After enduring weeks of rampant speculation and rumors about her face, 20-year-old Bristol Palin has finally come clean and admitted to having a little facial reconstruction work done.

Can you blame her? Look who her mother is (it's Sarah Palin, for those of who don't know). Imagine having to walk in her mother's giant footsteps and failing to keep up.

While many of you thought Bristol had work done very recently to her chin and cheeks, Bristol admits that her whole face was disassembled and put back together way back in December 2010.

Bristol stopped short of saying she did it because she desperately wanted the public's approval (what narcissist would admit to that?)

Instead, she sheepishly insists she did it for medical reasons.

"Yes," she admits, "It improved the way I look, but this surgery was necessary for medical my jaw and teeth could properly realign...I don't obsess over my face"

Okay, hun, we believe you. :rolleyes:

Speaking of celebrities who obsess over their faces: did you know that songstress Mariah Carey is still hospitalized 11 days after giving birth to her twins, Macaroni and Monopoly?

Mimi's people put out that excuse that the babies were born prematurely, but being born two weeks early is not exactly out of the norm for babies.

Thanks to a few of my astute followers on, I now know why she's still in the hospital. It seems Mariah decided to have a tummy tuck procedure performed while the doc already had her open. This was done so she can lie and say she worked out to get her body back into shape for the cover of OK! magazine, or whichever mag pays for the first pics of the newborns.

Pop star Janet Jackson, 44, was seen arriving at London's Heathrow Airport with boyfriend Wissam Al Mana, on a flight from Dubai yesterday. These pics were snapped the same day that Janet's ex-boyfriend, music producer Jermaine Dupri, was hit with a lawsuit by a former stripper for child support.

As I told you earlier, Janet was well aware of Dupri's passion for dropping thousands of dollars of her money on strippers.

Apparently, Janet thought Jermaine's leisurely pursuit of strippers was "cute" because she was gullible enough to believe that he would never lower himself to cheat on her with a stripper. Janet mistakenly thought she could spare herself the heartache if she got with an unattractive little man that no one else wanted.

Jackson reportedly indulged Dupri's pastime by participating in ménage à trois with Dupri and another of Atlanta's popular strippers (who I won't name because she is truly not worth mentioning. Besides, I'm saving that juice for the day when someone gets tired of her loud mouth and drags her by her hair around the strip club where she still works).


According to AccessAtlanta, troubled music producer Jermaine Dupri Mauldin has been sued by a woman for missed child support payments.

Earlier this year, a judge ordered Dupri, 38, to pay former stripper Sarai Jones $2,500 per month in child support based on the results of a paternity test for Jones' 7-month-old daughter. Dupri was also ordered to pay Jones an additional $7,500.

But Dupri, whose money problems are well-documented, has yet to come up with the money, so Jones went back to court to force him to pay up.

Dupri reportedly met Jones during one of his many side trips to Atlanta strip bar Magic City, where Jones worked as a stripper under the name "Obsession".

According to a source close to Dupri, the diminutive producer often hid Sarai (and her stripper friends) in the back room of his Atlanta recording studio while Janet visited with him in the main studio. Friends say that Janet knew Jermaine was spending her money on strippers (and she even participated in ménage à trois with them), but her attitude at the time was, "whatever makes him happy."

Jermaine's world began to unravel quickly when Jackson learned of Sarai's pregnancy and ended her relationship with Dupri before moving back to California.

Without Janet as collateral, Jermaine could no longer secure financial loans and creditors began pursuing him aggressively through the court system for their money.

Last week, Dupri's $2 million Mount Paran Road mansion in Northwest Atlanta was saved from the auction block when Dupri came up with cash at the last minute.

WSB-TV obtained documents showing that Dupri owes more than $493,000 in back taxes for 2007. Plus he owes more than $12,000 in property taxes on the Fayetteville home where his mother currently lives.

Dupri's longtime friend, local club owner Alex Gidewon, helped Dupri out by hiring him to deejay at the Gold Room and other clubs last year.

According to sources, Durpri is paid up to $10,000 for deejaying gigs around the country.

Singer Kelly Rowland dined at Eva Longoria's Beso Steakhouse At Crystals CityCenter in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 7.

