As we told you on Monday, Rihanna's music video for her current single "We Found Love" would premiere this week. The music video highlights Rihanna's disturbing tendency to cling to unavailable men such as Chris Brown and Matt Kemp. Then when these men predictably abuse her (verbally or physically), instead of moving on with her life she blames them for her own inadequacies and spirals emotionally out of control.

Meanwhile, Rihanna's successor, singer Miranda Brooke (pictured above), held a meet and greet for New York's music industry yesterday. Unlike Rihanna, Miranda is a talented singer who has a long, promising career ahead of her.

Watch Rihanna's music video after the break.

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Loyal reader Jan'Net B. emailed us to point out the fact that the late singer Marvin Gaye's wife also faked her pregnancy. Here's an excerpt from TruTV:

The couple had failed to conceive a child so in 1965 had faked a pregnancy, with Anna wearing maternity clothes and Marvin bragging about the upcoming birth. On her due date they adopted a son they named Marvin III.

The ruse was planned by Marvin, apparently shamed by the lack of manliness that adoption might imply. Source

Ja'Net also sent along a clip purporting to show different angles of Beyonce from that infamous Australian interview. But as Ja'Net pointed out, the video shows nothing that we haven't already seen. Here's what she wrote:

"P.S. I've read some readers posts stating that you won't post the video where they "prove" that Beyonce is pregnant provided the different camera angle shots. That was pure comedy, which they should have never produced. That video showed NOTHING! It was for ratings where they claimed that all angles were blocked, and the way that they confirmed her pregnancy was by the "fact" that she was "glowing."

Please read the rest of Ja'Net's email after the break!

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Yesterday we told you about Beyonce attending a children's birthday party with her hubby Jay Z in Brooklyn. According to the NY Times gossip column Page Six, Beyonce's fiercely loyal bodyguard, Julius, shooed away one mom who tried to take a photo of her. Well, one of the party goers was able to sneak a pic of the singer off guard.

Here's a question for you moms: do 5 month pregnant women normally sit with their backs hunched over like that? Is her poor posture safe for her fetus (if there is one)? So many questions...

Image spotted on RWS

Rihanna's bank account is $1 million lighter after she settled a lawsuit with celebrity photog David LaChapelle for stealing his ideas in her music video.

In his lawsuit, LaChapelle cited raunchy scenes in Rihanna's “S&M” music video which were direct copies of his provocative pictures.

In July, a federal judge agreed with the celebrated lensman, saying the lawsuit had merit and could proceed through the courts.

Rihanna and her lawyers collapsed like a house of cards and quickly agreed to a financial settlement.

Jaret Keller, LaChapelle’s publicist, confirmed Rihanna had settled the case but declined to comment further. He said, “David is happy with the settlement.”

“I like RiRi,” said LaChapelle earlier this summer. “This is not personal, it’s strictly business. Musicians commonly pay to sample music or use someone’s beats and there should be no difference when sampling an artist’s visuals.”

Good for him! Now maybe Rihanna will stop trying to be like Beyonce and actually hire a video director with some talent and creativity for her music videos.


Accroding to the NY Post's Page Six, besieged expectant parents Beyonce and Jay Z won't let anyone near her baby bump -- and for good reason: it's reportedly fake.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé took a crash course in parenting Sunday when the expecting couple mixed with brownstone Brooklyn families at a kiddie birthday bash. “It was a party for Beyoncé’s niece,” said a guest at Carroll Park, blocks from Jay-Z’s favorite pizza place, Lucali. The Brooklyn-bred rapper has made offers on homes nearby, residents said. Beyoncé, meanwhile, offered to sign a girl’s cast. But her security shooed away at least one parent looking for a photo.

