All day today, I tried reaching out to Tyra Banks' people by phone and email to clear up the confusion about her hair. But, not surprisingly, my calls were not returned and my emails went unanswered. Thankfully, Tyra has a Twitter account, and about an hour ago, she tweeted this message:

To be clear about my hair, my REAL hair, I have not worn it OUTSIDE of my studio yet. If u see me on street lately, it is a weave or wig.

TYRASHOW Sept 8th will be the day u c my real hair. i have been extra careful 2 make sure i wear fake hair outside studio cuz of paparrazzi.

been so careful to hide my REAL hair to save for the show i even wore a scarf while swimming outside!!! never know where a 'pap' is...

Loyal reader Carmen wrote:

Hey Sandra,

I was just reading your post on Tyra's "natural hair", and reader Shaynamorre is exactly right. After some research, I discovered a website that was profiled by Wendy Williams. If you look at the attached picture (below) from the website, it is the same part as Tyra's. Now I'm not saying that this is the wig that she is wearing, but it is damn close.

Keep doing what you do!


SR responds: Why can't that just be Tyra's real part in her hair?

Yesterday, I received a number of angry emails from loyal (and some not so loyal) readers who questioned my lack of visual acuity since I couldn't see that talk show diva Tyra Banks was wearing a wig or lacefront in this post.

They all claimed to be experts on weave, quick weave and lacefronts, and they offered clues, tips and pointers on spotting even the very best weave money can buy.

According to loyal reader Shaynamorre, Tyra is wearing an invisi wig:

Uh uh, Sandra you are too smart to put up something like the Tyra Banks picture. I do hair, Tyra does not have a weave in her hair she's wearing a wig! like she's been wearing since she's started her talk show. Those type of wigs are called invisi wigs and are great for cancer patients and people who have alopecia or other hair loss problems because as you can see it looks very natural because of it's ability to let the scalp show through.

The easiest way to tell is just by looking at the amount of hair in the front. No one's natural hair line is that full in the front unless they have a straight hairline (if they do they don't have baby hairs) or they have a hairline that looks like it's coming from their forehead. And with the color it just wouldn't look like that. Look at a picture from her in the black and white video by Michael Jackson and you will see her real hairline there.

And if you were joking than never mind.

I respectfully disagree. It's always the weave wearers who come down hardest on sistahs with naturally long hair.

If Tyra is wearing a wig, then Beyonce needs to holla at her wig maker so she can look halfway decent for a change! Tyra vowed to wear her own hair during the premiere of her show. And since she taped a segment of her show yesterday then we can all assume that she's wearing her real hair.

I reached out to Tyra's people to get a statement from Tyra that will settle this debate once and for all.

Photos: Splash News Online

Talk Show Diva Tyra Banks let her real hair hang out during an outdoor taping of her show in Chelsea today. Earlier this week, Tyra Twittered her pledge to shed her "slave hair" and embrace her real hair on the Sept. 8 premiere of her show.

No fake hair at all! Will be the hair coming out of my scalp! 4 all 2 C!

"No ponytails, no ballet bun hair. hair will be out and free!

"I have had every color weave in the book. even KOOL-AID red!!!"

Tyra challenged other sistahs to join her in saying no to weave. But that's going to be difficult for some women to accomplish. Women are such slaves to their weave because they believe men value synthetic hair over natural hair. It matters not to some chicks that we can spot a weave job from a mile away.

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Talk show Diva Tyra Banks plans to trade in her trademark weave for her own flowing locks and she's challenging other women to do the same.

Tyra said:

“This season on The Tyra Show we’re taking it to the next level and getting more real than ever before by encouraging women everywhere to own and rock what they’ve got and be proud! For the Season 5 premiere, I will be doing just that - no fake hair, I’m rocking my REAL hair. This will all be going down on September 8, 2009, which we’re declaring National Real Hair Day! We welcome everyone to go natural with me!”

Tyra believes there is nothing sexy anymore about horse hair or Yaki no matter how you style it. It's still horse hair.

Some of our women see weave as an absolute necessity because they can't afford to get their hair done every week. Others have convinced themselves that their men like weave and that's why they wear it. But every man I've spoken to laugh at weave wearing chicks behind their backs. They see hair weave as a sort of prosthesis for black women who can't grow hair.

It diminishes our self worth and decreases our value. That's why many brothers flaunt LSLH chicks (with real hair, not synthetic) in our faces. They want their kids to have good hair so they won't have to use weave as a crutch all their lives.

The Domican salons are increasingly crowded with black women who have finally figured out that the key to growing hair is to stop abusing it with hair glue, flat irons, curling irons and harsh chemicals.