Singer Rihanna, 23, was spotted leaving her hotel in Paris, France yesterday where she hosted Nivea's 100 Years Of Skincare events over the weekend. My sources tell me that RiRi is batting 0 with the eligible bachelors that she's been pursuing. I'm told that Rihanna, a narcissist who hates being alone, is literally throwing herself at professional athletes in New York and California. But even the most jaded pro athlete doesn't want the headache of dealing with Rihanna's nasty hissy fits. After manufacturing rumors of phantom romances with celebs, RiRi is now wearing a diamond "I?you" pendant that she bought for herself. I almost feel sorry for her.

Carmen Milian, left, and her daughter Christina Milian attended a Mother's Day celebration at Siren Studios on Saturday in LA. Don't they look like twins?

Socialite Amber Rose attended Tyler Shields "Life Is Not A Fairytale" in Los Angeles on Saturday. My spies tell me Amber was "horrified" at the response her weight gain got on the blogs last week. After tweeting something about being happy the way she was, Amber reportedly hired one of LA's top trainers to whip her back into shape.

The Dallas Mavericks overcame the odds with a game 4 rout to sweep the hapless Los Angeles Lakers four games to none in Dallas yesterday. Afterwards, LA Lakers forward Kobe Bryant choked down some humble pie while giving credit where it was due during post game interviews.

Kobe was more subdued yesterday after telling reporters they were "tripping" last week when the Lakers were down 2-0 in the series. He said the Mavericks, who drained 21 three pointers in game 4, played "extremely well." And considering the rumors we'd heard, it was hard to believe Kobe when he said he learned a lot from departing head coach Phil Jackson who's retiring after leading the Lakers to 5 NBA titles.


Scroll down for updates...

In breaking news out of Washington DC, U.S. President Barack Obama has decided he will not release death photos of 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden.

Sources are telling media outlets that Obama, who was raised a Muslim, feared disapproval from the Muslim world if he "disrespected" the mass murderer.

Conspiracy theorists and Al Qaeda had called for the White House to release the gruesome photos to prove that Bin Laden was dead after Obama announced he was executed early Sunday morning in Islamabad, Pakistan.

But Obama, who ordered a sea burial for Osama in accordance with Islam traditions, stood firm on his decision not to release the photos.

"Bin Laden is not a trophy," said Obama in an interview he taped today with CBS News program "60 Minutes".

Said Obama: "The risks of release outweigh the benefits. Conspiracy theorists around the world will just claim the photos are doctored anyway, and there is a real risk that releasing the photos will only serve to inflame public opinion in the Middle East."

He added: "Imagine how the American people would react if Al Qaida killed one of our troops or military leaders, and put photos of the body on the internet. Osama bin Laden is not a trophy -- he is dead and let's now focus on continuing the fight until Al Qaida has been eliminated." Source

The full program airs Sunday night on CBS.

UPDATE I, 5:35pm ET:

REUTERS Pictures and The Guardian UK has the gruesome death scene photos showing the bodies of 3 men inside the shot out compound where Osama bin Laden died. Click HERE to see the photos but be warned: they are graphic!

Osama is not in any of the pictures. For now, the bin Laden pictures are under lock and key -- at least until Barack Obama is voted out of office.

Originally posted on May 4, 2011 @ 1:59pm

Jay Z covers the May 2011 issue of Delta Airlines in-flight magazine, SKY. He talks about his book Decoded which made the NY Bestseller's list and he mentions being given "a gift from God" to tell a story exactly as he wanted it to be told.

He also touched on why he left his home boys standing on the corner to take up with the corporate suits who make him feel more appreciated in their exclusive circle:

"It may sound a little arrogant, but I just think people can't handle when somebody is successful. Something has gotta be wrong; you gotta be down with some higher power. And I guess when someone else is successful, it makes you feel like you're a failure. So it can't be you, it has to be some other force."

And in order to remain in good standing in the good old boy network, Jay Z is focusing on expanding his growing portfolio by opening a chain of airport lounges in markets such as Atlanta, and developing sports arenas and Broadway plays. Good for him.

You can read the entire article by clicking here.


Singer Rihanna, 23, was spotted shopping in NYC yesterday after her less than spectacular appearance at the Costume Gala at the Met on Monday night. Rihanna, who wore her red wig in a long wrap around braid for the Gala, let her long red extensions hang loose and wavy yesterday. The singer doesn't have much to smile about these days, according to friends who tell me that a certain professional athlete snubbed her romantic advances. I would reveal the athlete's name, but then he would know who told me.

