NFL star and "Dancing with the Stars" alum Chad Ochocinco, 33, and his "fiancee" Evelyn Lozada, 41, of "Basketball Wives" are seen vacationing in Miami Beach, Florida where they drink wine and listen to music. Chad never fails to grab the spotlight whenever the paparazzi are around. Isn't he romantic?

This particular picture is certain to fuel the down low gay rumors that have plagued the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, even though he has 4 kids and one rumored to be on the way with a 19-year-old groupie. Chad and Evelyn skipped the flashing lights and glamour of the rainy NBA All-Star weekend in LA for a little fun and relaxation in Miami where everybody knows their names.


By now everyone knows (or should know) that season 3 of the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ was a complete sham!

Most of the fraudulent details are already known to you: that Greg and NeNe Leakes were (allegedly) told by the show's producers to fake their marriage problems; that season 3 newcomer Phaedra Parks, a local celebrity attorney (in good standing until now), was forced to admit that her "character" was fake to save her law practice; that the supper club that known con artist Peter Thomas allegedly ran was ALREADY SHUT DOWN even before season 3 started filming, and that the club was reopened just to shoot several key scenes leading up to Cynthia and Peter's wedding (which was all paid for by the show's producers); that season 2 cast member Lisa Wu walked away from the show (with her dignity intact) rather than comply with the producers' request to pretend her marriage to Ed was in shambles (good for her!); and that cast member Kandi Burruss (who is in REAL GOOD with one of the show's producers) agreed to wear that ratty raccoon wig on her head all season just for laughs -- that never exactly materialized.

All in all, the third season of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ was an undignified mess -- a train wreck that left the track even before the season premiered. It will be difficult for the show's producers to top the lack of entertainment, the lack of drama or the boring scripts from this season. Will be there a fourth season? It's highly doubtful, but a key element is the fact that Kim Zolciak is pregnant. No doubt if the show tanks, there will likely be a spin-off featuring Kim and her bastard spawn.

Here's the AJC's Rodney Ho's recap of last night's 90-minute finale, in case you missed it:

Cynthia is talking to her sister about her dire financial situation. They can’t pay the $3,000 guarantee for the bar at the Fernbank Museum, the site of the wedding. She doesn’t have the cash because it all went into the Uptown Restaurant & Lounge Peter had just closed. Her dad can’t give her the money but her mom eventually bails her out.

It’s the morning of Cynthia’s wedding and she looks like she’s ready to go to her funeral. With just nine hours before her weddings, Cytnahis takes a walk by herself to clear her head.

(As a commercial break approaches, the camera guy points to a STOP sign. Subtle!)

Cynthia’ s mom Barbara finds her and expresses doubts. “I don’t like the way he handles his business,” she says. “I did it and see where it got me.” She said she feels Peter is abusing her financially. Cynthia keeps making excuses. “It breaks my heart,” Barbara says. “He needs to take care of you and Noelle.”

But it’s clear Cynthia wants to keep going.

Although I don't believe this story at all, it does illustrate the lengths that attention whores will go to keep their names in the news. We already know that rapper 50 Cent and comedienne Chelsea Handler's "relationship" was a publicity stunt, since Chelsea is a closet racist.

The only reason this is in the blogs is because Chelsea is supposedly dating wealthy real estate developer Andre Balazs.

According to reports that a source said Handler, 35, dumped 50 Cent just before the holidays, leaving the 35-year-old rapper "heartbroken."

The source said 50 Cent was determined to win her back and, "spent Christmas sending her gifts, but she sent them back. She put a note on one that said, 'I can buy my own gifts.'"

Nicki Minaj, 26, swapped out her cotton candy bird's nest wig for a platinum blond lacefront before leaving her hotel for a couple of planned appearances at 2 nightclubs in London early this morning while we slept.

NFL player Chad Ochocinco was pictured with Evelyn Lozada ("Basketball Wives") before celebrating his 33rd birthday at Prime 112 Restaurant and later Mansion Nightclub, both in Miami Beach, Florida. Chad and Evelyn, 41, continue their charade of pretending she is his fiancee so they can get a spin-off reality show. Everybody, except the clueless, knows that theirs is a fake relationship. I could go into more details, but I won't because they bore me. LOVE her shoes though!