Tyra says it's time to stop the madness! Wear your real hair and be proud!

Photo: Splash News Online

Former First Lady of Turks & Caicos Islands, LisaRaye kicked up her heels at the 16th Annual Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant at the Sheraton Hotel in Universal City, California yesterday. As you may have already heard, LisaRaye and her ex-husband, the Premiere Michael Misick and his shenanigans with TV personality Rocsi caused Great Britain to seize control of the islands last week.

The entire government on the island was dismantled and is now in the control of Britain. If you recall, Jamaica was also once a territory of the UK before Jamaica gained it's independence in the 60s. I was going to write about this on Friday but I could only shake my head in disgust. This would probably be the first time in history that a jumpoff has ever caused the overthrow of an entire government. Kim Porter can't even claim that achievement.

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The Annual Bronner Brothers Hair Show took place this weekend in Atlanta. Celebs in attendance included Nia Long and Chris Tucker, Tiny and Toya, Al B Sure, B. Cox, Pretty Ricky, Yung Joc, and more.

This is the prettiest pic I've seen of Tiny, star of Tiny & Toya Show on BET. Tiny, who is very pretty in person, glows in this photo. But you'll still find a reason to tear her down anyway simply because she's with the man you want.

Yung Joc is releasing an album of new tracks that will available online for free download

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Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles shaved her hair off last month in a fit of self-expression which turned out to be a publicity stunt that went bust. After her fans and critics alike handed Solange her head (so to speak), she switched back to wearing wigs again and fled the country to Europe with her son Julez.

Solange eventually returned home and tried her best to shape her edges up to no avail. Unfortunately, after years of stressing her hair with extensions, weave glue and wigs, her edges are now back behind her ears. Though she looks a little more presentable, her naps still look dreadful. The short, uncombed style doesn't fit her at all. Hopefully, Solange will allow her hair time to grow out and then she can texturize it and put it in a cute style like a short bob. She definitely needs to leave the lacefronts and weave to her sister Beyonce.

MORE pics after the break!

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Michelle Obama and her husband Barack were named to Vanity Fair's “2009 International Best-Dressed List” released yesterday. We can certainly see why based on these pictures of Michelle and Malia Ann, 12, doing lunch at the Good Stuff eatery in D.C. today. In fact the entire family are fashion plates, if you ask me. But I'm no expert on fashion so you'd better not ask me.

MORE pics after the break!

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Does Solange Knowles have a twin that we don't know about? A loyal reader sent in this pic on the left of a chick she said looks identical to Solange. I don't see the resemblance, but then again I do need to get my eyes examined.

Yesterday I went to see my dentist, Dr. Lester, all the way up in Conyers to get an evaluation for dental implants (more on that later). While in the dentist's chair, I met most of Dr. Lester's office staff who turned out to be loyal readers! One of them told me she saw pics of Solange wearing a wig after shearing all her hair off in that publicity stunt gone wrong (the pic on the right was taken one day after Solange shaved her hair off).

I'm surprised that anyone thought the sister of Beyonce and the daughter of Matthew Knowles and Tina Knowles can be genuine or real.

Solange Twittered on and on about not being defined by her hair, yet she hasn't been seen out and about without her wig on since shaving her head. Is she ashamed and embarrassed that her bald head stunt wasn't as well-received as she thought it would be? Or was it the endless jokes on Twitter about Solo looking like a Yoda or a shaved house shoe that made her throw a wig back on? Whatever, Solange. You LOSE major points for that one!

Thanks to loyal reader Malaki for the pic!

Oscar winning actress Halle Berry acted like she didn't want to be photographed with her sperm donor model Gabriel Aubrey over the weekend. Halle should be happy to cheese for the cameras whenever she's out with her man, which is on very rare occasions.

MORE Celebs Out & About pics after the break!

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Earlier today I posted one man's perspective (Bow Wow) on Solange's stark, blunt natural haircut. Now here's another man's perspective from loyal reader Rodney Jenkins.

Short hair works for young women if she's a banger or has distinctive facial features. It ain't working for her. She has a completely different look. As a man, when I now look at her. I just think less. She looks less attractive, less sexy, less fun, less interesting...... I am stunned that hair can do that much for a woman. Hair (and makeup) can really make some average looking women into stars. I see why the Muslims require their women to cover their hair. She is very lucky that Beyonce is her sister. Maybe it will grow on us. If she likes it, I love it.

I totally agree with Rodney. Solange has every right to express herself any way she pleases. But she has to remember that she's a C-list celebrity in an image-driven business -- and her fans have spoken. It doesn't take much for her fans to relegate her to D-list or even F-list status. Being Beyonce's sister can only take her so far. Solo should at least shape the edges up a little bit.

