Odd Future singer/songwriter Frank Ocean made a powerful statement of courage and when he came flying out of the closet earlier this week. The 24-year-old music producer -- who is responsible for Beyonce's hit song "I Miss You" -- wrote a long, poignant letter on his Tumblr page describing his unrequited love for another man.

Some industry insiders believe Frank Ocean was struggling with his affections for fellow producer Kanye West. It's worth noting that the industry has rallied together with unflinching support for Ocean, but Kanye, who is Ocean's mentor, is surprisingly quiet.

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The industry is buzzing since word broke that Odd Future singer Frank Ocean came out of the closet. On Wednesday, the 24-year-old songwriter/producer confirmed the rumors with an achingly beautiful letter on his Tumblr page describing his passionate, unrequited love for another male.

The poignant letter contained enough hints for industry insiders to draw conclusions about who the male was. It was obvious to many that Frank's poetic prose was an open letter to someone in the music industry.

As we know, most celebrities are narcissistic; they tend to fall in love with other celebrities who they believe are on their level.

One loyal reader assembled the evidence which points directly to suspected down low music producer Kanye West. It's interesting that Kanye is the only person in Frank's circle who has not praised Ocean for coming out. Isn't Frank his protege?

Read the email after the break.

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In the 1990s, rumors ran rampant that a male homosexual rapper was running through other male rappers and R&B singers in the industry. Many of us speculated who the infamous "gay rapper" was. We had our ideas but nothing was ever confirmed.

Nowadays it's easier for gay rappers to live and love openly thanks to prominent gays in the media who promote gay tolerance.

On the same day that CNN anchor Anderson Cooper revealed his homosexuality, Odd Future fans learned that Frank Ocean was also gay. The clean-cut Odd Future rapper reportedly admits to loving hard legs in at least 3 songs on his new album.

Ocean is the 2nd openly gay member of the alternative collective group. Odd Future rapper Syd the Kid lives openly as a lesbian. And troubled Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator is rumored to be down low gay.

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These pictures of Monica Brown and Taraji P. Henson at the 2012 BET Awards circulated widely on Twitter.com last night, as users assumed singer Monica Brown was shading the actress when she walked behind her on the red carpet.

But ask yourself, why on earth would Monica throw shade at Taraji? That is not even Monica's style.


Monica tweeted this earlier today on Twitter.com:

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Beyonce was not having it when word reached her ears that BET's staff planned to seat her right next to Silicone Queen Kim Kardasian at the 2012 BET Awards on Sunday.

Actually, the staff in charge of the seating arrangements for the awards was the production company hired by BET. But Beyonce is reportedly tired of Kim and her mother, Kris Jenner, using her for cheap publicity.

My well-connected source on the west coast got herself a coveted volunteer position with said production company -- and she couldn't wait to text me with the TEA!

Among my source's various duties was escorting celebrities to their seats. She told me she wasn't Bey's escort yesterday, but she was close enough to the action to overhear Beyonce telling husband Jay Z (through clenched teeth) "I am NOT sitting next to her."

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Some of us wondered aloud if Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars MiMi Faust and Stevie J really had a 2-year-old daughter. MiMi posted several pics of the adorable toddler on her Twitter page, proving that little Eva Giselle Jordan does indeed exist.

As for MiMi's tumultuous, 15-year relationship with Stevie -- MiMi is adamant: "I put my #FamilyFirst! Everything else is secondary," she wrote in the caption under the above photo on Instagram.

MiMi, who cleans celebrity homes for a living, is a strong, independent woman who doesn't rely on a man to validate her as a woman!

See MiMi and Stevie's daughter Eva after the break!

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In the intro of the new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality series, narrater Mona Scott-Young says Mimi Faust and her baby daddy, Stevie J, have been together for 15 years. But Mona leaves out a lot in that brief intro. Such as the fact that Mimi and the veteran music producer have an open, revolving door relationship.

Rumor has it that Stevie J has had multiple relationships over the past 15 years with women and men. He once dated rapper Eve and he was engaged to Whoopi Goldberg's daughter in 2008.

Mimi recently sat down with the Jasmine Brand to clear up her open relationship with Stevie, and other rumors.

Mimi, who cleans celebrity homes for a living, stressed that she and Stevie were not together each time he stepped out on her.

On how long she and Stevie have been together and if they were together while he dated rapper/actress Eve:

MIMI: "We have known each other for 15 years, we have had a born again, off again relationship and I really wanted to clear that up… When Stevie was in other relationships, we absolutely were not together."

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Singer Chris Brown's longtime girlfriend Karrueche Tran laughed off rumors that her man was fighting with Emo rapper Drake over Brown's ex-girlfriend, Rihanna.

Karrueche was with Brown, 23, at the WiP nightclub in the basement of Greenhouse nightclub in NYC when the brawl erupted Wednesday night.

Karrueche was seen laughing and smiling Thursday morning as she strolled outside a New York City hotel with Brown's lesbun assistant. The 24-year-old part-time model wore light grey leggings with a white printed T-shirt and red throwback Air Jordans.

Chris reportedly ran to the cops yesterday with evidence that Drake and his Canadian mafia sparked the brawl by throwing a bottle in the general direction of Brown's head. Brown plans to press charges against Drake.

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A loyal reader who begged to remain anonymous writes:

Hi sandra,
I have solid proof that "Joseline Hernandez" of 'Love Hip Hop Atlanta' was born a man. "Joe" and I went to the same high school. Attached is a photo scan of his HS yearbook picture before the surgeries. (Please don't publish his pic!) I was close to him in high school. Here is my contact info. Let's talk. [Contact info removed]

Photos: Kingsmen Media

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If you're a Twitter user you may have heard of the drama between noted author Kola Boof, Kimora Lee and her soon-to-be ex-husband Djimon Hounsou.

Ms. Boof, whose claim to fame is she once slept with Osama bin Laden, claims Djimon blew her back out, but Djimon says he's never met the woman.

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