A Florida teenager is in jail charged with burglarizing an air conditioning business.

When two deputies from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office responded to a silent alarm at the Windswept Appliance and Air Conditioning in Marathon, they found an unlocked office with a light inside. There they found 19-year-old Keith White in front of a computer monitor, pulling his pants up.

According to the officers, White, who was in a state of arousal, had been watching porn on an office computer, which was still playing on the monitor. White was charged with burglary, criminal mischief and theft.

Teenagers who can't control their sexual impulses may have a problem with obsessive-compulsive behavior. It can be particularly problematic when teens masturbate in public during the commission of a felony or other risky, illegal behaviors.

It can be a bit hard to determine whether your teen is a sex addict unless they are open about it or caught in the act. There are some things parents can do to help prevent their children from becoming addicted to sex. For one, parents should speak with their children about sex, especially if they have questions about it at a young age. Many parents tend to ignore these questions and will heavily sugarcoat or block it out altogether. Instead, parents should answer these questions during childhood, just as they would other questions children have about life.

If your teen compulsively acts on their sexual desires and continues to do it and won’t stop, there is a high chance that he or she could be addicted to sex. It is important that you seek help for your teenager as soon as possible to prevent him or her from getting worse. Sex addiction is known to cause lots of problems in the lives of sex addicts, including problems with relationships, families and friends. Financial problems and mental or emotional problems can also develop. Get help for your teen today with teen sex addiction treatment. Source

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The appearance of 57-year-old pop star Cyndi Lauper's raw, red skin in paparazzi photos racing around the net today is probably the result of a professional chemical peel.

Chemical peels, also known as skin peel or derma-peel, has been around for ages. Many women get the treatment to soften and improve blemishes, skin spots, scars, wrinkles and the hard lines that appear in their faces as they get older.

Chemical peels have also been applied to treat severe acne in teens and young adults. The process uses a strong acidic (and non-acidic) chemical to strip away the damaged layers of the skin.

Increasingly, African American women are applying chemical skin peels at home to improve Hyperpigmentation, the skin damage caused by the sun.

Many black women complain of facial skin that is several shades darker than their necks and chests. This is caused by years of early exposure to the sun's UV-rays which significantly darkens our skin. This darkening of the skin can also lead to skin cancer among black women.

Chemical peels improves hyperpigmentation in African American women by lifting the layers of dead skin to reveal soft, smooth, lighter skin underneath. Even after successful skin peel treatment, many black women must apply a high SPF lotion or cream to their skin for the rest of their lives to prevent the sun's UV-rays from damaging their skin again.

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German adult film star Carolin Berger was never quite happy with her new breasts, even after undergoing 5 breast enhancement surgeries. So she opted for a sixth surgery hoping that would do the trick. Berger, who worked under the pr0n name Cora, died on Jan. 20 due to complications surrounding her sixth breast enhancement surgery.

She was 23.

This sad case illustrates the importance of educating the public about Body Image Disturbance (BID), or Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

How many times have you heard a friend say that her nose is too wide or her breasts are too small, when they look perfectly proportioned to you?

Acording to AtHealth.com:

Body image may be seen as "disturbed" when one's self-evaluation of appearance is at such a level that it interferes with social and/or occupational functioning, or causes elevated levels of anxiety and depression in the individual.

J. Kevin Thompson, PhD, co-author of Exacting Beauty: Theory, Assessment, and Treatment of Body Image Disturbance, explains that people who suffer from this disorder tend to focus irrationally on one or more of the following body sites: hair, nose, skin, eyes, thighs, abdomen, breast size or shape, buttocks, lips, chin, scars, height, and teeth.

These women will spend their life savings (or beg, borrow or steal) to surgically "correct" the body part that they believe renders them imperfect.

Assuring the BDD sufferer that she looks great won't do any good because she suffers from a mental disorder that limits her ability to visualize herself realistically.

According to Dr. Thompson, "almost everyone has some body feature that they would like to modify." But in the case of the BDD sufferer, they will "go to great lengths to modify the body site (via surgery, exercise, diet, etc.) or cover the feature (via make-up, clothing)."

There is no known cause of BID or BDD, and no known factors that might predispose a person to BID or BDD.

But most sufferers tend to be attractive people who were frequently told how beautiful they were when they were growing up.

This is why it is SO important to instruct your family and friends not to praise your child or focus on your child's attractiveness because children at that age are unable to process or handle that information the way adults can.

Some adults feel uncomfortable when they receive compliments on their beauty. Imagine how a small child must feel.

This world is full of Halle Berry's and Cora's who are psychologically damaged by adults who were captivated by their beauty as children. Don't let this happen to your child.

This has been your Medical Minute.

Any medical information published on this blog is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with your personal physician or a health care provider.

When I saw this pic of 30-year-old singer Beyonce walking beside her husband Jay Z in Australia, my eye was immediately drawn to the faint spider vein on the back of her right leg (behind her knee). It appears that Beyonce is in the early stages of developing varicose veins.

Right away, I saw a teaching opportunity to inform my young readers who may not know that varicose veins can affect women as early as age 30.