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Beyonce Knowles-Carter and her bodyguard, Julius, were spotted heading into an office building in New York City this afternoon. Beyonce, whose music video for her single "Love On Top" dropped over the weekend, wore a slightly sheer top which shows her fake baby bump. If you click the image and look closely under her breasts, you can see the black line where her fake baby bump begins. Get it together, Beyonce!
Photos: Daniel/Mauceri/

Singer Kelly Rowland gave the paparazzi an eyeful of her surgically enhanced hooters yesterday while leaving the London studio where 'The X Factor' is taped.

Rev. Run's daughter Angela Simmons took her little sister and a fashionable friend to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood, CA yesterday. The 'Run's House' star wore sheer, all black tights that highlighted her curvy physique. Her daddy, the Reverend Run, 47, and his wife, Justine Simmons, adopted Miley as an infant in 2007 after Justine suffered a miscarriage.

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Singer Beyoncé apparently learned her lesson after a video showing her fake baby bump went viral over the weekend. Bey's baby bump prosthetic collapsed spectacularly during an interview with an Australian tv show. Her Stans blamed Beyoncé's House of Dereon dress for giving the illusion that her belly had collapsed. But we know better.

Beyoncé was spotted out in the rain wearing a very loose maternity blouse earlier today in New York City. We still don't know if she's really pregnant or not. But we do know she won't be caught trying to look cute in any more tight fitting dresses.

People wonder why Beyoncé's beleaguered publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, even responded to the allegations about a fake baby bump in the first place. The reason should be obvious to everyone: Beyoncé doesn't care if the blogs go on endlessly about her publicity stunts. But Bey and her camp get real nervous when the national media starts sniffing around.

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While leaving a full frontal nudity strip club in London early this morning, troubled singer Rihanna jumped into a waiting car with ex-boyfriend Matt Kemp. The Dodgers star gave the singer and her assistant a ride back to her hotel. Remember we told you a while back that our sources said Rihanna was interested in a ball player but they wouldn't say who he was? My source tells me Rihanna often drunk dials unavailable men from her past (including Chris Brown) who end up treating her badly because they know she has no self esteem or self respect. Hopefully she will get the help she needs for her mental and emotional problems.

Photos: Splash News Online

Thanks to loyal reader Stacy B. for giving us the heads up on Wendy Williams doing the Beyonce baby bump sit down test with two of her staffers who really are pregnant. One of Wendy's staffers is due to deliver her baby in February, 2012 -- the same month that Bey is supposedly delivering whatever it is she's carrying.

Update: after watching the video (and laughing my head off!), we decided to compare pics of what a real pregnant woman looks like when she sits, compared to bumbling Beyonce.

First of all, do you see Beyonce's awful posture when she sits? What pregnant woman sits leaning so far forward with her head down at an almost 45 degree angle to her stomach? Notice how she's not protecting her stomach when she sits the way a real pregnant woman would? We could go on and on, but you get the point.

Click the link to watch the results of Wendy's test!

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According to the National Enquirer, the fairy tale marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries is headed for the rocks. Who knew the wedding of the century would be over so quickly?

The ENQUIRER has learned that the 30-year-old reality star and her husband Kris Humphries have fought bitterly over her wild spending and other things – and one recent blowup ended with Kim storming out of the $7,000-a-night New York hotel suite where they live.

Their battles have gotten so bad that Kris, 26, is considering ending the marriage, which began in a spectacular Aug. 20 made-for-TV extravaganza, revealed a family insider.

“Kris thought he could handle living with hisevery move followed by a reality TV camera crew – but now he is having second thoughts,” explained the insider.

“He believed Kim’s hunger for the spotlight would tail off after the wedding, but it’s just gotten worse.

“He thinks she is more obsessed with being famous than having a happy marriage.”

The source added Kris is starting to believe “he is nothing more than a prop for Kim’s photo ops." The source told the Enquirer that Kris queried Kim about the real reason she married him. But Kim "exploded" like narcissists are known to do when they are challenged.

Kim reportedly ran out of the hotel "in tears". No doubt her tears were of the crocodile variety.

Kim returned to the hotel a few days later -- and just like a typical narcissist, she pretended like nothing had happened.

