trying to be a recording artist AND that he lived a secret alternative lifestyle. He and Trey have been friends under the radar recording and hanging together tough. I never put two and two together until being reminded of it today. My source said they think the two met at one of Howard's homecomings in '05 or '06 but they are NOT 100% that is where they first met each other.

PS I know one of Brandon Hines lovers who was a Kappa at Howard.

We will have more developments as this story unfolds.

Do you recall the post I wrote about this west coast tranny named Nadia who (allegedly) "had" the rapper Bow Wow -- or at least tricked him into inviting her to his hotel room?

Probably due to her notoriety (or because Bow Wow lives here) she packed up and moved to Atlanta last year.

My spies tell me that Nadia is a regular on the ATL nightclub scene and "she" is usually always accompanied by a dude. According to my spy, it's not immediately apparent to the thugs who jock her in the clubs that she still has her original factory equipment.

Her demeanor in the clubs is described as "shy and timid" around the male patrons -- probably because she knows she's getting just as infamous in the ATL as she was in L.A., and it may be time to move again.

It's crazy out there. But this is just a reminder to let some of you ballers know that what you see in the clubs is not necessarily what you get.

Rihanna was spotted playing with the dolphins in Los Cabos, Mexico yesterday. I've decided that this new "romance" between the pop singer and LA Dodgers bench warmer Matt Kemp is completely fabricated. the evidence is abundantly clear that this relationship is strictly for publicity purposes.

First of all, look at the expression on the face of Rihanna's bulldog publicist. There's no way she could be that happy for them unless it was for publicity purposes. And why is she even on vacation with them -- right there in the water with them? Would you take your newspaper boy, dog groomer, and landscaper on vacation with you? Does that make sense?

Of course, this is nothing new in the industry. PR people have been known to fabricate relationships to quiet rumors of homosexuality (as in this case with Rihanna). But normally the celebrity client is a male who got caught out there as is the case with Tyler Perry and the PR people swing into damage control. But no one believed me when I said Rihanna was a lesbun anyway. So why the fake relationship? Unless she's trying to get back at convicted woman beater Chris Brown. But that would be so petty.

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Scroll down for update...

Normally I ignore all communications from readers regarding that other lesbun blogger who has been so disrespectful to me in the past. But in the new year I have decided to forgive my enemies and instead I will show them love and understanding.

Yesterday, a loyal reader sent this photo of Necole that was sufficiently alarming enough to rate a response from me. She does look sick -- and not in a good way. Like she might be anorexic -- or lonely and depressed.

Necole, if you need any help kicking your habit, you have my number.

Loyal reader Simone writes:

Hi Sandra,

I know you and Necole B*** had beef in the past but I was wondering if you saw the pictures from her alter ego shoot? Sandra she looks like a 12 year old boy on crack. I think she needs an intervention. Maybe you should post this picture in the hopes that she sees it and checks herself into rehab.


To add this pic sent in by loyal reader Stacy. It's supposedly Necole dressed up as Rihanna on the cover of her platinum CD 'Rated R'. I don't think celebrity photographer Derek Blanks likes Necole very much.

Pseudo singer Keri Hilson celebrated New Year's at Karu & Y nightspot in Miami where she gave a middle fanga salute to all her hatahs. Keri was the subject of much hate on the blogs in 2009. So you really can't blame her for giving her haters the For U. Unfortunately, 2010 won't be much better for her unless she suddenly and miraculously learns how to sing in key.

Singer Akon looked so fine in his Armani suit down in Miami when he helped his artist Lady GaGa ring in the New Year.

Former TLC member T-Boz spent her New Year weekend bowling with the Traxx Girls lesbuns at 10 Pin Alley at Atlantic Station. Oh, you didn't hear that T-Boz dumped her linebacker boyfriend Takeo Spikes and tipped over to the other side? Well, you didn't hear it from me.

This is the custom whip that T-Boz pulled up in. I would be lying if I said I didn't envy those rims.

It was a ghey fest on the set of BET's 106 & Park last week as Trey Song and Omarion battled it out for the Teh Gheyest male singer of the year.

Honestly, Trey doesn't help his situation when he takes pics like this.

How U doooinnnn?

Photo: Wireimage/Getty, and Faded Youth

Does Barbadian pop singer Rihanna have a bad case of the crabs?

If her bikini was too tight, maybe she should have slipped into a bikini more appropriate for her ample assets?

The Superstar could not resist digging for gold while vacationing with her family in Barbados over the Christmas holiday even with children in full view.

Troubled rapper/producer Kanye West spent the weekend in LA with his boyfriend, er, I mean manly girlfriend Amber Rose. I honestly didn't mean to type "boyfriend" but you can easily see how I would make that mistake, can't you? Kamber were spotted shopping and taking in a movie at The Grove in LA yesterday.

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Rumor has it that Metrosexual rapper/producer Kanye West is ready to settle down and tie the knot with his beard Amber Rose. The strange couple are reportedly getting hitched next year in the Caribbean if all goes well.