After leaking fake rumors to the media about other romantic pursuits that ended up going nowhere, Rihanna was secretly pursuing this ball player who was probably scared off by rumors of her notorious personality problems. The rumors of RiRi's unpredictable rages and ice cold demeanor even scared off a certain blogger who, after careful consideration, decided not to take any chances and declined an opportunity to go out on the road with her.

They say that when you're getting to know Rihanna, she is as sweet as can be. But once she gets comfortable with you -- look out!


It warmed the cockles of my hear to hear the throaty boos directed at Beyonce and Jay Z by guests at the Costume Gala at the Met last night. This video provides further evidence that people are just sick and tired of seeing these two everywhere.

Beyonce's mermaid dress was so tight she couldn't even climb the steps without the assistance of her husband and some random queen.

Photos: Splash News, Wireimage/Getty


In a well-meaning gesture that was probably meant to sooth anger over his racist rhetoric, presidential hopeful Donald Trump congratulated U.S. President Barack Obama for killing 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.

Mr. Trump, who was roasted by Obama at the White House Correspondents' dinner, took to his Twitter page last night and tweeted:

I want to personally congratulate President Obama and the men women of the Armed Forces for a job very well done. I am so proud to see Americans standing shoulder to shoulder, waving the American flag in celebration of this great victory.

We should spend the next several days not debating party politics, but in remembrance of those who lost their lives on 9/11 and those fighting for our freedom. God Bless America.

Just days after bluffing about a cease fire and negotiations, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi lost his sixth born son, Saif al-Arab al-Gaddafi, 29, in a missile attack on his home in Tripoli late Saturday night.

Gaddafi, 68, was inside the home at the time of the attack, but he managed to escape along with his wife, Safia Farkash. Sadly, 3 grandchildren (all under 12) were also killed.

The air strike was a direct attempt on Gaddafi's life, a violation of international law which has no legal or political justifications, he said through his spokesperson.

Gaddafi learned the hard way that surrounding himself with children wouldn't shield him from harm, especially when he's the most hunted man in Libya.

NATO forces didn't drop bunker busting bombs on the private home (which would have taken out the entire neighborhood). Instead, they sent in computer guided cruise missiles to demolish the home with pinpoint accuracy while keeping collateral damage (innocent human beings outside the home) down to a minimum.

Unfortunately, cruise missiles can't tell the difference between innocent children and a murderous dictator.

Sensing a PR disaster, the NATO commanders released a carefully worded statement saying Gaddafi wasn't targeted for assassination. But you and I both know (and hopefully Gaddafi knows) that his time on earth is not long.

Just 5 weeks ago, Gaddafi's youngest son, Khamis, 27, (pictured above) was killed in a kamikaze pilot attack on the military barracks that Gaddafi called home. Gaddafi has 5 remaining sons and one biological daughter, a lawyer, who is fiercely loyal to her father.

In an effort to silence the "birther" movement -- including presidential hopeful Donald Trump -- U.S. President Barack Obama today released the long form of his much talked about birth certificate.

Many people (who don't read) fail to realize that the short form of Obama's certificate of live birth was released by the White House in 2008 when Obama was elected president. The long form only contains a few more impertinent details.

The short form (which was released in 2008) is on the left.

Many critics are asking, "why now?". Why not two years ago when the issue of his citizenship first arose?

Some are suggesting that Obama, a known narcissist, only released the long form now because he fears losing something he values most (his job).

Obama told White House reporters that he had "better stuff to do" than to discuss his birth certificate that has been an emotional boilerplate since before he was elected.

“We’ve got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do,” Obama said. "We’ve got big problems to solve, and I’m confident we can solve them, but we’re going to have to focus on them, not on this."

Source: AP and DM

Carmelo Anthony's wife Lala Vazquez standing courtside with director Spike Lee during game 4 of the Eastern Conference playoffs in New York yesterday. I heard a rumor that she's darkening her skin with various cosmetic products, although that's irrelevant here.

Anyway, despite the smiles on both their faces, their beloved Knicks were eliminated from the playoffs by the Boston Celtics yesterday with a 101-89 victory Sunday in New York. This proves what I said all along about the Knicks acquiring 'Melo to fill the seats. He is overhyped and will never be considered a franchise player until he can help his team win a ring.

Troubled singer Chris Brown was spotted arriving at Sydney domestic airport as he continues his 'F.A.M.E' tour around Australia yesterday. I hear that tickets to his tour are selling poorly in Australia, which pleases my Soul. By the way, my MCM rep hit me up when she got in 4 more of these MCM backpacks the other day. The next day, all 4 backpacks were gone! The Ti$a backpacks which originally sold for $450 last year are now going for over $1,000 each -- if you can find one at the MCM flagship store in NYC.

