ObamaCare Website Still Broken

President Obama is patting himself on the back after Congress approved a last-minute spending bill and averted a near economic disaster last night. The White House has ordered all furloughed employees to return to work this morning. They will receive back pay for the two weeks that they were out. Contract employees are being told they won't receive a penny of back pay.

While Obama runs his victory lap around the White House, his pet project, the Affordable Healthcare Act, is still an Epic FAIL.

According to Politico.com, the Obamacare enrollment website remains inaccessible despite two weeks of Herculean efforts to repair the faulty website infrastructure.

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President Obama looks out White House window

The outlook is positive as the government shutdown enters its 16th day.

The Senate has reached a deal to end the 16-day government shutdown and avert a U.S. Debt disaster that threatens to cripple the American economy.

Politico.com reports Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are close to announcing an agreement to open the U.S. government and put furloughed gov't employees back to work.

The furloughed employees includes IRS agents and Michelle's Obama's gardeners.

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ObamaCare flops

President Obama's rapacious attempt to lead this country into socialism is failing spectacularly.

When Obama's comprehensive Affordable Care Act insurance law went into effect on October 1st, millions of Californians surfed the exchange website in search of the low rates that Obama promised.

"We had over 5.7 million hits to our website as of 3 p.m. yesterday,' Covered California spokeswoman Kelsey Caldwell told MailOnline Wednesday.

Of those 5 million visitors, only 4,143 applications are pending, she said. That's less than one percent.

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House GOPs await Senate

GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor posted this photo on his Twitter.com account today. The photo shows House GOP members sitting across the table from a row of empty seats patiently awaiting Senate members. "In divided government, the only way forward is to sit down at the table. The House awaits the Senate..." Cantor tweeted. The majority Democratic Senate members refused to show up for a conference to continue talks that could end the government shutdown.

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    "They're the same thing," noted Kimmel during his opening monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night. "Lo and behold, we found people who did not know that," he said as the audience chuckled.

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  • The Senate Rejects House Amendments to Spending Bill

    The Senate voted today to reject the House GOP's amendment to defer ObamaCare for one year. The provision was killed by an all-Democratic vote earlier today. The House GOP's amendments also included a Conscience Clause, or an opt-out for contraceptive coverage.

    The ball is back in the House GOP's court. Unless there is a last minute change of heart by the House GOP leaders, the government will shut down at midnight tonight.

    House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) stands by his decision not to accept a spending bill that does not include provisions to delay or defund ObamaCare for at least one year.

    President Barack Obama said he was not resigned to a shutdown and plans to continue talking to congressional leaders.

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    Government shutdown

    The government is on the verge of shutting down for the first time in 17 years. The reason behind the shutdown is simple: Republicans are intent on delaying the implementation of ObamaScare for one year.

    If the Republicans don't get their way the midnight deadline for a budget agreement to keep the government running will pass.

    The Senate and the House (which makes up Congress) are divided along party lines. Republicans control the House, and Democrats are the majority in the Senate.

    Last week, the Senate killed language in the spending bill that would scrap funding for ObamaCare. The bill was sent back to the House to start over, but the House refuses to budge on the healthcare law.

    Congress is at a stalemate. Even if the Senate voted to defund ObamaCare, the White House promised to veto the measure.

    If Congress can't reach a decision on the spending bill by midnight on October 1st, the government will effectively shut down.

    But what does a gov't shutdown mean for you?

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    Is Bill de Blasio the Next Mayor of New York

    98% of the vote is in in New York's Democratic race for mayor. Mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio has a comfortable lead with 40% of the votes.

    The 6 -foot-5 Public Advocate for the City of New York is on the verge of being elected Mayor of New York at age 52, replacing the departing Michael Bloomberg, 71.

    City Council Speaker Christine Quinn -- a lesbian who is married to a woman -- is a distant third in the Democratic race.

    What makes de Blasio more interesting than his political aspirations (at least to me) is that his wife, Chirlane McCray, is black and a former lesbian.

    Is Bill de Blasio the Next Mayor of New York

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    Sandi Jackson and Jesse Jackson Jr

    There is no honor among thieves -- even if those thieves are married to one another.

    Former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr has agreed to a plea deal that involves him selling out his wife in a federal tax fraud probe, CBS 2 in Chicago is reporting.

    The extensive federal investigation included 2 probes involving alleged campaign finance misuse by Jackson and tax fraud committed by his wife Sandi, a former Chicago alderman.

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    Sandi Jackson and Jesse Jackson Jr

    Michael Sneed of the Chicago Suntimes reports exclusively that a plea deal is on the table for Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr from the feds who are investigating "allegations of campaign fund misuse."

    Sneed says the plea deal includes Jackson serving "significant time" in federal prison and that Jackson's wife, Sandi, is also under investigation for campaign finances abuse.

    Jackson is the son of civil rights leader Jesse Jackson.

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    Dianne Feinstein bill

    In January, Senator Dianne Feinstein will introduce a bill to ban the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of military-style assault weapons (like the AR-15 pictured above), handguns and shotguns that can accept high-capacity magazines.

