The full length version of Monica's single "Still Standing" has gone to radio. So far, SS is in rotation at radio stations in 3 major markets with others being added every hour. Mo kills this song with its emotional lyrics of redemption and determination.

Unfortunately, the simplistic B. Cox track doesn't hold its own under the weight of Mo's powerful vocals. The fan response to the track is mixed, with some fans proclaiming they love it while others dismiss it as a buzz single. What do you think?

Brandy is back with a new track titled "Right Here (Departed). The track is produced by Darkchild and B-Rock. I'm not a fan of Dark Child productions. All his music sounds the same.

Anyway, thanks to loyal reader Diane for the link. Brandy is shooting her video for the single this weekend and she's looking for extras. Click the link for more info on casting for the video.

Lil' Wayne's peeps reached out to today to request extras for a music video featuring Wayne, Baby and G Malone currently being shot at Dreamz nightclub in Decatur. The shoot started at 12 noon and is expected to continue through the day. So you have plenty of time to get there.

Weezy is already in the building, but don't expect him to have a Styrofoam cup in his hand. According to label sources, Weezy has been "clean" for three weeks now. Supposedly, his doctor told him that his liver is hanging on by a thread and he would likely suffer the same fate as Pimp C if he kept sipping the syrup.

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This is the real deal. I don't post just any open call. If you're an aspiring model, this is the opportunity of a lifetime! The Complex is owned by Devyne Stephens, former choreographer for celebs such as Usher, Ciara and Sean Combs. The facility houses recording studios, fitness center, dance studio and salon.

Quiet as it's kept, you can stop by any time of day and spot top tier celebrities milling about outside. Akon's tangerine Ferrarri is always parked out front. But keep that between me and you.

Source: Jamahl King, S.T.E.P.S. Events Planning Firm