Music mogul Russell Simmons, center, is still friendly with his baby mama, Kimora Lee. He kissed her in front of Djimon Hounsou while at a family outing to the White House for the annual Easter egg roll on the South lawn yesterday. Sources told me that Simmons was so lousy at lovemaking that he drove Kimora Lee into the arms of skilled butch lesbians, one of whom was featured in the Spike Lee movie 'She Hate Me'.

Kimora and Russell's daughter looks like she's developing a little too maturely for a little kid. Her parents might want to consider installing burglar bars on her windows to keep the pedos out.

Originally posted on April 25, 2011 @ 5 p.m.

Photos: Splash News Online

Beyoncé and her aging rapper hubby, Jay Z, 41, stepped out in Paris together for the first time since his embarrassing medical mishap of a very intimate nature was caught on film last week.

I'm told that Jay Z consulted with his physicians back home who plan to adjust his meds to curb the frequency of his embarrassing mishaps. But I don't know that for sure, so please don't quote me on that.

Doesn't Beyoncé look a little odd to you? I can't quite put my finger on it. It's more than just the bleaching, there's something about her demeanor that looks weird in a Stepford Wives sort of way.

I heard from a few female acquaintances this weekend whose husbands also experienced Jay Z's, er, problem. I never hear from these chicks unless they read something on my blog. Anyway, one acquaintance said to me, "I don't think my husband is taking Viagra, but how would I know that for sure?"
Photos by: GC

One of the NBA's dirtiest players, Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard, recently won a $500,000 judgment against his baby mama, 'Basketball Wives' star Royce Reed, for violating a domestic court order against her. But Reed has yet to pay the judgment, so Howard took her to court again -- this time in California.

According to, Howard, 25, sued Reed, 29, in a Florida court because she violated a court order, prohibiting her from talking about him in the press.

Reed is in arrears for $551,606.74, including interest. Howard, a narcissist who has never won a NBA championship ring, wants his cash now, and, apparently, he doesn't care that Reed is the mother of his soon to be 4-year-old son, Braylon.

Howard, who is something of a religious freak, uses his high profile as a NBA star and his Christian faith to "raise the name of God within the league and throughout the world"

When he is home in Atlanta, Howard attends the Fellowship of Faith Church in East Point, Georgia. After church, he is often seen dining with his boys at Twist restaurant inside the upmarket Phipps Plaza in Atlanta.

In case you missed last night's airing of 'America's Most Wanted' featuring Atlanta fugitive Wisdom Jeffery, here is the full segment. Jeffrey, 38, is wanted for killing his estranged wife, Corrissa Friends, 21, on August 11, 2010 in Riverdale, Georgia. He could be hiding in Atlanta, New York or California.


Jeffery, who was listed on the credits of BET's reality show, “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is,” allegedly used his proximity to the star to show Corrissa the glamorous side of life. By day he was buying her designer clothes, and by night she was partying at nightclubs and hanging backstage at Cole’s concerts.

“The fancy cars, the night clubbing, the money, being around a lot of people … he introduced her to that. She was a very young lady when they met. and she was very impressionable, so he wanted to impress her with those things. And he did,” says Special Agent Jonathan Spurlock of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Investigators now want your help tracking down Wisdom Jeffery. He has two distinct tattoos: a "W" shaped like a bat on the left side of his neck and the word "CHINNA" spelled out on his left arm. Jeffery is originally from Brooklyn and is known to speak with a heavy New York accent.

He sometimes wears gold teeth, but friends say you may not even notice because he rarely smiles. He is known to be very mild mannered and quiet, especially in a group of people. Cops say Jeffery may be taking steps to change his appearance, but he is typically clean cut and often wears baseball caps.

If you know where Wisdom Jeffery is hiding, call our Hotline right away at 1-800-CRIME-TV. Remember, you can remain anonymous.

Video source

Photos: and AMW

R&B singer Rihanna has been packing on the pounds lately. When fans spotted the "What's My Name" singer at Coachella music festival last week, they noted she looked a little pudgy. Though her concert tour is breaking records over in Europe, her friends say Rihanna is depressed over slow ticket sales in the United States.

RiRi's friends say it is her natural habit to pig out when she's feeling out of sorts.