    The move comes 2 weeks after a madman went on a shooting rampage in an elementary school, killing 20 children and 6 adults.

    It's high time that the government of the United States took action to disarm the general public who have no business owning firearms. Statistics show that most violent crimes are committed by handguns in the United States -- and that most of those weapons were stolen or obtained through legal loopholes at gun shows.

    The bill strengthens the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban signed into law by former President Bill Clinton.

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    Obama Booker

    Politicker.com reports that Newark Mayor Corey Booker has thrown his hat into the presidential ring. In 2010, Mr. Booker's fundraising advisor Bari Mattes registered the following websites for her boss: BookerForSenate, BookerForGovernor, but most notably in March she registered the website CoryBookerForPresident.com.

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    The Mitt Romney campaign continues to support Richard Mourdock's run for the US Senate despite controversial statements he made during Tuesday's final Senate debate.

    Mourdock's statement that pregnancy resulting from rape is [still] a gift from God, rankled women's groups and bolstered anti-abortionists.

    The Romney campaign told CNN reporter Jim Acosta that they would not pull an ad Romney made this week asking voters to “join me in supporting Richard Mourdock for U.S. Senate.”

    “[w]e disagree on the policy regarding exceptions for rape and incest but still support him,” said a spokesman in statement released today.

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    President Obama had 4 years to convince Americans that he was the best man for the job as president. But, tonight (as in the last 4 years) he fell short of the mark. In tonight's final presidential debate, Governor Mitt Romney beat Obama at his own game: by swooning voters with promises and hope.

    Debate moderator Bob Schieffer did a good job keeping the topic of discussion on foreign policy. Obama, who was still smarting from Romney's "2 million teachers" jab in the 2nd debate attacked Romney on teacher hiring.

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    Racial tensions are escalating as the presidential election draws closer. Across the country, anti-Obama vandals are stealing Obama campaign yard signs by the thousands. In Lubbock, Texas, vandals have gone a step further by shooting up the familiar red white and blue yard signs.

    “There have been problems before but it’s gotten really out of hand,” Lubbock Democratic Party Chair Kenny Ketner told Lubbockonline.com. “The quantity of signs vandalized and stolen is already out of control, and now the type of vandalism has crossed a hateful line.”

    “Over half a dozen of the larger signs have been stolen, vandalized or shot,” said Ketner. “And as of about 1 a.m. this morning we can add hate to the list.”

    Ketner encourages residents to call the police, even if officers are slow to respond to calls about stolen yard signs.

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    Everyone knows electoral college votes decides the winner of a presidential election.

    According to the Gallup poll Mitt Romney leads President Obama by 7 points among "likely voters," but "according to both Nate Silver and InTrade, President Obama has a better-than-60-percent chance of winning the election."

    Despite Gallup's numbers, other polls show Obama comfortably in the lead in battleground states such as Iowa that will decide the election.

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    Just 2 weeks before the nation elects the next president, First Lady Michelle Obama wrote an open letter begging women to vote for her husband. A Gallup poll shows the president trailing behind GOP challenger Mitt Romney by a significant percentage margin (52-45).

    But the Gallup poll is in question because Romney trails behind Obama in key states such as Iowa. Obama didn't court women in the 2008 campaign for president, but he desperately needs women in his corner now.

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    The tense verbal exchange between President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney during Tuesday's presidential debate stirred anger in Romney's son, Tagg Romney.

    The GOP challenger's son was a guest on a North Carolina radio show when he was asked how he felt the moment Obama accused his father of being a liar.

    Tagg said he wanted to jump out of his seat and "rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at him.” Tagg added that the thought of being tackled and stomped by the Secret Service was the only thing holding him back.

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    There were some tense moments between the presidential debate rematch between President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney at Hofstra University Tuesday. Governor Romney was concise and confident at the start of the debate, while Obama seemed anxious and fired up. The pressure was on and Obama appeared to rise to the occasion.

    There was a heated exchange between President Obama and Gov. Romney as the two men stood toe to toe over Obama's failure to drill for oil on federal land, thereby causing the price of oil to skyrocket.

    "You'll get your chance in a moment, I'm still speaking," said Romney at one point.

    The heated exchange sparked an explosion of tweets on Twitter.com, including the above tweet one from Tameka Raymond.

    Moderator Candy Crowley was totally incompetent, allowing Obama to completely dominate the debate with his constant interruptions. It's obvious who's corner Crowley was in tonight.

    When a black voter pointedly asked Obama what have you done for me? Obama responded, "These last 4 years haven't been so good for you," without adequately explaining why he failed to keep promises he made to the people who elected him president.

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  • According to national polls, President Obama is slightly ahead of challenger Mitt Romney among early voters. Obama is under pressure to turn in a sparkling performance in tonight's 2nd presidential debate. Romney dominated Mr. Obama in the 1st presidential debate. It's a sure bet that the president won't take the governor lightly tonight.

    The Huffington Post reports that "Obama leads Romney by 59 percent to 31 percent among early voters, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling data compiled in recent weeks." The lead is small but it is over the 10% measurement of polls' accuracy.

