Toni Braxton has given up on dating black men. The "Breathe Again" singer appeared on the Anderson Cooper show where she talked about her experiences dating outside her race for the first time.

When Anderson asked Toni, 43, if she was currently dating, she responded: "Kinda... sprinkles of dating... I'm beginning to play in the snow a bit." When Anderson pressed her for an explanation, Toni said, "He's Caucasian."

"And that's a change for you?" asked Anderson. "I've never played in the snow before," said Toni.

Toni Braxton also discussed seeking revenge on an ex:

"I remember in the past in my college years I was a little revengeful. But I wasn't a stalker though. But a little bit revengeful. But back then, the internet wasn't as popular. I don't want to be sued. I remember I didn't do it but a girlfriend of mine keyed this guy's car. She keyed it for me and I felt bad about it. Yeah, she really did that. She keyed it. But I told him I did it, and I told him i'd pay for it, actually my girlfriend did it. And he said, 'I want my money.' Then he later on said, 'Oh no, don't worry about it.'"

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Loyal reader FLHoneybee writes in to give her analysis of the psychology behind the relationship of two S. Carolina sociopaths who were each sentenced to life without parole for beating a 3-year-old girl to death.

FLHoneybee is correct when she says one of the women was the dominant partner (Shanita Cunningham), while the other partner just went along and followed her lead (Erica Butts).

But she is incorrect in assuming that Erica Butts was just as much a victim as 3-year-old Serenity Richardson.

Just because one murderous partner is meek (or even felt intimidated) doesn't make her any less complicit in the crime. They both took part. They are both psychopaths.

There is a term for women who intentionally seek out bad asses for relationships ('hoodrat' quickly comes to mind). But seriously, the term is "Folie à deux".

Folie à deux is French for "madness shared by two". In psychology circles it is referred to as shared psychosis or shared psychotic disorder. It simply means that each woman had it in her to be a murderer -- but they were too cowardly to do it alone.

The child murderers, Leopold and Loeb, is one famous case that is often cited as an example of folie à deux where one dominant partner influences the other to kill.

Like Cunningham and Butts, the men were also homosexual lovers and each were sentenced to life in prison.

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Radio & TV Talk blogger, Rodney Ho, has the rundown on the fourth season of the fully scripted 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' on Bravo. Season 4 debuts Sunday (Nov. 6) at 9 p.m.

Most of the stuff Rodney covers you already know, such as Kandi starting a sex toy line (a portion of the profits, if there are any, goes to Bravo). You also know that resident big mouth NeNe Leakes agreed to pretend she's divorcing from her husband, Greg (though they were spotted together all Summer long).

Kim Zolciak pulled a Kim Kardashian by marrying a goofy professional athlete, getting pregnant and moving in with him. Marlo Hampton, the larcenous girlfriend of New Orleans Saints player Charles Grant, failed to spark any interest from screen test groups so she was dropped from the cast.

NeNe is still arguing with Sheree Whitfield, who is still fronting like she's a fashion designer with no clothing line.

One thing we didn't know is that the flaming Dwight Eubanks is gone. According to Rodney, the sickly looking Eubanks is:

...effectively replaced by Miss Lawrence as the resident gay hairdresser. Lawrence is working with Kandi on his music though the song we hear seems ill-suited for his voice.

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Here is more proof that Nicki Minaj's hypeman/boyfriend, Safaree Samuel, has more bitch tendencies than Nicki does. According to published reports, Nicki Minaj hired a maid a few weeks ago through a maid service to clean the LA condo that she shares with Safaree.

Reportedly, the maid was star struck upon meeting Nicki and she asked for an autograph. That pissed Nicki off because she thought the request was inappropriate. So she called the maid service and demanded they send out another maid.

That was a few weeks ago. Then yesterday, the same maid showed up again, which infuriated Nicki who ordered the woman out of the apartment. But the maid refused to leave.

Seeing that Nicki was getting nowhere with the maid, Safaree intervened and told the chick to "get the f*ck out!"

When the maid again refused to leave the premises Safaree used his body -- rather than his hands, which would have been assault -- to push the maid out of the apartment. The maid service called the cops but no charges were filed.

'Dancing With The Stars' most controversial contestant, Chaz Bono, is history. The 42-year-old transgendered "man" was booted off the show last night after lasting 6 weeks longer than he/she should have.

Bono did not go quietly. In interviews with reporters last night and this morning, Bono lashed out at judge Bruno Tonioli for referring to Bono as an "Ewok" and a "penguin."

