Last night, while talking to a record label executive about another matter, the exec casually mentioned that R&B singer Keyshia Cole was back home in Atlanta after being chased out of her mini mansion by a stalker in 2009.

The exec went on to say that Cole abandoned her beloved home for the safety of the west coast to get away from her determined super Stan, who was eventually caught with a large cache of weapons and sent to prison.

"She's back in Atlanta checking on her house because he can't bother her any more," the executive told me.

Keyshia considered putting her custom built 5 bedroom, 5.5 bath Alpharetta home on the market in 2009 after a stranger followed her home one night. “I own a gun – a Glock... and I called the police and told them I’d kill him and that I prefer not to,” said Keyshia in a cover story for the June 2009 issue of KING magazine.

Keyshia paid $827,000 in June 2006 for the 5,447 square foot home located in a posh subdivision in Johns Creek. But the depressed housing market sparked by the failing economy sent home prices plummeting in her neighborhood. Homes on Keyshia's street are now selling in the low to mid 500K range.

Actress Lindsay Lohan, 24, was seen entering the Equinox fitness center in West Hollywood yesterday. LiLo was wearing a black Nike jogging suit, a cute Burberry studded cashmere check scarf ($695) and a black Burberry studded leather Knight handbag ($2,195).

Never in a hundred million years would I drop $695 on a scarf. But then I'm not ballin' like LIndsay, who recently moved into a $7,100 a month luxury Venice Beach condo after leaving drug rehab. Speaking of which, if you recall yesterday I told you that Lindsay's ex-girlfriend, DJ Samantha Ronson, is not too happy that Lindsay moved right next door to her.

Lindsay is now telling friends that she had no idea Ronson lived next door. LiLo said she knew the moody DJ lived "somewhere in Venice Beach" but she didn't know where.

Photos: Splash News Online

A teenager has been arrested and charged with breaking and entering into Tyler Perry's home. According to the AJC, Chloe Ware, 18, was caught within moments after breaking into the actor and playwright's mansion on Paces Ferry in Atlanta.

Perry's bodyguard caught Ware around 4 a.m. last Thursday, but two others escaped, police said.

Ware was booked and released on her own recognizance. The career criminal has been arrested in the past for auto theft and shoplifting, among other charges.

Perry recently offered to rebuild the burned out home of a 85-year-old Atlanta woman, who narrowly escaped the fire with her 4-year-old great granddaughter.

Speaking of mansions, word has it that music producer-turned-DJ Jermaine Dupri's Paces Ferry home and studio are headed toward foreclosure. Friends say Dupri, who recently laid off his entire staff at So So Def Records, is hemorrhaging money due to his insatiable appetite for strippers.

Music producer Pharrell Williams invited photographer Todd Selby into his $14 million Miami penthouse to take pictures of his collection of 'Family Guy' art, Bape statues and other toys... yes, toys. Pharrell, who coined the term "kidult" is another one of those rich oddballs who refuses to grow up.

Any woman walking into a grown man's home should be immediately suspicious of him if she sees a bunch of toys lying around in a space where there are no children present. There is nothing cute about decorating your home to make it attractive to little children (à la Michael Jackson).

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Uptown magazine caught up with NBA superstar Dwyane Wade for a revealing look into his private life.

The 28-year-old, who once owned a 9,000-square-foot mansion in a tiny Miami suburb, now lives in a lovely yet modest row house (even though he reportedly earned $15 million last year). Wade explained that as he grows older (and settles down) he's let go of the flashy, material things that he accumulated in his youth.

On His Relationship With Gabrielle Union:

“I found someone I have a great relationship with and that was the most important thing. You have to like the person you’re around before you can say you love them,” Wade says. “That’s the biggest thing right now; we want to make sure that we stay liking each other.”

On His Chicago Home:

“I don’t need something too big. I’m in Miami most of the time. And I fell in love with [this property] once I was able to put my own personality into the house,” says Wade. “Every time I walk in my door, [I am reminded of] the journey that it took to get here and the hard work that I have to put in to continue to stay here.”

In case you missed the season 3 opener of Real Housewives of Atlanta, has a bunch of videos up. They had the full episode this morning, but of course Bravo made them take it down.

Speaking of Bravo, my inside contact in the production company tells me that Bravo will forego spending anything resembling a budget on promoting this vehicle of self-obsession.

For starters, Bravo has already signed off on this flop -- and I hear there won't be a season 4. You probably didn't even know that season 3 was premiering last night, did you? Well now you know why.

Another reason may be due to the fact that there is no real drama on the show -- other than the badly scripted cat fights between Dwight and NeNe Leakes, whose horrible acting is apparent from the moon.

The season opener introduced us to 2 new cast members (Lisa Wu Hartwell was booted for being too boring), Atlanta celebrity attorney Phaedra Parks and socialite Cynthia Bailey.

You already know Phaedra from the drama involving her ex-con husband, Apollo Nida, whom she married straight out of the slammer.

In this video showcasing her Atlanta home, Phaedra portrays herself to be a sort of bootleg Southern belle. She comes off looking unbelievably fake. In one scene, Phaedra says she can't show us the contents of her refrigerator because there is only leftover pizza that her husband brought home.

Speaking of Apollo: did he pay for the pizza or did she? Does Apollo have a job to speak of, or is it his job to look pretty and make you women jealous of her like Ed Hartwell did for Lisa Wu last season?

Is Phaedra supporting Apollo just like these desperate Atlanta women who allow lazy, no good men to leach off of them because they lack self esteem? So many questions.

Phaedra's husband is a career criminal who has never held a real job in his life. So it will be interesting to see what she says he does for a living on the show.

