Video: Beyonce Wins Grammy for Worst Hair and Worst Performance

Beyonce Grammy

Beyonce took home the imaginary Grammy Award for the worst hair and the worst performance of the night at the 2014 Grammys Sunday in Los Angeles. The 32-year-old mother of one opened up the 2014 Grammys with a forgettable lip sync performance of “Drunk In Love”. Her husband, the aging rapper Jay Z, couldn’t even save the performance. At times it appears the backing vocal track slowed down and sped up. Beyonce looked befuddled as she tried to keep in pace with the music. Many Twitter users questioned Beyonce’s sudden weight loss. It was rumored that Bey went on a “lemon juice diet” to prepare for last night’s performance.

Watch the video after the break.

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Monica Brown Leaks Song Titles from New Album

Monica Brown

R&B songbird Monica leaked a song title from her much-anticipated eighth studio album in a post on her social media accounts last night. One of the song titles, Never Be, appears to be directed at the other woman — which is a running theme in Monica’s last few albums. The song contains the lyrics, No matter where you take her/ What you buy her/ What you teach her/ She will never be me.

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Music Festival Featuring Kendrick Lamar CANCELED Due to Low Ticket Sales

Kendrick Lamar

Here’s more proof that Hip Hop is dead: organizers of the annual Rock The bells music festival starring Kendrick Lamar (pictured above) have canceled concerts planned for New York and Washington due to low ticket sales.

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Singer Brandy Performs to 90,000 Empty Seats

Singer Brandy Performs to 90,000 Empty Seats

According to Black Twitter, R&B singer Brandy was humiliated and embarrassed after performing for just 40 people in a capacity 90,000 seat arena in South Africa on Saturday.

Several concertgoers at the Mandela Sports and Cultural Day concert tweeted that 90,000 concertgoers left before Brandy hit the stage to perform, reports.

“Brandy [just] performed to an empty stadium. With the stadium lights on,” tweeted South African musician, Kabomo. “There are more people there on a random Tuesday… Depressing.”

Added @My2_Melo: “I gave up the [minute] I saw the empty stadium. Brandy performing for the chairs!”

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Beyonce’s Record Label Scraps Her Entire Album

Beyonce backstage

Beyonce’s massive ego — and a spiraling recording budget — are two of the main reasons why her new album was scrapped by her record label.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Beyonce recorded 50 songs for her as-yet-untitled album before hitting the road for her world tour.

Despite working with top music producers such as Ne-Yo, none of the resulting songs were hit-making material. And Columbia Records execs are reportedly anxious over the fact that Beyonce went out on tour after putting her album on the back burner.

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Jay Z’s ‘Magna Carta Holy Flop’

Despite uniquely creative marketing campaigns, Jay Z’s much-hyped twelfth studio album, ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail,’ is only projected to push 350-400K in first week sales. According to Billboard magazine, Magna Carta’s sales estimates do not include the 1 million advance copies Samsung purchased for $5 each to give away for free to Galaxy owners.

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Jay Z Raps the Same Song Non-Stop for 6 Hours

Aging rapper Jay Z put his narcissism on display at a Manhattan art gallery on Wednesday. The 44-year-old rapper lip synced his track “Picasso Baby” for 6 hours at Pace Art Gallery. The publicity stunt was intended to help boost sales of his twelfth studio album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. The album shipped platinum thanks to the 1 million advance copies purchased by Samsung to give away for free to Samsung Galaxy owners.

During his 6-hour repetitive performance of the same song, Jay Z invited observers to join him. Beyonce’s husband cheered on a break dancer, and at one point he was joined by performance artist Marina Abramovic.

A Complex magazine editor captured more Vines of Jay Z’s mind numbing performance after the break.

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