Rapper Bow Wow went in on one of his former flames yesterday for cutting her hair like a dude.

Solange Knowles, sister of Beyonce Knowles, chopped off her hair about two weeks ago but wore a lacefront until a couple of days ago. She called herself making a statement about how black women put too much emphasis on their hair.

But fans and former boyfriends alike came down hard on Solange for making such a dramatic style statement without properly preparing her fans first.

Bow Wow, who once dated Solange when they were young'ns, wrote on his Twitter page:

as artist aint we pose 2 stand out from 1 anotha and be creative? so y err female rnb singer falln behind the next wit dis bald shit?

Translation: "As artists, aren't we supposed to stand out from one another and be creative? So why is it that female artists, who are struggling to stay relevant, copy other wannabe's like Amber Rose by going bald?"

In another tweet, Bow Wow wrote:

F*** wrong wit all deez chix cuttn they hair wantn to be boyz n shit! yall gotta CUT that out! dnt wanna look at u and u lookn like me gnr


"What is going on with all these young ladies today cutting their hair and carrying themselves like men? Stop that! As a man, I don't want to look at you and see myself in your reflection."

Look what singer Melanie Brown, aka Mel B, and her husband Stephen Belafonte did to Eddie Murphy's baby.

Luckily she's wearing pink or poor Angel Iris Murphy Brown would probably be confused for a little boy. Mel B probably shaved the child's head to spite her ex-boyfriend Eddie. You know how vindictive some women can be.

MORE pics after the break

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Last night, in between snoring while at the movies watching the wretchedly boring Harry Potter, I glanced at my Sidekick and saw that loyal reader Stylerazzi tweeted a pic of Rihanna.

She said Rihanna shaved the side of her hair like that one-hit-wonder Cassie. I was shocked. I couldn't wait to get home to see the pic because the screen on my sidekick was too small.

I have no words for this travesty! I did some investigating and learned that the person responsible for this hatchet job is a celebrity "stylist" by the name of Ursula Stephen. This heiffer lost her mind. Doesn't she know that the gay community has been shaving the sides of their heads for decades? Hello? Grace Jones! This is not new.

In one fell swoop, Rihanna went from being a style icon to just REGULAR.

As soon as RiRi saw what Ursula did to her head she should have jumped up and screamed, "I'm filing charges!"

MORE pics after the break!

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I received a few requests from readers requesting the identity of the "thug" photographed walking with First Daughter Malia Obama in a post I wrote yesterday.

Thanks to loyal reader Patricia for coming through with the young man's identity. It turns out he is Michelle Obama's hair dresser, Johnny Wright. My readers are so informative:

Hi Sandra!

Hope all is well with ya! I’m writing from Chicago. The “thug” that these fools are referring to is the First Lady’s hairstylist, Johnny Wright. How dare they call him a thug!! He is a very good friend of mine. Click on the link beneath your article below. I added another picture of him too. I'm surprise YOU didn't catch this!!

Queen Latifah, who contributed to the soundtrack for the movie "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" reveals her new pixie cut in these portraits. She's no Rihanna but she wears the style well. It fits her round face perfectly. Now if she could only get back to rapping.

MORE pics of Lah's cut after the break!

Read more » ran a hilarious gallery featuring convicted murderer Phil Spector and the newest Hollywood hair trend -- styles inspired by that other sexy spector, The Crypt Keeper from TV's long running series Tales From the Crypt.

TMZ compared Spector's style to those of other trend setters from Britney Spears to Benjamin Franklin. But they left out one other: Cassie of one-hit-wonder fame. So I did the honors!

We're happy to see that Oscar winning actress Halle Berry is back on the wagon again after numerous paparazzi photos circulated around the blogs showing Halle looking dangerously thin. Some speculated that Halle may have been hitting the pipe, but those vicious rumors were never confirmed.

New paparazzi photos (from last week) reveal Halle's new pixie hair cut. Again, we won't bother to say who the inspiration behind Halle's new look is. We'll just post the pics and allow you to draw your own conclusions.

Photos by INF (Rihanna) and (Halle)

Here's part 3 in the popular YouTube series, How To Style Your Own Hair. This video is for those of you who, like me, have no clue what the term "quick weave" means.

Dade County Florida's Geisha breaks the process down for us in simple layman's terms so we can all understand -- and maybe make a little fast cash on the side by quick weaving our friend's hair.

In addition to being a kitchen quick weave specialist, Geisha is also a female emcee which kind of goes hand in hand with each other, doesn't it?

