Morning Wood: Ray Edwards

Ray Edwards

Loyal reader Michelle Bellinger writes:

Auntie Rose, You can’t tell me you didn’t lick your screen. LOL.

Former Atlanta Falcons player, Ray Edwards, is touching deep down in my soul with these hott new sexy pics, Auntie Rose. It would be awesome to see him featured on your site. Especially on a Friday :)

MEN: If you would like to be considered for MORNING WOOD, please email 5-6 of your best quality photos, including SHIRTLESS shots, to sandra @ (remove spaces). Please keep your emails short. Emails will be edited for length and promotional spam.

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Morning Wood: Rumando Kelley

Morning Wood

Loyal reader Korlyn writes:


You have to feature this sexy ass Q Dog Rumando Kelley as morning wood. He is the guy in the Zest commercial. He’s friends with my roommate and I have the biggest crush on him. He is single and fine as hell. He is a big model in NY. His IG is @rumando_ if you want to drool.


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Morning Wood: August Alsina Rocks a Man Bun

August Alsina

Singer August Alsina is the latest hip hop artist to rock a man bun. Chris Brown sported the look in a recent social media post. But he did it to criticize black women for wearing hair weave.

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Morning Wood: Tristin John

Tristin John

Loyal reader LBS writes:

Hey Sandra!I just wanted to submit my morning wood of Tristin John.He is working hard to become a great model in Chicago. He is very pleasant and alot of fun! His Instagram is @Tristin_JohnYou’ve featured a few men I know! Thanks for showing Chicago love!


Tristin’s Instagram

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Morning Wood: The Game

The Game

This is a different kind of Morning Wood. Today’s MW features rap artist The Game who finds himself in the awkward position of defending his manhood on social media.

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Morning Wood: Octavius Jefferson

Octavius Jefferson

Today’s Morning Wood is for you ladies who love a strong sexy man with dreadlocks. Octavius Jefferson is a male model who goes by the username @jiizzle1017 on

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Morning Wood: Drake

Drake and Justin Bieber

Canadian rapper Drake Graham revealed his newly buff body on his page. Among his appreciative followers was singer Justin Bieber, who couldn’t contain his excitement. Maybe Justin thought he was sending Drake a private message?

After the break are more shirtless shots of Drake for your approval.

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