Now comes word that the 23-year-old Barbados native caused costly re-editing delays after she shot a charity public service announcement for UNICEF. She held up the PSA schedule after complaining that she looked heavier than usual in the online video clip.

When the editors told her that it wasn't the video that was making her look fat, she bucked, and had to be calmed down by her handlers.

According to Page Six:

The svelte songstress participated in UNICEF's Celebrity Tap campaign, which asks stars to donate bottles of their own tap water to raise money and awareness for impoverished children in need of clean drinking water globally.
Rihanna stars in a stylish black-and-white PSA on, in which she slinks in a clinging black minidress down a hallway and into an ultramodern kitchen where she fills a clear glass with clean tap water and sexily drinks it. Source

Why do powerful men even bother getting married?

This might be the dirt that U.S. President Barack Obama was hoping to unearth to use against his opponent in the upcoming elections. I'm sure he'll get his people right on it.

Spotted on CDaN via

"So, this is not really celebrity gossip per se, but it is tabloid fodder, so I think it works. There is a Republican out there who is in the top three or four potential candidates for President. He wants to desperately run, but is trying to come up with a payoff for his mistress. Cheating is not unusual for him considering he even married a mistress in the past."

(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Lil Wayne's cover art for his upcoming studio album, Tha Carter IV, is probably a lot more interesting than the music contained on the album. Many forget that Lil Wayne's last album, I Am Not a Human Being, was a commercial failure. As of this month, IANHB has yet to go platinum. TCIV drops June 14.

Despite his history of psychological problems, Mike Tyson looks peaceful on the cover of Esquire magazine's May 2011 issue.

The Notorious BIG covers the Icon edition of Fader magazine's issue #73. The mag hits newsstands on May 3rd, but the cover feature, written by Noz, is available to read now (via Rap Radar).

Click the link to see Lady Gaga fondling herself on the cover of FHM magazine, and to see her cover art for her upcoming album, Born This Way.

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Burlesque singer Beyonce, 29, and her rapper hubby Jay Z, 41, jetted to Paris, France yesterday to escape the onslaught of criticism from those who heard her latest single, "Girls (Who Run The World)" which leaked online Monday. The track is so horrible that was prompted to title their post review, "Beyoncé's New Single Is All Kinds of Bad." In fact, all of Beyonce's ear-shattering singles -- except for "Halo" and "Hello" -- are all kinds of bad. It's a shame that it took so long for people to finally notice that the girl has limited talent.

Even though she's not a celebrity, paparazzi still snapped photos of Usher's ex wife Tameka Foster, 40, shopping in Miami, Florida with a friend yesterday. Tameka apparently tweeted that she was in Miami to enjoy a little fun in the sun, but a spy tells me that Tameka is actually stalking her latest prey -- who is a "professional baller." That could mean that the unfortunate fella is a ball player, a rapper or a drug dealer. Take your pick. But whoever he is, I'm told that the dude is not currently single. That Tameka LOVES a challenge!


A judge has denied troubled actor Charlie Sheen's request for full custody of his twin sons because, the judge said, he bragged about his drug use.

Sheen filed the petition for full custody of 2-year-old twin sons Max and Bob after his estranged third wife, Brook Mueller, famously checked back into a drug rehab facility last week.

Judge Hank Goldberg was well aware that Mueller fell off the crack cocaine wagon, but Goldberg decided that Sheen was no better at parenting the boys than Mueller was.

Last week, a "strung out" Mueller was seen on surveillance video acting bizarrely and pacing back and forth inside a pawn shop where she had gone to pawn an expensive men's watch and a stereo -- supposedly so she could score more cocaine.

An employee at the pawn shop told TMZ that Mueller was desperately trying to get cash for the two items... but the shop would not purchase the items because Brooke did not have a valid I.D.

It didn't matter that Mueller currently rakes in $55,000 a month in child support! All of that cash apparently goes up her nose.

Mueller refused a request for a urine drug test, which is part of her child custody agreement with Sheen. reports that Mueller called friends frantically Thursday morning, looking for someone to provide a clean urine sample for her.

Click link to read more

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This story received extensive coverage in both the right and left wing media last week because it illustrated U.S. President Obama's apparent unwillingness to abide by Congress.

Like every other new president before him, Obama hand picked a special cabinet of unelected officials who must be vetted (or approved) by Congress in confirmation hearings before they can begin working for the president in sensitive government positions.