The following is from The Mayo Clinic website:

Varicose veins are gnarled, enlarged veins. Any vein may become varicose, but the veins most commonly affected are those in your legs and feet. That's because standing and walking upright increases the pressure in the veins of your lower body.

For many people, varicose veins and spider veins — a common, mild variation of varicose veins — are simply a cosmetic concern. For other people, varicose veins can cause aching pain and discomfort. Sometimes varicose veins lead to more-serious problems. Varicose veins may also signal a higher risk of other circulatory problems. Treatment may involve self-care measures or procedures by your doctor to close or remove veins.

Signs and symptoms

  • Veins that are dark purple or blue in color
  • Can form anywhere on your leg from your groin to your ankle
  • Veins that appear twisted and bulging; often like cords on your legs
  • An achy or heavy feeling in your legs
  • Burning, throbbing, muscle cramping and swelling in your lower legs
  • Worsened pain after sitting or standing for a long time
  • Itching around one or more of your veins


Self-care — such as exercising, losing weight, not wearing tight clothes, elevating your legs, and avoiding long periods of standing or sitting — can ease pain and prevent varicose veins from getting worse. Compression stockings also may help.

Wearing compression stockings is often the first approach to try before moving on to other treatments. Compression stockings are worn all day. They steadily squeeze your legs, helping veins and leg muscles move blood more efficiently. The amount of compression varies by type and brand.

Any medical information published on this blog is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with your personal physician or a health care provider.

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Doctors at Cambridge have made a remarkable new discovery that could mean a cure for the common cold virus. The new discovery could also signal the end of AIDS since HIV, which causes AIDS, is also a virus.

Medical students have always been taught that the virus, which causes twice as many deaths as cancer, could not be killed once it enters the body's cells. Therefore, the virus was believed to be immune to the body's own defenses and to our most powerful antibiotics and anti-viral drugs.

But not any more.

A study by a team of researchers from the world-famous Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge has shown that this textbook explanation of the limits of the human immune system is wrong because anti-viral antibodies can in fact enter the cell with the invading virus where they are able to trigger the rapid destruction of the foreign invader.

In a dramatic breakthrough that could affect millions of lives, scientists have been able to show for the first time that the body's immune defences can destroy the common cold virus after it has actually invaded the inner sanctum of a human cell, a feat that was believed until now to be impossible.

The discovery opens the door to the development of a new class of antiviral drugs that work by enhancing this natural virus-killing machinery of the cell. Scientists believe the first clinical trials of new drugs based on the findings could begin within two to five years.

The Internet is buzzing about Nick Cannon's dramatic meltdown on Twitter.com yesterday.

Apparently, Cannon became unhinged when fellow comedian Chelsea Handler injured his ego by tweeting this:

I just heard nick cannon is starting a comedy tour. Who’s going to do the comedy?

Cannon, who was performing a stand-up comedy routine at the time, left the stage and took to his Twitter page to launch an astonishing attack against Handler.

His angry, over-the-top responses (he wrote 15 tweets to Chelsea's 1) was shockingly misogynistic, sexist, and some might even say, racist.

Here are a few examples:

Everyone knows @Chelseahandler had sex with the head of E! for her show. So when its canceled does he get residual pussy for the reruns?

Just talked to @50cent He said he made @chelseahandler get G-Unit tattooed on her balls!

@50cent wasn’t hitting @chelseahandler they was just sharing testosterone tips

Why do all these angry ugly whitetrash folks want beef with me?

Narcissistic Rage (also known as "blind rage") is described as a sudden, explosive verbal or violent response to a frustrating situation that ceases only when the person is able to express their rage.

The difference between narcissistic rage and anger is that healthy people feel angry whereas narcissists do not. A healthy person will say "I feel angry."

A quick test to see if you're dealing with a narcissist is to ask him what he's feeling.

He won't be able to answer you effectively because narcissists have trouble expressing their feelings verbally.

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Here's an interesting video a loyal reader just sent me. It was filmed the other day during a Trey Songz promo stop at 100.3 The Beat in Philly.

Ladies, study the above picture of Trey Songz well. This is what many in the psych field refer to as a Narcissistic Stare.

Trey Songz is a narcissist who is used to people around him stroking his enormous, yet fragile ego. He became incensed when the DJ told him he wasn't feeling his reality show.

This news should not have come as a surprise to Trey since his show was a ratings disaster for BET.

But what I want you to watch is the transformation that comes over Trey's face as it suddenly dawns on him that someone in the room isn't awestruck by his fake charm.

Watch as Trey ceases whatever he was doing to focus intently on the enemy in the room who dares to criticize him.

Anyone who has ever dealt with a narcissist will recognize the Narcissistic Stare. It is unmistakable and it is one of the hallmarks of narcissism. Another hallmark is the narcissist's inability to take constructive criticism in any shape or form.

You can almost see the horns growing out of Trey's scalp as he struggles with his inability to handle criticism.

Pat Finley of the Controlling Selfish Men blog explains the Narcissistic Stare better than I can:

The narcissistic stare has been experienced by many of us who have had the misfortune to associate with Ns [Narcissists]. Presumably, not every N does The Stare but from all reports, a significant majority does. The N’s stare is piercing, unwavering, reptilian. Seemingly flattering, this stare is unnerving – and is meant to be unnerving.