Rapper Trina, 32, joined Chad and Evelyn, and a host of hangers ons at Prime 112 Restaurant on South Beach to celebrate Chad's 33rd birthday. Trina is tight, but she will have to drop about 10 lbs if she hopes to retain her title as the Baddest Bish in Hip Hop.

Photos: Splash News Online

Just when you think troubled 35-year-old rapper 50 Cent can't get any more stupid than he already is -- he outdoes himself.

Earlier this week, Twitter was abuzz with the news that Curtis Jackson made an instant $8.7 million in the stock market by urging his Twitter followers to buy shares of penny stock that he owned.

“You can double your money right now. Just get what you can afford” Fiddy tweeted. “They are no joke get in now,” he added.

Jackson reportedly received 30 million shares of H&H stock in a private placement last October. H&H closed at 39 cents on Monday, up 29 cents, netting Jackson’s shares the aforementioned $8.7 million.

But is it really that easy to rake in millions of dollars on the stock market? Of course not. If it were that easy then stock brokers would jump on Twitter giving insider advice to their followers.

According to the SEC website, a broker or investor will spark a federal investigation into their stock trades if they are caught using artificial means to manipulate or raise the price of their stock.

It is likely that Fiddy will never see a penny of that cash. He hurriedly erased all of his tweets, sending his stock plummeting. But it doesn't matter. I'm sure the feds have all the evidence they need to pursue an investigation.

Maybe 50 Cent should have consulted with his BFF, Martha Stewart, who was convicted of lying about insider trading in 2004.

Source: GOT

Beyone's mom Tina Knowles appeared on 'The Ellen Show' yesterday to hawk her clothing line. She also took the opportunity to deny rampant rumors that her daughter is once again pregnant by Jay Z.

"The truth is that it's not Beyonce that's pregnant, it's me," Knowles joked. "I'm kidding y'all. I'm 56. No, it's not true" she said in reference to the rumor that seems to pop up whenever someone in the Knowles family has something to promote, such as an album or clothing line.

US Weekly broke the fake news yesterday on its website. The magazine (probably with the blessings of the Knowles) manufactured a blatant lie, and even added an old quote from Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles to add legitimacy.

Every reliable major news outlet picked up the story and reported on it as fact, because US Weekly was once considered a legitimate news source.

"With all the rumors, I should have about 5 or 6 grandchildren by now," said Knowles. The segment will air today. Check your local listings for times.

Video source:

According to, Beyonce is not pregnant for the 20th time with Jay Z's 2nd child, as reported first by US Weekly magazine this morning. Are some magazines that desperate sell issues?

Beyonce pregnant report with Jay-Z false. A pregnant story about Beyonce and how her and Jay-Z are expecting their first child is false. Sources say Beyonce is not pregnant and that the report is totally "misleading and false."

It's a shame that there are so many mistrusted Web sites that report such inaccuracy in an attempt to get traffic on the Internet. We've seen these pregnant rumors before. They have been fabricated time and time again.

Sources close to the couple say Beyonce "is not planning to have a baby anytime soon." There is truth that the singer does want to have children. When that happens, we'll be on it like hotcakes on the griddle.

Thanks to loyal reader Nancy S. for the tip!

For the past few days, the Internets have been buzzing with reports of an alleged relationship between comedians 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler.

Yes, I know that at one point in time 50 Cent was a rapper, but he's not anymore. Or at least he's not being being taken seriously as a rapper anymore.

Yesterday, media whore Chelsea tweeted this disclaimer on her Twitter page.

Either 50 Cent is slowly losing his mind or it's already gone. His bizarre behavior on the online social network, is one indication of that. Another indication is his penchant for ridiculous publicity stunts.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that their alleged romance was bullsh*t.

Aside from the fact that Chelsea doesn't come across as the sort of woman who would even date a black guy, isn't she a lesbian?

All you had to do was look at the past history of the perpetrators and you would know if they were capable of pulling stunts.

I have to chuckle at the bloggers who fell for this ruse. I'm glad I didn't entertain the foolishness. If you don't see it on my blog, it means one of 2 things: either it's not true, or I don't care about it.

Click link to read more

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Troubled producer Kanye West continues his quest to return to relevancy status in the eyes of music consumers.

After joining Twitter in typical grandstanding fashion, Kanye announced that he would start giving away his wack music for free in a concept called "G.O.O.D. Fridays". But we knew that was just a publicity stunt that wouldn't last (who gives away free music?)