Obama then selectively chose a side group of people to do his bidding (or to give him advice) who are not vetted by Congress in confirmation hearings. These people (or henchmen) are called "Czars" and the president uses a loophole in the law to hire them almost in secret.

Czars don't have to be vetted or approved by Congress -- even though you, the taxpayer pay their salaries.

If you recall, Obama's former green jobs "czar" Van Jones was not vetted by Congress. He ended up causing all kinds of trouble before he was given the boot in 2009.

So last week Congress inserted an anti-czar rider (provision) into the new 2011 spending bill that would de-fund or limit the budget that taxpayers pay these czars -- since we don't know what the czars do anyway!

The Republicans considered the proviso to be a major victory because, according to, Republicans had "accused the administration of giving unelected bureaucrats too much power within the White House.

But Mr. Obama took it upon himself to issue a "signing statement" ignoring the language in the new spending bill to continue paying these czars enormous salaries!

Never mind that as a candidate in 2008 Obama had promised that he would not abuse signing statements for his own personal benefit.

Naturally, the right wing media jumped all over this newest display of Obama's arrogance.

In a column he wrote for right wing political blog, writer AllahPundit half-joked, "You didn’t seriously think [Obama] was going to abide by the will of Congress, did you? Surely he wasn’t about to be tripped up by a duly enacted bill that dares to cut off the money he uses for his auxiliary cabinet."

The left wing media rushed to Obama's defense, saying the Republicans created Obama's 'czar problem.'

And in a statement issued last week, Mr. Obama insisted upon his right to use signing statements "to obtain advice that will assist him in carrying out his constitutional responsibilities...."

Pop icon Janet Jackson gets emotional as she performs during her sold out "Number Ones: Up Close and Personal" World Tour at the Gibson Amphtheatre in Los Angeles last night.

To those who thought Ms. Jackson was washed up at age 45, her tour was just extended to add more U.S. cities due to the high demand. The tour has received rave reviews from even the most discerning music critics. Good for her!

R&B singer Rihanna was spotted arriving at Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles last night. Rihanna can smile now that she's broken the record for most consecutive shows booked at London's O2 Arena (10). But tickets to her tour continue to sell slowly in the United States -- and it will remain that way at least until she adjusts her stank attitude.

Photos: Splash News Online

U.S. President Barack Obama is targeting the wealthy with planned tax hikes aimed at stabilizing the economy. The only problem is the tax hikes will ultimately affect the rest of us working stiffs who live from paycheck to paycheck.

In typical reproaching style, Obama blamed Americans for the state of the economy, saying years of overspending means every American has to make sacrifices.

Obama unveiled a plan to raise taxes and reduce borrowing over the next 12 years by $4 trillion. His cost-cutting measures included slashing the domestic budget -- and cutting politically sensitive medicare programs, as well as cutting defense spending.

Naturally, his friends and banker buddies will be spared the sharpest cuts.

But Obama insisted the rich should shoulder more of the burden to prevent the mushrooming national deficit from spinning out of control.

Defending his plan, Obama said in a speech at George Washington University today: "We have to live within our means, we have to reduce our deficit, and we have to get back on a path that will allow us to pay down our debt."

He added: "It's an approach that puts every kind of spending on the table, but one that protects the middle-class, our promise to seniors, and our investments in the future."

Photo by: (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

The hapless LA Lakers 5-game losing streak skidded to a halt last night when they played San Antonio Spur's bench at Staples Arena. Even though the Spurs coach sat his starting line-up so they could rest before the playoffs, Kobe and the Lakers still struggled to eke out a win against the Spurs bench.

But it was what Kobe said to a ref midway through the 3rd quarter that has tongues wagging all over the blogosphere:

Bryant, who is notorious for being the NBA's biggest cry baby, stormed back to the bench, punched a chair and threw down a towel before calling referee Bernie Adams a "f*cking faggot."

His homophobic tirade was caught live on TNT's national telecast of the key Western Conference battle with the San Antonio Spurs.

TNT announcer Steve Kerr was shocked at Bryant's latest display of unsportsmanlike conduct. "You might wanna take the cameras off of him right now, for the children watching from home," he told the TV production crew.

Let's see if the NBA suspends this prima donna after the GLAAD folks start protesting outside the arena.

