According to, a subsidiary of the conglomerate that owns the National Enquirer, Hollywood super couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are the victims of a vicious hoax.

Gossip tabloid In Touch Weekly cited an "inside source" who claimed the powerhouse couple were splitting up after 13 years of marriage. But ITW has reported wildly inaccurate rumors in the past.

"This is absolutely not true," a family member --who asked not to be identified – exclusively told Tuesday about the rumors that the couple had broken up.

“No way are they splitting up. They are totally together and are not separating," the family member said.

Meanwhile, a separate source that works very closely with Smith at his production company, Overbrook Entertainment, exclusively told “The rumors are not true. Not sure who the source was but they are wrong. All is good in their relationship.”

Reports that Will and Jada, the Hollywood powerhouse couple who have been married for 13 years, surfaced Tuesday and the report was quickly shot down by those close to them.

“They're happy and married still,” the family member said when asked about the rumored split.


According to In Touch Weekly, Hollywood super couple Will and Jada-Smith have announced their intent to separate after 13 years of marriage and two children together. This rumor should be taken with a grain of salt because In Touch Weekly is losing credibility with outrageous rumors in the past which turned out to be wrong.

But tongues are still wagging. And rumor has it that today's bombshell report (IF true) was probably brought on by the fact that one of their alleged sexual partners has decided to come forward with salacious details of their rumored sexual orgies over the years.

Rumors have circulated around the industry for years about the couple's taste for threesomes and foursomes. Rumors have abounded about Will Smith's alleged proclivity for intimacy with industry males.

Additionally, it has been rumored (and confirmed by at least one Atlanta socialite) that Jada allegedly prefers LSLH, or exotic looking industry females, and that she allegedly sends her people (more specifically, her hair stylist) to fetch her these professional industry women who might have something to lose if they should spill the beans to the media or blogs.

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The blogosphere is buzzing about the breakup of former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member Lisa Wu and her husband, former NFL player Ed Hartwell. Wu tweeted confirmation of the split on her Twitter account today.

But that didn't stop tongues from wagging about money troubles and infidelity being the leading causes of the breakup. Much of the gossip centers around who hunky Ed Hartwell is dating now. Atlanta's chronically single ladies are already plotting and setting their traps for Ed.

Unfortunately for them, Ed is working to reconcile with his former flame, Lisa, if only for the sake of his 3-year-old son EJ.

A source close to Lisa's camp tells us that Ed moved out of their home in June of this year -- but he didn't go far. Let's just say he lives nearby so he can maintain his relationship with his son.

Another family friend says rumors that Lisa is now dating actor Malcolm Jamal Warner, whom she's pictured with at the Bronner Brothers hair show this past weekend, are completely false.

Despite reports that Lisa Wu left Ed because of his shaky finances, they actually separated because people who are in love do eventually grow apart. That's life. Even if you are married for 5 years like Ed and Lisa were. "He was my soulmate," Lisa said to a family friend about the breakup. But the couple remain good friends and loving parents to their son.

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While some of the country was fixated on a wedding that is destined to end in divorce, U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama did nothing to diminish reports that their own marriage is on the rocks. For starters, the couple arrived on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts on Friday in separate jets -- sparking rumors of discord between the commander-in-chief and his wife. Then the media made much ado about this REUTERS photo showing Mrs. Obama icily shutting her husband out while listening to music on her iPod as they left their vacation home yesterday. It was one of the rare times the Obamas were seen together publicly on the well-to-do island.

What do you kids think of the Obamas' apparent marital problems?

(Photo by REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS)

According to a gossip blog that makes up half of its stories and gets the other half wrong, R&B singer Monica is supposedly pregnant with her 3rd child, and her husband Shannon Brown's 2nd.

Well, according to my snitch, who overheard something at lunch the other day, Monica is not pregnant again.

My spy, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he was dining at Busy Bee Cafe in Atlanta the other day when he noticed Monica and her mom at a nearby table.

My spy is not nosy, nor is he one to gossip, but he couldn't help but overhear Mo loudly denouncing the aforementioned gossip blog for making up yet another false rumor about her.

"She indicated that she was not pregnant again," said my source. He added that Mo and her mom, who recently celebrated her 60th birthday, were very kind to him.

Monica, 30, has two sons, Lil Rocko, 6, and Romelo, 4, with ex-boyfriend Rodney "Rocko" Hill Jr., 32. Brown, 25, has a 3-year-old son from a previous relationship.

Earlier this year, reported exclusively that Ne-Yo's baby mama, Monyetta Shaw, was pregnant with her and singer Ne-Yo's second child.