This morning - after leaking an unfinished copy of his own track "Lost in the World", Kanye announced -- in typical grandstanding fashion -- that he would end his "G.O.O.D. Fridays" giveaways just 3 weeks after its inception. Kanye is so predictable.

Anyway, after leaking his own track, Kanye took to his Twitter page to blame a "hacker" for the leak:

Due to blogs leaking unfinished songs from my actual album I've decided to pass on Good Fridays this week.

It's messed up that one hacker can mess everything up for everyone... I love to take a year to finish my songs and deliver them to you guys in their most completed form. It would have seemed like since I give free music every week even the lowest form of human being would respect that enough not to leak unfinished songs from my real album. [link]

If Kanye's album sounds like "Lost In The World", he might as well cancel the whole album because it will flop.

Thanks to loyal reader LaShonda Matlock for the tip!

Troubled singer chris brown is in hot water for stealing the beat of another track for his own club single "Yeah 3x".

Calvin Harris was stunned to hear the similarities between his single "I'm Not Alone" and brown's club-tinged song off his upcoming “F.A.M.E.” (Forgiving All My Enemies) album.

Over the weekend, the Scottish musician took to his Twitter page to complain about brown hijacking his beat:

He has every right to be pissed: brown's synthesized beat and Harris' are nearly identical. Though the track was produced by a DJ, it behooves chris brown and his label to make sure the music is free and clear of samples or rights.

Harris plans to take legal action against brown and his record label.

Listen to chris brown's "Yeah 3X":

Now here is Calvin's version (jump ahead to the 0:44 second mark to hear the similarities in the two tracks):

*Loyal reader Barbie Jones writes:

It’s time for Frank Ski to resign.

He’s too emotionally invested in the scandal that is the Bishop Eddie Long/New Birth Missionary Baptist Church lawsuit.

He, Nina Brown, and everyone else are entitled to their opinion, but the “People’s Station” cannot be used for their biased lecturing.

Frank Ski admitted that he was biased in this instance.

Remember someone named Carol Blackman? When controversy courted her too closely, she was gone from the Morning Show.

The Morning Show is bigger than one or two people. Frank has demonstrated today that he is biased, troubled, and worried all for Bishop Eddie Long.

He’s not shown concern for the youths, yet he is a purported “child advocate.” It’s a horrible stance that he’s chosen to take, so publicly and so adamantly.

While the details of the case are made known, and while the legal wheels are turning, Mr. Ski needs to recuse himself.

What about the youth? What about the good of the community versus standing in blind faith for wrong?

Frank Ski has a dog in this fight. As such, he needs to do his “shot calling” from another podium.
Let the People’s Station return to honor.

Here’s a suggestion: Ryan Cameron and _____in Morning!

I assure you that I’m not alone in my thinking and a petition will be in the works.

*email was edited for length

The above is the author's personal opinion and is not the opinion or views of Sandra Rose or her advertisers, affiliates and associated companies.

After launching an intense manhunt for a crazed black woman who threw acid in a Vancouver woman's face, police announced the "victim" admitted she made the whole thing up.

"She is extremely upset and very remorseful," said police Cmdr. Marla Schuman. "In many ways, this just got bigger than she expected."

"It seems clear to everyone that we have a person here who is in a fragile mental state," she added.

Bethany Storro's story made worldwide headlines after she reported an apparently random acid attack on Aug. 30. Storro told police a black woman carrying a styrofoam cup approached her as she was getting into her car, and said, “Hey, pretty girl, want something to drink?”

When she declined, Storro said the woman threw a caustic substance from the cup into her face. Storro was treated for 2nd degree burns to her face. Days later she bravely held a press conference in the hospital with her face swathed in bandages, and her parents by her side.

Storro credited her last minute decision to wear sunglasses with saving her eyesight.

But it was that small detail that left investigators baffled: the attack allegedly occurred at 7:40 at night.

Detectives said they began to suspect a hoax after other aspects of the case just didn't add up. For instance, investigators looked at the splash pattern of the acid, and the fact that the acid didn't run down her neck.

The case turned when Storro's story continued to change. On Thursday, Vancouver police served a search warrant on the residence where Storro was staying. They declined to say what they recovered inside the home.

The alleged race of the attacker sparked a barrage of racist comments on newspaper message boards all over the country. Some message boards were shut down due to the violent content of the comments.