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    There are only 22 days to go before America elects a new president, and the current president, Barack Obama, is feeling the pressure.

    The NY Times reports that Obama has been in seclusion in a conference room at the Democratic headquarters in DC for the past few days "cramming" for the 2nd presidential debate next week.

    It's do or die time for the president: Mr. Obama needs a strong performance against challenger Mitt Romney or he will lose his job.

    You can bet that Obama regrets telling a television host that he was not the president of black America.

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    Just 24 days before the nation chooses a new president, the race for the White House has taken on an ominous tone.

    Someone fired a shot at the field campaign office for President Obama in Denver, Colorado on Friday. There were staffers in the office at the time that the shot was fired around 3:30 p.m. said Denver police spokeswoman Raquel Lopez.

    A window at the field office was shattered by the gunshot, but there were no reported injuries. Police are reviewing surveillance video, but so far the only lead is a car seen leaving the area. Police aren't releasing any other details to the media.

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    President Obama's supporters are having a hard time understanding how the momentum could have swung in Mitt Romney's direction so swiftly. A national poll shows Romney leading Obama by 4 points among likely voters.

    In a post titled “Did Obama just throw the entire election away?,” the Daily Beast writer Andrew Sullivan expressed his dismay that Romney has overtaken Obama in the polls following the president's shockingly vapid performance during the first presidential debate last week.

    "I’ve never seen a candidate this late in the game, so far ahead, just throw in the towel in the way Obama did last week," wrote the unapologetic Obama crusader.

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    Actress Stacey Dash sparked outrage when she tweeted her endorsement for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The former "Single Ladies" star tweeted: “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future." She also retweeted a message from Romney's official Twitter page that read: “Women have had enough of @BarackObama’s disappointment. We need new leadership to get our economy growing again.”

    Stacey's twitter followers immediately reacted with controlled rage and indignation. One confused follower wrote “Wait stacey dash is voting for romney? you get a lil money and you forget that you’re black and a woman. two things romney hates.”

    And a staff writer for the blog Hello Beautiful wrote: "If Stacey Dash only knew (which she probably doesn’t), Mitt Romney doesn’t exactly support women’s rights. He plans to “get rid” of Planned Parenthood; an organization that funds health services and counseling for women."

    The blogger conveniently left out the fact that Planned Parenthood is a racist organization that has played a major role in the mass sterilization of black women.

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    Mitt Romney came away the clear winner in tonight's first presidential debate. President Obama was on the ropes all evening as he struggled to stay on the defensive. It was embarrassing for the Obama camp.

    Maybe Michelle Obama should taken her husband's place at the podium?

    The Republican presidential candidate scored points on facts and style. Obama seemed bored and unprepared as Romney schooled him on energy and tax reform.

    “We’ve got 23 million people out of work or stopped looking for work in this country ... economic growth this year slower than last year, and last year slower than the year before," said Romney, who was precise, concise and presidential.

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    Singer Beyonce voices her support for President Obama in a campaign video titled 'Women for Obama.'

    Beyonce, 31, who displays an almost fanatical devotion to the president, says, "He also has the story that I can tell my daughter because it shows no matter where you start out, you can work hard and can do whatever you put your mind to."

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    Someone on President Obama's campaign team is catching heat for posting an e-card on Obama's Tumblr that read: "Vote like your lady parts depend on it." The e-card was quickly deleted when women's groups, and the national media, caught wind of it.

    According to the Washington Examiner, the e-card post linked to "a health care document explaining how the Affordable Health Care Act helps women." The Obama campaign has used scare tactics, saying Mitt Romney will cut funds for abortions if he is elected president.

    Obama's campaign backed away from the e-card posting. In a response to The National Review's Katrina Trinko, the campaign said "This piece did not go through our regular review. When it was discovered, it was taken down.”

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  • Black people love Mitt Romney
  • The full Samuel L. Jackson "Wake the f*ck up" pro-Obama campaign ad has been released. Using Dr. Seuss-inspired rhymes, Jackson uses scare tactics, offensive language, and the aid of one bratty adolescent to badger teenagers, their parents, and even grandparents, into voting for Barack Obama in the upcoming elections.

    Jackson tells a teenage boy that Mitt Romney will cut student loans. In another scene, the bratty adolescent explains to her teenage sisters that, under Romney, planned parenthood will be cut.

    All of the profanity-laced scenes involve children or teens, and Jackson concludes his rants with the phrase "WAKE THE F*CK UP!"

    I can just imagine how the left wing liberals in the media would howl and gnash their teeth if a Mitt Romney lackey created such an offensive ad to support Romney's campaign for president. I'm surprised that Obama doesn't appear at the end of this crock declaring "I approved this message."

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    Pop singer Madonna gave a speech urging her fans to vote for President Barack Obama during a concert Monday in the nation's capital. In her lengthy speech Madonna compared President Obama to former President Abraham Lincoln and civil rights leader Martin Luther King who fought for our freedom.

    "Y'all better vote for f***ing Obama!" said Madonna. "For better or for worse, we have a black Muslim in the White House -- and that's the shit!" she said to thunderous applause from the audience.

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