We're guessing Monyetta wasn't too thrilled that we broke the story, because every time she was asked if she was pregnant again, she emphatically denied it.

Well, last night at a Sister 2 Sister magazine event here in Atlanta, celebrity blogger Tami of spotted Monyetta selling her wares at a booth. Tami said to Mo point blank, "Let me know when you have your baby shower."

To which Monyetta responded, "What baby?" and looked off and up. (Do we detect a little attitude from Monyetta?)

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"Single Ladies" star LisaRaye, who is currently on tour in Italy (no doubt spending that "Single Ladies" cash), was forced to interrupt her vacation yesterday to respond to the backlash she received from Stacey Dash fans on Facebook.

As you know, there are unsubstantiated rumors circulating about Dash's abrupt termination from the popular VH1 show. LisaRaye posted this message to her Facebook wall:

As everyone know I am in Italy vacationing. I was just made aware of the lies that are being spread by Mediatakeout and other blogs that like to create false stories. I was not even aware that Stacy Dash had been fired from Single Ladies. Furthermore if she has been fired that is a network decision. I don't have the power to get her fired nor do I have any beef with her. Now im going to go continue enjoying my vacation!

Stacy Littlejohn, the show's principal writer and executive producer, also responded to the grilling on LisaRaye's Facebook:

LisaRaye is a very strong woman and we love her, but she does not have that kind of power, nor at any time did she seek to influence any casting decisions. Furthermore, no cast member of Single Ladies has the power to get another cast member fired. the 6th grade back-stabbing that LisaRaye's being accused of is completely the creation of uninformed, instigating internet gossip. Please don't buy into it. Let's just celebrate that we have a Season 2 coming!!!!

But why would anyone think LisaRaye had anything to do with Dash's dismissal from the show when LisaRaye is just a cast member herself? If people on Facebook are this dumb I'm glad I don't have a Facebook page.

Anyway, LisaRaye tweeted these photos from her vacation. Enjoy!

Photos: Twitter

Multimedia personality Lala Vasquez and her NBA star hubby Carmelo Anthony were seen leaving Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills, California last night. The two seemed chummy despite the rumors we've been hearing about La La's past coming back to haunt her. If you're planning on watching "La La's Full Court Life" when it premieres on August 22, pay close attention to the interactions between La La, her stud cousin, Dice, and Ciara. We'll talk more about that later.

Singer Kelly Rowland and her longtime manager/boyfriend, Tim Weatherspoon, joined La La and Carmelo for dinner at Matsuhisa restaurant last night. We see that Kelly loves her Chanel. Our paparazzi friends tell us that she warmly agreed to take photos by herself whilst walking to her car. But the astute paps have finally caught on that Kells and Weatherspoon are an item. So they snapped pics of Kelly and Tim in their car too. Can you tell who wears the pants in that relationship?

Photos: Splash News Online

Less than 24 hours after a shocking 911 call was released online, rapper Nicki Minaj performed live on 'Good Morning America' this morning. Minaj, 29, performed her hits "Moment 4 Life" and "Super Bass" on GMA.

No, anchor Robin Roberts did not ask Minaj about the alleged beatdown which occurred at an upscale Dallas hotel on July 11. The hotel's manager, who thought Nicki Minaj was a group, placed the call after Minaj's longtime boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, got physical with her near the pool area.

When troubled singer Chris Brown savaged Rihanna's face in 2009, other celebs stepped up to condemn his actions. Where are those voices of concern for Nicki who is clearly a victim of domestic abuse?

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A harrowing call made to 911 on the night that Nicki Minaj was assaulted proves that she lied when she said she didn't catch a beat down at the hands of her longtime boyfriend Safaree Samuels.

The incident occurred July 11 at a posh hotel in Dallas, Texas.

Samuels, 32, sounds like a lunatic in the background of the audio as he rages about his luggage. "Give me my luggage. I want my f*cking luggage!" he screams.

Nicki Minaj, 29, can be heard in the background screaming hysterically: "Look at my face! Look at my face! Look what he did to my face!"

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Artist manager and music executive Phillana Williams celebrated her birthday at Salon Millesime last night in New York City. As you know, Phillana started out as Ciara's manager. But before that she was an assistant at the now defunct LaFace Records in Atlanta. LaFace is responsible for establishing the careers of so many movers and shakers in the music industry! Many of whom came out last night to support Phillana!


Phillana's artist Miguel chose last night as a coming out of sorts for his longtime girlfriend (whose name is being withheld for now). Isn't she pretty? We're told that the two lovebirds have been together for some years now, and my inside sources ASSURED us that she IS his real girlfriend. So this ends all specualtion about Miguel's sexuality once and for all.

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