Police don't believe Storro's parents knew the attack was a hoax. But they should have informed police that their daughter had a history of mental problems.

"They've been fully cooperative with us today," Schuman said.

Clark County Senior Deputy Prosecutor John Fairgrieve said once their investigation is complete the case will go to the prosecutor. Charges could include making a false or misleading statement to a police officer, a gross misdemeanor that's punishable by a maximum of one year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Storro's mental health will be taken into consideration, Fairgrieve said.


Yes, men can be gold diggers too as evidenced by Leicester Stovell's lawsuit against NBA star LeBron James. Stovell filed his lawsuit in June alleging he met James' mother, Gloria, in a Washington bar in 1984, when she would have been 15 or 16 years old.

He claims he had sex with the minor child only once, and that she contacted him months later to inform him that she was pregnant. Stovell, who is an attorney, said she told him she would name their child LeBron, a combination of Leicester Bryce -- Stovell's first and middle names.

But on Monday (Aug. 30) Gloria filed a counter suit against Stovell seeking to dismiss his frivolous lawsuit on the grounds that a DNA test proved he is not the father.

Stovell claims LeBron, Gloria and Santa's elves tampered with the DNA test so it would show a false negative. Stovell is demanding millions in compensation for the loss of a relationship with a son that he couldn't care less about even though he -- allegedly -- was informed of the child's existence.

He claims he has been trying for three years to establish paternity, which he hopes would lead to "financial and commercial opportunities."

But in a legal filing on Monday, James' team of attorneys, Frederick Nance and John Burlingame, scoffed at Stovell's demands, saying he is a gold digger (not in those exact words).

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Ever since pop icon Michael Jackson died of heart and respiratory failure last year, a number of opportunists, con artists and just plain weirdos have piled out of the woodwork laying a claim to his fortune.

According to TMZ, the latest nut job to surface is a woman named Mocienne Petit Jackson, who claims she was conceived by Michael while he was still a minor. Normally I wouldn't waste any computer pixels on this type of nonsense, but her claims were at least partially legitimized by a California judge who gave the go ahead for a DNA test to confirm the paternity!

I can see why the judge would order a DNA test: < SARCASM>doesn't Mocienne bare a striking resemblance to Michael?< /SARCASM>

Is it just me, or is the lovely Janet Jackson aging rapidly before our very eyes? It seemed like Janet was sipping from the fountain of youth. What happened? Janet was spotted hiding behind her bodyguards while arriving on the set of Tyler Perry's latest film, 'For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf', in NYC yesterday.

We know in our heart of hearts that music producer The Dream is lying about his failed marriage to pseudo-singer Christina Milian. We know that they concocted their break-up story to help boost the poor sales of his album, Love King, because just last month she was helping to promote his album on Twitter.

Christina was recently spotted out & about with the couple's baby daughter, Violet. That sly smile on Christina's face says it all.

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I knew it. When Abby Sunderland's "missing at sea" drama began to unfold last week, I turned to a friend and said, "watch this turn out to be a publicity stunt."

It had all the markings of a made-for-tv stunt similar to the balloon boy debacle: a pretty blond teenager goes missing after weeks at sea alone. Presumably her sail boat overturned and the nearest rescuer was 400 miles away. She was at risk of being eaten alive by sharks or raped by pirates.

Yet there were her parents eagerly holding press conferences and giving sound bites to any media entity with a camera.

Then the next day we learned that 16-year-old Abby was safe -- and by the way, her father Laurent Sunderland signed a reality TV deal months ago. The reality TV show is titled "Adventures in Sunderland."

The reality show will follow the adventures of the Sunderland family, shipbuilder Laurence Sunderland and mother/teacher Marianne who home schools Abby and her 6 siblings (four of them teenagers).

Then there's a second reality show n the works, which hasn't been picked up yet, titled "Abby's Journey." There's a third reality show called "Solo Dreams," which also hasn't been picked up yet. "Solo Dreams" follows the story of 16-year-old Abby Sunderland and another teenager who has embarked on a dangerous around the world voyage alone.

Oh, and Marianne, Abby's mom, who already has 7 children, is pregnant again. Maybe the couple can wrangle a fourth reality show contract for baby Sunderland's solo sea journey in diapers.

Thanks to loyal reader Angela T. for the tip!