Source: Hulu

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James and his common law wife, Savannah Brinson, have settled for a 'modest' Coconut Grove mansion, not the gargantuan $50 million spread that a certain blogger lied about.

According to a Coconut Grove real estate agent, LeBron and Savannah have decided to purchase a $7 million, 4 bedroom, 5 bath mansion in quiet, secluded Devon Court, a private enclave of 15 homes just south of Miami.

The home boasts a soaring 3-story foyer, an elevator, and his and hers showers in the master bathroom.

In the massive hands of basketball phenom and Miami Heat frosh LeBron James: a contract to plunk down some cash on a villa in Coconut Grove, Fla. Despite the fact that it had been off the market, James first showed interest in the 10,000-square-foot-property in Devon Court, a private enclave of 15 homes, in August. It's not exactly what one would expect form someone who just scored $110M contract, but it's comfy enough: four bedrooms, five baths, a gourmet kitchen, exotic wood and stone finishes, an elevator, and high-tech touch-screen gadgetry that adjusts lights, TVs, and radios from afar. What James will pay is unknown at this point; however, the house has previously sold for $7.65M. Stay tuned for updates: “It’s not officially done (the deed transfer) just yet, but he has a definite interest in it,” according to Miami Realtor Peggy Brin.


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I thought you guys said Fantasia's gigolo, Antwaun Cook, worked at T-Mobile where they met?

According to loyal reader Aisha R., Cook is a real estate agent who works for Keller Williams Realty.

According to Cook's bio on his website, he's been selling homes since 2003:

I am a proud father of two sons, Christian and Jackson. I graduated from East Carolina University in 2001, with a Bachelor's degree in Business. I grew an interest in real estate originally from the investing side, and have continued in real estate from many different angles for the last 7 years.

So did Cook really meet Fantasia in a T-Mobile store, or is it more likely that they met while he was showing her real estate properties?

According to Aisha, when Fantasia's rep claimed Cook took Fantasia to a home where he lived apart from his wife, he may have actually taken her to an uninhabited model home that was for sale and fully furnished.

Aisha writes:

Take a closer look at your man Mr. Cook. In the statement that was made by Fantaisa's rep, he took her to his home. It wasn't his may have been a Keller-Williams home fully furnished. If that was the case, he needs to be put up on charges of trespassing and fraud.

Update I, 11:12 am ET:

According to Aisha and Raye P., Cook is the manager of a T-Mobile store. Here's more info.

Update II, 12:12 pm ET:

Loyal reader Kim T. says she attended college with Antwaun Cook and he owns two homes. She also writes that he wasn't into dark skinned chicks until he met one who was a baller.

Hi Sandra,

You should know that in college he was a pretty-boy Kappa who would not even LOOK at brown skin or dark-skinned women back in our college days. He dated my cousin who was light-skinned and would often tell her, "We're looking for those red-bones." He would often say that he only dates light-skinned women and would praise my cousin for her complexion. That is why it's ironic that he's dating Fantasia.
Have a good day


According to WREG in Tennessee, the wife of slain NBA player Lorenzen Wright, Sherra Wright, was evicted from her Collierville, TN home.

The home is up for foreclosure and will be sold on the courthouse steps later this month.

According to neighbors, Sherra Wright and her 6 children moved into the home that she rented last November. The Wrights also have two other homes that fell into foreclosure, leaving Sherra Wright with a debt of $2.5 million.

Sherra Wright's attorney, Gail Mathes, says she is moving her kids to live with one of Lorenzen Wright's parents, Herb Wright, or Deborah Marion in Southeast Memphis.

Mathes says the children, especially the older boys, are having a hard time dealing with the death of their father and the allegations that their mother could be involved.

Mathes says, "They are trying to have privacy. The children are in a lot of pain. The more family support they have, the easier they will have it."

Sherra Wright has also taken her children out of their school.

Meanwhile, we now know what police were looking for when they conducted a search of the home last weekend.

Court documents show that police searched the home for paperwork on two guns that Wright was believed to own, as well as ammunition and cell phones.

The documents indicate Wright could have been shot with his own weapons because "shell casings of different calibers were recovered with Wright's body."

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According to a production source for Bravo network's popular Real Housewives of Atlanta series, both NeNe Leakes and Sheree Whitfield will soon be looking for new digs. That is because Bravo is footing the bill to lease both of the luxury homes that you see the ladies and their families enjoying on the show.

I'm told that AJC newspaper has done some research and will soon reveal the details of the lease agreements in an upcoming story in the paper. But remember where you read it first!

Industry insiders have been whispering about the temporary lease agreements all season. "Everyone wants to know if they're going to stay in the homes or be forced to move," said one industry insider.

It's no secret that the girls blew through their Bravo checks and are now complaining publicly that they have no money now that the show is going into syndication.

"NeNe is doing whatever she can to make ends meet," said the insider. "Her book isn't selling and her husband is out of work, so she's hurting right now." The insider said west coast promoters fly NeNe to LA to host events and put her up in fancy hotels. But she returns home broke.

If you recall, NeNe and her husband Greg Leakes were served with an eviction notice on their Duluth, GA house last September. They vacated the property in November of 2008.

Then before shooting was to begin on the second season, sources say Bravo took out a lease on a mansion for the Leakes who had moved into a small rental property.

Sources also say Bravo was forced to upgrade the living quarters for Sheree Whitfield and her two kids who were kicked out of the Sandy Springs mansion she once shared with her ex-husband, former NFL great, Bob Whitfield. The $2.4 million mansion sold for $1.1 million in foreclosure earlier this year, according to the

Whitfield wasn't specific about her new place in a phone interview with the AJC's Rodney Ho back in June. She said only that she had "downsized."