A New Study Says Women’s Preference Contributed to the Length of Men’s Penises

Natural Selection

A new study that shows women prefer well-endowed men also suggests that women’s preferences may be responsible for the lengthening of men’s penises. The study shows that, over time, women mate with well-endowed men who produced well-endowed spawn.

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Human face dog takes Internet by storm

Tonik the dog and wolf boy

Tonik, the dog is available for adoption — if you don’t mind owning a dog with an “eerily humanoid face.” The Indiana animal welfare agency describes Tonik as a “poodle-Shih Tzu mix.

The boy pictured on the right suffers from a condition known as hypertrichosis — or werewolf syndrome — which results in the growth of thick body hair all over his face. Tonik, the dog is pictured on the left.

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Halloween Fun or Animal Cruelty?

When human beings dress up their furry friends in Halloween costumes, is it just good fun or animal cruelty? The tradition of dressing up animals in costumes every Halloween may seem like fun for you, but for your animal it could be deadly.

Animals already have coats — thick, furry coats that keep them warm when the temperature drops near zero. When they are covered in warm clothing their ability to regulate their internal temperature can be disrupted. Dogs can overheat and die.

If you are one of the insensitive pet owners who dress up your dogs for fun, here’s an overview of what happens when your dog overheats. Unlike humans who sweat to cool off, dogs don’t sweat. When a dog is hot he pants by breathing quickly to remove heat from his body. Some dogs may drool excessively when they overheat as well.

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Video: Hip Hop’s Negative Influence On Our Children Pt 4

Here is another sad sign of the times we are living in. This home video features a St. Louis mother exposing her breasts and dancing in a lewd sexually suggestive manner in front of her two young children. The woman’s young son encourages his mother’s raunchy behavior as another woman can be heard laughing off-camera. “Look at this booty,” says the boy pointing at his mother.

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Former NFL star ordered to pay $75K to former reality show star

3 years ago, when former NFL player Bob Whitfield still owned his Atlanta recording studio, his ex-wife Sheree Whitfield had her hand out for more cash after she ran through the $900K lump sum he had already given her to support their 2 children Kairo and Kaleigh.

At the time, Sheree was starring in ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ and she had a fake baller image to uphold.

It’s now 3 years later and Whitfield, who lives in California, is crying broke despite receiving a very generous retirement check from the NFL every month.

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian give each other a peck on the lips

Kanye West and his bestie were seen pecking each other on the lips at posh restaurant Il Bolognese in Via Veneto on Thursday, Page Six reports.

It is reported that Kanye “whisked Kim away on romantic Roman holiday” to celebrate her 32nd birthday. The staged scene was captured by the paparazzi on Thursday.

I still don’t see any sparks flying between these two narcissists. I remain unconvinced by their public displays.

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    Rumor: Does Jay Z have a Teenage Mistress?

    According to an unconfirmed source, rap mogul Jay Z has a teenage mistress who may have had an abortion recently. This might explain why a man who is almost 50 would suddenly knock up his much younger wife. The rumor comes from the notorious gossipmonger hangout Lipstickalley.com, so take the following information with a grain of salt.

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