Normally, I don't post emails like this one (and trust me, I get a lot of them). But I had to post this email because it had me cracking up! No disrespect to the ladies who fell for this man's games, but come on. How desperate do you have to be to believe that a man you just met at a nightclub is going to buy you a car before he's even gotten to 1st base with you?


We must expose this man. He is running around Atlanta saying he is the head surgon at Emory and he's been doing this for a long time. I found him on after he decided to claim he was buying me a Audi for my brithday. He's a regular liar! Please expose him, I am scared he will do this to a little young girl and hurt her! I am going to send you text messages from him as well if you want! I have a string of emails too!

Here's a link to his profile on in case you meet this dude in the clubs.

There are several profiles on this man but I wanted to create one that would come up in any search since I didnt see them at first when I looked him up on the net. Things didn't add up really early on but I couldn't believe that someone would lie to this extent. Just like some of the girls on here have said, he lied to me about being a doctor, he asked to marry me... he even gave me a ring and a bracelet (BOTH FAKE) and said he got them from Tiffany's. He wore scrubs almost every time I saw him. He would always want to come here but never wanted me to see his house... HE DOESN'T HAVE ONE! When I got a call from the woman who he lived with (who was paying his phone bill by the way) she told me that when she met him he was sleeping on his brother's couch. Everything he said was a lie, there is no money, no country club membership, no hard luck sob story about growing up without parents - who lies and says things like that about their parents, his mom is alive and well and still supporting him. He even lied about his age. He didnt go to Morehouse or Hopkins - women please be careful this man isnt a doctor HE NEEDS A DOCTOR!!! Another woman made a photo bucket with pictures of him Liar/ his email address is and some address about orthopedics but HE IS NOT A SURGEON

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Last night the Democrats rammed through a historic landmark health care bill that included sweeping reforms in health insurance. While some say health care reform was needed, this bill will take four years just to put a dent in the problems plaguing the health care system. In the end, this bill will not be a fix, and America still does not have free health care.

Here is what this bill means to you in a nutshell:

  • No free health care
  • Insurance premiums will rise astronomically to cover the uninsured
  • Insurance companies will go out of business throwing hundreds of thousands of people out of work
  • The bill includes more taxes for those making $250,000+ per year (the people who hired you and will now lay you off)
  • Insurance coverage expanded to 32 million people who will be forced to pay their own premiums
  • $500 billion in Medicare cuts means more doctors will drop Medicare patients

In anticipation of this bill passing, the giant drug store chain Walgreens has already announced its decision to stop taking Medicare patients. And other chains have already dropped Medicare patients. This won't mean anything to you if you don't have elderly parents or grandparents who will have a more diffcult time finding a doctor who will take them.

  • By 2014, everyone must purchase health insurance or face a (minimum) $695 annual fine.

Remember when you got laid off and you were offered Cobra coverage that you declined because you couldn't afford it? Well, now you will be forced to pay for insurance whether you can afford it or not. If you don't pay, you face that aforementioned fine and/or jail time. Aren't you anxious to see what your new premiums are going to be?

In addition to paying for car insurance (if you own a car), you will now have to pay for health insurance. If you can't afford to pay the premiums, you are eligible for subsidies (as long as your income is at poverty level)-- but even then, you will still have to pay something. Whereas, before this legislation was passed, you didn't have to pay anything if you didn't want to.

  • Six months after the bill is signed into law, insurance companies can no longer deny children coverage based on a preexisting condition.
  • Starting in 2014, insurance companies cannot deny coverage to anyone with preexisting conditions.

  • Insurance companies must allow children to stay on their parent's insurance plans through age 26.

What they don't tell you is that there is no cap on the premiums that insurance companies will charge you for a preexisting condition. Yes, you will now be covered for a preexisting condition, but your premiums will be sky high. But I guess paying $1,500+ per month in premiums is better than paying nothing, right?

Illegal immigrants are exempt from paying for health insurance. Which means they will continue to be a burden on the emergency health care system. And guess who pays for their medical care now?

  • This bill closes the Medicare prescription drug "donut hole" by 2020. Seniors who hit the donut hole by 2010 will receive a $250 rebate.
  • Beginning in 2011, seniors in the gap will receive a 50 percent discount on brand name drugs. The bill also includes $500 billion in Medicare cuts over the next decade.