I shouldn't be laughing so hard, but some of you ladies take the rainbow Skittles quick weaves to whole new heights, lol! I can't believe this woman sat still and allowed someone to do this injustice to her head!

Only a flaming queen hairdresser could have done this to her head because if a female did this she was straight up hating on homegirl!

Thanks to Freshalina of C&D for all the laughs today!

There's no need to ring the alarm Bey Stans: socialite and TV personality Kim Kardashian didn't bleach her tresses blond to overthrow Beyonce. According to loyal reader Kat, Kim K took to her blog (or Twitter) and admitted she was wearing a quick weave (wig) around New York as part of a photo shoot:

“It’s a wig! Did I have you fooled? I did a fabulous photo shoot this weekend and they put this hair piece on! I haven’t taken it off since, because I’m really loving the look. I’ve been wearing it around New York and everyone thought it was my real hair! It’s making me want to dye my hair and maybe go lighter for the summer. What do you think? Should I dye it for real?”

We don't believe that bit about the photo shoot. We think she did it to be evil and fool the paps, who can't tell Beyonce from any other blond weaved out chick in New York unless she's being followed closely by an entourage of gay hair dressers and stylists.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Look back at it

Socialite/singer Christina Milian and songwriter/singer The Dream were spotted strolling in Beverly Hills yesterday. Just when I thought we were done seeing these two, the heifer went and touched up her roots. That pretty much guarantees we will be seeing more pics like these all over the blogs -- at least until Rihanna and Chris Brown hook back up. What is it about bottle blondes with no talent that attracts the paparazzi like magnets?

Photos source

Sean Combs' sex toy, Cassie, isn't getting enough attention so she shaved half her head and posted the pics on her twitter page. If she really wanted to impress us, she would shave her entire head bald.

Thanks to loyal reader model_chick78 for the tip!

The Bronner Brothers International Hair Show 2009 was held at the Georgia World Congress Center over the weekend. Nu Expressions presents an array of products and hair styles along with Devyne Stephens and his group Krave, Hip Hop West coast Icon Yo-Yo, reality TV personalities Lisa and Sheree Whitfield from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, R&B songstress Tweet, Dru Hill and more brought to you by STEPS EVENTS.

Photos by

West coast icon rapper Yo Yo, left, and R&B singer Tweet

Dru Hill was in the house

DeVyne Stephens (Upfront Ent.) and Lisa Wu Hartwell (ATL Housewives)

Sheree Whitfield (ATL Housweives) with fans

Jay Z and Beyonce?

More pictures after the break!
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We love Taraji Henson because, among other things, she's not afraid to wear her real hair and go without makeup every once in a while.

New York-based celebrity hair stylist, Dante Blandshaw shares expert tips on how he used Aveda products to achieve Taraji P. Henson's look for the Oscar Awards:

    • “I started with Aveda Brilliant Shampoo and Aveda Brilliant Conditioner to soften Taraji’s textured hair,” said Blandshaw. “I love the Aveda Brilliant line because it provides a smooth shine to textured hair and reduces blow dry time.”

    • Prep hair with Aveda Brilliant Damage Control to protect from heat styling.

    • Blow dry hair straight using a paddle brush.

    • After blow drying, add a dime-sized amount of Aveda Brilliant Universal Styling Creme to add additional shine without weighing hair down.

    • Flat-iron hair to create the foundation for a smooth, sleek red carpet look.

    • Using 1.5” and 2” barrel curling irons, curl hair throughout to give bend and movement, accenting the layers in the cut.

    • Slightly curl the front to create a soft, side-swept bang for added height and fullness.

    • Comb hair through with a wide-tooth comb.

    • Spray with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray for a light finish. “Aveda Air Control Hair Spray is a perfect complement to this look because its lightweight formula provides lasting hold and shine without weighing hair down,” said Blandshaw. [LINK]

I know I said I wouldn't post any more pics from the Oscars last night, but I had to post this one of Taraji Henson and her beautiful mother and grandmother. I'm not mad at grandma for showing a little cleavage. If I still have cleavage when I'm her age I'm showing mines off too!

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

I was just over on the ONTD blog and I saw these comments posted under this video. Pure comedy! Lol:

dj simma
2009-01-15 05:16 am UTC

my friend worked on the set of a beyonce video shoot and he said that her entire family including herself and solange were the biggest bunch of assholes he has ever encountered in the entertainment biz.

2009-01-15 05:07 am

Is there really a need for a "behind the scenes" look of a hair color commercial, especially when Beyoncé wears wigs 90% of the time? (LINK)