A friend told the Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “He has really bonded with her since losing his mother and needs another strong woman in his life.”

Apparently they're going to stay in a eight-bedroom villa in the Dominican Republic for the romantic occasion. The friend added, “He’s very serious, otherwise he wouldn’t be spending that much money on her.” Read More...

That makes sense since Amber Rose is about as close to a man as Kanye is going to get.

I'm sure Kanye already sent word to all his male side pieces that the nuptials are only going down for show and they shouldn't worry about their gravy train running off track -- as long as they keep their mouths shut like Amber is doing.

Picture this: you're a successful, strong, independent woman with all your mental faculties intact who still has yet to meet that one man who will sweep you off your feet and put a ring on your finger.

Like all secure sistas with higher than average self-esteem, you have similar friends who share your values and goals in life -- but they're all married to seemingly good men. "So what's wrong with me?," you ask yourself.

One day, a good friend -- sensing your anxiety about not being married yet -- sets you up on a blind date with a man whom she describes as "sensitive, fun loving, with a good sense of humor, but not so cocky that his machoism will turn you off."

"Have an open mind when you meet him," your friend suggests to you over the phone.

So you swing into high gear and spend all day shopping picking out the perfect dress, the perfect handbag and the perfect shoes for your big date. That big day finally arrives and your heart races with anticipation as you prepare for your date, knowing in the back of your mind: HE JUST MIGHT BE THE ONE!

"Calm down girl," you tell yourself as your doorbell rings. You rush to the door but you slow your pace just as you get there. You adjust your outfit and with your heart beating out of your chest in hot anticipation, you reach for the doorknob and open the door.

You stand there in stunned silence as you take it all in -- the spiked hair that looks like a kid poured grape flavored kool aid all on it, the tribal markings engraved on the side of his head, the black fingernail polish, the soft, dainty hands (that looks like he never misses his manicure appointments), the tight jeans, etc.

Your mind races to put the pieces of the puzzle together. And when it all comes together, it forms one word:


But in your heart of hearts you refuse to acknowledge what your brain is telling you. Your heart is still beating out of your chest -- but for a different reason this time. Slowly, he turns around and faces you. A smirk dances on his lips as he waits for you to acknowledge him.

He does not compliment you on your dress, your hair, your bag or your shoes that you spent so many hours picking out for this special night.

"Hi, my name is Nokio," he says slowly. "You might know me from the group Dru Hill?"

This is what took place in 2003 when Tamir "Nokio" Ruffin met NY radio personality Angie Martinez, according to a close friend of Angie's who asked to remain anonymous. "We tried to tell her he was flaming, but she was in love and love is blind," said the friend.

The friend also said Martinez is attracted to "soft, cornball" types of men (like the rapper Q Tip) who "won't challenge her fear of intimacy with real men."

Now, I don't know if any of that is true, so please don't quote me on it.

A few months after their fateful meeting, Martinez was pregnant with Nokio's son. Niko Ruffin came into the world on June 12, 2003.

My question to you is -- despite the obvious glaring red flags that a man is gay, would you still sleep with him and have a baby by him anyway?

Photos by Prince Williams/

I LOVE Freshalina's commentary on all God's children. When I posted this pic of Kandi Burruss and that hot mess Lawrence, I had no clue who the other two mens were. I didn't realize that they wed one another and put the video up on YouTube where it became an Internet sensation.


Try to divert your attention from Kandi’s Dragonball-Z HAIR and Lawrence being painted and prepped for a meeting with the gods and get into the two fellas playing the bookend position. Do they look familiar to you? Wait for it, wait for it . . .

If it weren’t for the sharp eyes of Miss Gia from SANDRA ROSE’S COMMENT SECTION I would have been in love by now! Photographs and footage from Michael and Jamil Cole Smith’s WEDDING move through the internet at a dizziying speed after the couple exchanged HAIR PRODUCTS vows earlier this year.

Photo by Prince Williams/

Riahnna and her HLF Melissa did some Christmas shopping in NYC last night. Rihanna wore a huge rabbit fur hat which looked so cute on her. Love their boots! Remember at the beginning of their relationship when Melissa seemed so nervous, shy and reserved around the paparazzi? She seemed uncomfortable with the whole public display of affection thing.

But now she seems to have broken out of her shell and doesn't mind PDAs between herself and Rihanna, who is obviously the dominating partner in their relationship.

If that's not love in Rihanna's eyes then I don't know what is.

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If former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland is not the most gorgeous woman in all of entertainment then I don't know who is. Beyonce pales in comparison to this ravishing beauty!

R&B singer Usher and ex-wife Tameka Foster threw a birthday party for one of their sons this weekend in Atlanta. I don't know if Usher actually attended the birthday party since I'm sure he can't stand being in the same room with that psycho. Anyway, Usher introduced his other "son" Justin Bieber before he performed onstage during Z100's Jingle Ball 2009 presented by H&M at Madison Square Garden over the weekend. You can't listen to the radio on the car without hearing this kid's annoying voice all over the airwaves.