In an interview with 'Good Morning America, Bono called Bruno "disrespectful", saying: "I was called a basketball, a penguin, an Ewok, and I just didn't appreciate it."

Unhappy because he/she wasn't coddled and pampered on the show, Bono said:
"If you're an overweight woman in this competition, losing weight, they love you. If you're an overweight guy trying to do this competition, getting in shape, they penalize you for it, call you a penguin."

And in an interview with "Access Hollywood" Tuesday night, Bono felt "some bias against me."

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Actor/comedian Eddie Murphy attended the world premiere of his action flick 'Tower Heist' in New York City last night. But it was the powerfully built tennis star Serena Williams who stole the red carpet. The Diva wore a black cashmere sweater over a leather skirt and platform heels. 'Tower Heist', starring Murphy and Ben Stiller, is in theaters everywhere Nov. 4. Also attending the premiere were Sean Combs, Nas, Donald Trump, Sarah Jessica Parker, actor Matthew Broderick, Ben Stiller, Tea Leoni, Tracy Morgan, Gabourey Sidibe and more.

Earlier in the day, Eddie Murphy and rapper Nas, left, stopped by the set of BET's "106 & Park" at the BET Studios to chat with the shows co-hosts Rocsi, and Terrence J. Terrence does not look a bit shook, does he?

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The former McDonald's cashier who was arrested for assaulting two female customers with a metal rod is claiming self-defense.

Rayon McIntosh, 31, was still wearing his McDonald's uniform when he was arraigned in court last week. McIntosh is being held at Rikers Island on $40,000 bond.

In a jailhouse interview with the NY Daily News on Friday, McIntosh said his shift at the Greenwich Village restaurant on Oct. 13 was uneventful until Denise Darbeau and Rachel Edwards, both 24, came in and paid their check with a $50 bill.

One of the women became outraged when McIntosh checked to see if the bill was genuine, as required by store policy.

"She started saying nasty things to me," said McIntosh, speaking in a thick Jamaican accent.

"She said, 'Oh, you think my s--t is fake?' ... She started saying, 'Suck my d--k.' She called my mother a whore."

The women, particularly the Dom/stud Darbeau, became increasingly hostile, spitting on McIntosh and threatening to "cut me up," he said. "Then she came over the counter and slaps me."

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Tennis star Serena Williams doesn't understand what all the fuss is about her hair on the blogs. Besides the fact that she wears a ton of weave, it is highly unlikely that any scalp abnormalities (such as alopecia) would show up through all of that Yaki. But Serena is extremely delighted that her name is once again on your lips. Serena was spotted as she arrived at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood, CA, last night.

Toni Braxton's sister, Towanda Braxton, visited the set of BET's 'The Game' yesterday in Atlanta, where she posed with director Bille Woodruff. Woodruff directed the first episode of the upcoming season of 'The Game' yesterday.

We just received word that Towanda's sisters, Tamar and Trina Braxton, stars of "Braxton Family Values", will chat live Exclusively with readers during a Ustream video session next Wednesday right here on! Tamar and Trina will take your questions and they will give us the scoop about the upcoming season of their reality show! Anyone can view the Ustream session, but Tamar and Trina will only take questions from registered SR members. So stay tuned for more details!
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The big time lawyer for three of Bishop Eddie Long's accusers has dropped her clients after they violated their confidentiality agreement in the sexual misconduct lawsuit.

BJ Bernstein dropped 3 of the 5 accusers because she said continuing to represent them was "a potential conflict of interest since Bishop Long's attorneys have now filed a demand to recover damages in the case."

According to Fox 5 News, Bishop Long's attorneys filed a notification with the American Arbitration Association seeking to recover "not less than $900,000," -- $300,000 per violation by his accusers Jamal Paris, Spencer LaGrande and cross dresser Centino Kemp.

Sources tell Fox 5 News that Bishop Long's attorneys are now demanding arbitration because the men "intentionally violated their settlement agreement in other media interviews and on Twitter."

Paris and LaGrande recently sat down for several media interviews, while Kemp blasted Bishop Long in a series of "tweet" rants on his page two months ago.

According to Fox 5, Long's lawyers argue that back in August Kemp tweeted "I got f***ed by the Devil Himself" and "I was literally your hooker." In a separate tweet that he directed to @BishopEddieLong's Twitter account, he wrote "why that's all i want to no"

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