That's too bad. We really liked those two kids together.

Beyoncé watchers know that the 30-year-old singer rarely ever responds to rumors and innuendos about her personal life. So the very fact that her publicist released a statement to ABC News is highly significant. It means Beyonce is definitely feeling the heat from all that extra padding she's been wearing.

The media inquiries into Beyoncé's latest desperate grab for attention reached a fever pitch yesterday with The Washington Post calling it "weird" while ABC News asked: "Is Beyoncé's bump as big as she’d have us believe?"

ABC news wrote a report on Bey and Jay Z hiring a surrogate mother to bear their spawn while Bey parades around with a hi-tech prosthetic device. Beyoncé’s publicist Yvette Noel-Schure responded to ABC News with a terse statement, calling the prosthetic belly reports: “Stupid, ridiculous and false.”

But if the reports really are “stupid, ridiculous and false”, Ms. Noel-Schure has only her client to blame.

Look at the 1st screen shot above. Notice how Beyoncé's belly looks like she's 8 months pregnant? Now look at the last frame -- her belly has completely collapsed. Even if the fabric of her dress was the cause -- where did the huge 8 month belly go? Huge bellies don't just vanish behind some fabric. If that was the case, someone would patent that magic fabric and sell it! Who needs spandex when you have magical fabric that can make your pot belly disappear when you sit down?

To understand how narcissism can make a celebrity such as Beyoncé go to such extremes for attention, please click here.

If you still don't believe that Beyonce is a narcissist, ask yourself why is she doing so much right now? If she really is pregnant (and we're not saying she isn't), why doesn't she go sit down somewhere and rest her nerves?

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The national media finally caught on to the fact that singer Beyoncé Knowles has been wearing a prosthetic device to enhance the appearance of her pregnancy.

Beyoncé added fuel to flames when she appeared on an Australian TV show on Sunday wearing an obvious fake bump under her dress.

When Bey sat down for her interview, the fake bump folded and deflated before rebounding back into shape. Beyoncé appeared to be surprised that the prosthetic gave way so easily.

Being a terrible actress, she didn't realize that pregnant women aren't supposed to bend forward at such a severe angle. Pregnant women usually sit with their backs straight to keep excess weight off their fetus.

After viewing the video footage, news outlets weighed in on the fake baby bump. The Washington Post called it "weird" while ABC News asked: "Is Beyoncé's bump as big as she’d have us believe?"

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Tweets are talking about Beyoncé's prosthetic baby bump on last night's Sunday Night HD. At first we couldn't believe that she would actually wear her prosthetic on a show with HD -- high definition -- in the show's title. But you know what they say about narcissists who think they are smarter than everyone else around them.

So there was Bey sitting down on the set -- and there was her prosthetic baby bump, folding, crumpling and collapsing in full, vibrant high definition!

Luckily, the prosthetic is that memory foam type that bounced right back into shape. Rumor has it that Beyoncé is wearing a fake prosthetic while her unknown surrogate carries her baby to term.

No, that wasn't your imagination. Bey really does look like she went "OOPS!" after she sat down.

Thanks to everyone who sent this tip in! There are too many of you to name. :)

Watch the startling video after the break!

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On Saturday, Oct. 8, we posted Lil Wayne's "Public Service Announcement" video that we found on Derick G's blog.

To be honest, we didn't even watch one second of that video, because, after all, Lil Wayne was in it. But we regret not watching the video after reading the following email from loyal reader SouthernLegalDiva.


I know you do "medical minutes" frequently on your blog. Recently, Lil Wayne posted a PSA wherein he explains his use of Promethazine DM Syrup as being prescribed by a doctor as a sleep aid. I have never heard of this usage. I could only watch about 6 mins of the video, as the BS level was through the roof. It was featured on

Thanks, SouthernLegalDiva

It's clear that Lil Wayne is still under the influence of drugs, specifically purple drank cough syrup -- but he's doing it legally, right under the nose of his probation officer. He says so right there in the video.

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