Does it seem to you like Usher is trying to protect 15-year-old singing sensation Justin Bieber from gay blade Adam Lambert at the Z-100 Jingle Bell Jam at MSG?

Sexy rapper Nelly signed autographs at Macy's in Lenox Square Mall on Saturday in Atlanta. Here he poses with radio jock Ryan Cameron's son Poodah who is so big now. That's Ryan's former sidekick Elle Duncan in the background for those of you in Atlanta who know her. I guess she's doing the weather and traffic now for V-103? A loyal reader informs me that Elle Duncan took over Porsche Foxx's spot from 10-2 on V-103.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

If you receive this video in your In Box with the subject line "Sandra Rose hollers at the ladies" -- please don't believe it. This is not me. I don't know the young lady in the video, but I do appreciate her swag and her over abundance of confidence and self esteem. More youngsters should display the confidence this chick has. She's not fat, it's just the clothes.

Music mogul Sean Combs set off GayDars all over town when he sucked face with Jon Brod of AOL at an AOL event two days ago. Sean and Jay Z have perfected the art of kissing up to corporate bigwigs and because of that, they will never be broke.

Legendary singer/songwriter Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, showed off his mixed race seed Peyton Edmonds at the HollyRod Foundation and J.Crew private shopping event at The Grove in LA yesterday. That's Peyton's mom Nicole Pantenburg.

Actress/socialite Tatyana Ali attended Debbie Allen's "OMAN, Oh Man!" Opening Night Gala in Westwood, California last night. She looks like somebody's mother now. It was just yesterday when she played the impossibly cute Ashley on "Fresh Prince."

Add Jamie Grubb's name to the growing list of professional leg spreaders who grace red carpets for one reason only. Jamie was actually invited to the Simine Hashemizdeh's Holiday Red Carpet Event in Hollywood last night.

Reality TV personality Kim Zolciak performed her smash hit "Tardy For The Party" at Splash Bar in NYC last night. Too bad we missed it.

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I told y'all Nicki Minaj was a fraud! Before she was a Barbie, she was wearing her brother's clothes and stalking rapper Remy Ma! Y'all gon' learn to listen to your auntie when I tell you something.

I saw this video years ago when it first came out on YouTube, and at the time I remember feeling sad for this young, misguided Dom. Now it turns out the young, misguided Dom is none other than rap fraud Nicki Minaj who is signed to Lil Wayne's Young Money Records. No wonder she comes off as such a fake to me.

How can this tramp stunt like she's a STUD, then call herself a Barbie doll just to get a record deal? Y'all, please [email_link] everywhere so the young Hip Hop heads can see that she's nothing but a fraud!

Photo courtesy of Prince Williams/

Pop singer Rihanna was spotted out & about with her HLF Melissa Forde last night in LA. Mel looks so proud (I know I would be). LOVE RiRi's cropped leather jacket!

All heads turned when Rihanna strolled into Madison Square Garden to attend the Portland Trailblazers Vs. New York Knicks game yesterday.

She was a vision of loveliness sitting courtside chewing gum.

Music mogul Sean Combs was looking right in all black at his 'Last Train To Paris' album release party at mur.mur last night at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City. So when did he have time to fly to the Dominican Republic for Jay Z's 40th birthday bash?

Photos: Splash News Online

According to Hits Daily Double (and other industry estimates), convicted woman beater Chris Brown's CD 'Graffiti', which drops tomorrow, is expected to sell just 150K. That's too bad considering all that lying he's been doing on national television in hopes of drawing his core fan base back into the fold.

Both Def Jam/IDJ’s Rihanna and Jive’s Chris Brown are on their second singles, as their respective labels press on in their efforts to penetrate the all-important Pop arena—and to generate sales on their acts’ new albums. Although Rihanna’s initial single didn’t go far at Pop, her 180k bow topped her previous LP’s 153k, which wound up selling 2.5m. Brown’s first track didn’t cross to Pop, which factors into the 150k projection on his Dec. 8 album, compared to a 295k debut for his previous LP, which went on to sell 1.9m.

Rihanna showed off her thick thighs on the set of her new video "Hard".

Alcoholic beverage in hand, singer Beyonce playing in the surf in the Dominican Republic. Maybe no one explained the dangers of drinking while swimming to Beyonce?

It's his birthday. Jay Z turned 40-years-old today, 12 months after turning 40 this time last year. I guess he thinks we forgot.

Rapper 50 Cent on a book promo tour over in London.

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The mark of a great style icon is the ability to spark trends and influence the personal style of others. In a sense, Rihanna is that chick who sparks movements in fashion.

Don't believe me? Check out the jacket that D-list rapper Lola Monroe is wearing in these pics. Notice the spiked embellishment on the shoulders? Rihanna started that.

RiRi may not be a great singer, and her album may have flopped, but you can't deny her style influence on her peers!

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