The Ns look right through you. A woman who is not familiar with Ns might think he is simply paying complete and rapt attention to her but he is not. The Ns are staring at you to see how vulnerable you are. Some believe that the Ns use their stare to look through you to your soul for the sole purpose of determining whether you are viable prey or not.

Once you are in a relationship with an N, they stare at you in order to control you. Their withering glare is meant to cow you into submission. It is a strong woman indeed who does not back down under the malevolent narcissistic stare.

By now you've heard the sad news that Oscar winner Michael Douglas, 65, was diagnosed with throat cancer. Other celebrities such as Sammie Davis, Jr., have succumbed to throat cancer.

Do you experience a dry, 'sticking' feeling in your throat when you swallow that feels like a lump in your throat? Do you have difficulty swallowing, or a sore throat that never seems to go away? Or hoarseness that doesn't clear when you cough? If so, read on...

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The big news in the blog stratosphere over the weekend was the continuing trials and tribulations of "American Idol" winner Fantasia Barrino, who is being sued by a woman for breaking up her marriage.

You all know the story that the mainstream media has just caught a whiff of due of the aforementioned lawsuit.

Here's CNN's take on the story:

Paula Cook, who separated from her husband, Antwaun Cook, in June, filed the documents -- seeking child custody, alimony and other monetary support -- Wednesday in Mecklenburg County District Court.

The documents allege Antwaun Cook began the affair with Barrino, 26, in August 2009 after the pair met at a Charlotte-area T-Mobile store where Cook is employed.

Barrino... treated Cook to a lavish lifestyle, flying him to Atlanta, Georgia; Miami, Florida; New York; Los Angeles, California; and Barbados, the documents allege.

The pair "have at times recorded their illicit sexual activity," according to the documents.

I know you are growing wary of me throwing around the N-word. But you should know that 90% of the celebrities that you worship are narcissists -- and the reason our society (YOU) place celebrity narcissists on a pedestal is because we are a nation of narcissist enablers.

Narcissists belong in the category of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), or Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). This means that while most of them are beautiful and charming, they are deep down rotten to the core and there is no treatment for what ails them. So how do you deal with one?

You don't.

You avoid them like the plague -- but first you have to learn to recognize them, which is why I'm here to teach you what to look for.

How do you know when you're dealing with a NPD/BPD? -- they move quickly to 'own' you.

Shortly after meeting one, they decide your lives should merge and you should move in together. If the NPD is a man, he will propose to you within 30 days after meeting you. If the NPD is a woman, she will pressure you to marry her after a week. This is not normal behavior -- and no matter what you think you feel: you are not in love.

No matter what you think you feel, you will never be happy in a relationship with a NPD. You will always be 'on edge' or waiting for the other shoe to drop. If you somehow manage to find a little happiness, your narcissist will make it their priority to make you miserable.

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How many times have you met a man who by all intents and purposes seems like your perfect match? It's love at first sight as you fall head over heels for him, only to realize later that he was the Devil's spawn?

This is happening more and more frequently as upwardly mobile, successful single ladies sacrifice starting a family to focus on their careers instead. By the time a successful, independent sista in her mid 30s decides to settle down with a man and start a family, she finds the pickings are very slim.

Among the down low men, the cheaters, the con artists and the play boys, there is a more sinister man lurking: the Sociopath.

You're probably thinking you can spot a psycho from a mile away, but you're wrong. These sociopath/borderline personalities are the dudes you see up in the clubs who look like walking Billboards. They're fine, suave, debonair, charming, and one look from them can melt your panties off.

But before you give him your number (or your panties); ask yourself: why is he single? Often times these men are sociopaths on the hunt for prey: and you are their perfect victim. They're not looking for a relationship, and they will tell you that right off the bat. So please listen to them.

I found the following tips on how to spot a Sociopath/Borderline personality on another blog. Ladies, study these tips so you don't fall victim to a sociopath who destroys you mentally and financially.

How to Know When You're Dating a Psychopath

1. Charisma and charm -- He's a smooth talker, always has an answer, he's quick witted and never misses a beat. He seems to be very exciting. If he's too good to be true, it's because he is!

2. Enormous ego -- He acts like the smartest, richest or most successful man in the club. He wears expensive clothes, shoes and jewelry (all bought by his last victim). He is handsome and charming and he knows it. He will brag on himself and often parties with his "boys" who back up his lies.

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A friend of mine was in her mid to late twenties when I met her back in the 90s. She was a gorgeous accountant who was vibrant, full of life and doted on her two small daughters whom she adored.

I was introduced to her by her husband who she thought I was creeping with because we were so tight. Today, she is 40 years old and lives in a nursing home where she is confined to a hospital bed. She can't speak or move so she communicates with her eyes.

Muscle contractions of her upper and lower limbs render them totally useless to her. At age 40 she requires total care to even turn herself in bed.

She is one of many young women of child bearing age who have suffered a stroke caused by contraceptives.

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