Click Link to watch video

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Beyonce's crazed Stans went into a feeding frenzy when these pics from Bey's music video for "Girl" hit the Internet yesterday. But they recoiled in horror when they saw what had become of their 29-year-old leader. There had been rampant speculation that Beyonce was not well and that she'd been bleaching her skin. The pictures showed startling evidence of that.

In case you forgot how Beyonce used to look in her heyday. Now she is just a shell of her former self.

After the initial shock wore off, many of the Stans took to Beyonce Fanatic blogs (like YBF) and message boards. The overriding theme was: "What happened to our Beyonce?!"

The flaxen weaved Beyonce was dressed like a gladiator on the set of her music video filmed in Inglewood, California yesterday.

But it was Beyonce's startling appearance that prompted her Stans to nearly commit mass suicide after these pics leaked.

One grieving Stan on the boards wailed:

"Oh, God, please don't let the blogs get this image. They will try to come at Bee with that lil bit of skin folding in the back of her and probably act like she's gettin fat!

The rumors that 200 "Africans" would be employed to support her on the set were of course wrong (as usual). Do you see any Africans in these pictures?

Thanks to Jevon Peak of Peak publicity for sending these pics!

It is well-known that R&B crooner Usher Raymond is a classic example of a man who still struggles with Oedipus Complex. OC focuses on a boy’s desire to sexually control his mother. Most boys who fall in love with their mothers quickly outgrow that juvenile stage and transfer their sexual urgings to girls in their peer group. But Usher's mother dominated him so completely when he was growing up that he was never able to get past that stage.

According to the NY Post's gossip machine, Page SIX, Usher's lover of 2 years, Grace Miguel, the former head of creative development at Island Def Jam, is exerting even more control over Usher than Tameka did.

Usher's gal pal, Grace Miguel, is now calling all the shots in their relationship, sources tell Page Six.
The 43-year-old former Def Jam executive who acts as the hip-hop artist's co-manager and stylist is urging her beau to clear out his staff including stylists, choreographers and tour managers and replace them with her people, an insider says.

Usher's longtime agent, Mark Cheatham of CAA, is the first victim of his much older girlfriend. Cheatham was tight-lipped when we contacted him. "I don't know anything about it. I've been with Usher for a long time," he told us. "I've been on great terms with Usher. Talk to my publicist."

A CAA publicist never got back to us, but Usher is no longer listed on their client list.
A source close to Cheatham tells us, "Mark is really upset. He's been with him from the beginning. He thinks Usher will come back, He's just waiting."

Now I remember why singer Mariah Carey irks me: she's an attention whore along the same lines of Puff Daddy and 50 Cent. Insecure, damaged people like Mariah and Nick Cannon will do anything for attention -- even use their unborn babies.

If pregnant porn turns you off, you might want to scroll quickly past this post. The songbird and her entertainment mogul hubby, Nick Cannon, grace the cover of this week's issue of OK! magazine's UK edition. Nick's hands firmly caress his wife's pregnant breasts in a reproduction of Janet Janet's famous Rolling Stone magazine pose.

The pictures inside the magazine don't get any better -- unless you're into pregnant porn.

The intimate photos shows Nick naked (at least from the waist up) as well as his wife displaying her absurdly swollen belly.

When Mariah first announced her pregnancy, didn't I tell you that these two attention whores would pimp their babies to the world at every opportunity?

I'm sick of these babies already and they're not even born yet. Most attention whore celebrity parents wait at least until the babies are born before selling their spawn out to the highest bidder. But not these two. Mariah and Nick Cannon have no class!

This issue of OK! magazine is on newsstands now.

Scans source

The NY Post is reporting that ticket prices for troubled actor Charlie Sheen's upcoming Radio City Music Hall shows have hit new lows at just $24 to $31.

At those prices, it's almost certain that Sheen will not show up for one or both of his shows at Radio City. There are still thousands of tickets available -- and scalpers who are desperate to unload them.

Sheen's Friday and Saturday shows had sold out in less than an hour when tickets first went on sale. The $126 tickets were snatched up by enterprising scalpers who had plans to sell them online at up to 5 times face value.

At the time, Sheen was riding a wave of popularity on thanks to his sarcastic wit and oversized ego -- which people often confuse for charm and personality.

He broke a record on by accumulating a million followers in less time than it took that other narcissist -- Ashton Kutcher -- to do it.

The suckers who bought tickets to Sheen's first 2 shows in Detroit and Chicago, learned a hard lesson about falling under the spell of a raging narcissist with no talent.

New Yorkers are not that dumb.