And please don't think that this bill lowers your current premiums. In reality, your premiums will rise so the insurance companies can still make a profit. Insurance companies are operating at a 4% profit margin. Compare that to Coca Cola which operates at 19% profit margin (quadruple what insurance companies make).

With such a hit to their bottom line profit margin, more insurance companies will go out of business. Millions will be left without insurance, which is where the government will step in.

If you think the insurance companies are bad, wait until you have to deal with government workers to get approval for your surgery or treatments!

Meanwhile, the illegal immigrants (who can't get insurance) will continue flooding emergency rooms around the country. And when Obama signs that amnesty bill for illegal immigrants, I hope you welcome them with open arms since your insurance premiums will be paying for their care)..

Instead of the states eating the cost for indigent medical care -- the costs will be passed down to YOU in the form of high premiums that you will be forced to pay.

This is the Hope and Change you wanted!

Source: CBS

Rap mugul Jay Z, real name Shawn Carter, is having trouble finding tax shelters to hide his cash. Every business he has owned or been a part of has either shut down or is running in the red. So when a group of NY "investors" approached the lyricist about an idea to invest in a NYC casino and slot machines, Jay Z jumped at the chance.

But, according to ContactMusic, the Jigga man pulled his investment after NY gaming officials apprised him of new rules which will force all the investors to submit comprehensive records on their own finances, and those of their spouses.

According to insiders, the new rule was created specifically for Jigga and his bridezilla, Beyonce as part of an ongoing undercover probe into the couple's shady financial dealings.

The order would have meant Jay Z and his wife Beyonce would have to turn over their income records to the state. And with Beyonce already under investigation for racketeering and other federal charges, Jay Z didn't want to risk the state getting wind of any of his and Bey's crooked dealings.

But once the state comes sniffing around your finances, they usually don't back off. If they don't get him now they will get him later.

Club promoters around the country are buzzing about pseudo-celebrity Amber Rose. They say the former stripper who gained fame as rapper Kanye West's girlfriend, acts like she's a rock star commanding $5,000 a pop to make appearances at nightclubs.

But promoters are onto her gimmicks which usually begins after she secures a down payment. They say with deposit in hand, she often jacks her rates higher or demands extra plane tickets to fly in her lesbun friends. A promoter said the last time Amber was in town, she agreed to make an appearance at his Doraville nightclub. But when Amber pulled up outside the club at the appointed hour, she refused to go inside until the promoter paid her more loot.

Another local promoter said Amber was paid a deposit to appear at an Atlanta nightclub this past weekend. But instead of showing up as contractually agreed, she flew to LA to attend an Oscar after party.

Last night, when Amber showed up at another paid gig, the salty sometime model promptly threw a b*tch fit when the promoter told her she wasn't getting the rest of her money since she ddn't show up for the previous night's gig. Apparently, this is her M.O. because she thinks she's a superstar.

Witnesses said Amber had 3 big bodyguards with her when she approached the promoter screaming, "Where's my money?". But the promoter stood firm, telling the trick that she owed him an hour and if she didn't stay for the full hour, she wouldn't get paid.

I'm told Amber stayed for the full hour, taking pictures and dancing with club patrons before leaving to go to a lesbun club across town with her friends.

Photo by Prince Williams/

I see you rolling your eyes. But trust me, this story shows the depths that Mathew Knowles will go to pull the wool over our eyes for his spoiled daughter, Beyonce. The acorn doesn't roll far from the tree. You can see where Bey gets her dishonesty and evil spirit from:

Producer Rob Fusar, who has worked with the likes of Lady GaGa, Britney Spears and Will Smith, is furious that Beyonce took credit for composing "Bootylicious".

Fusari tells Billboard magazine, "I came up with the idea to build a track using the guitar riff from Stevie Nicks' Edge of Seventeen.

"I figured I'd put the guitar loop on there temporarily, and later go into the studio with a guitar and replay it, because I'd learned, after sampling Stevie Wonder's I Wish for Will Smith's Wild Wild West, that I didn't want to lose 50 per cent of the publishing (royalties). I vividly remember telling Mathew Knowles, 'Mathew, you got to book me into your studio and let me replay that riff.'

"He didn't want to do it. So 50 percent got cut for one note. That whole experience was bittersweet for me.

"I remember watching Barbara Walters interview Beyonce about Bootylicious, and she told Barbara about how she came up with the idea for the track."

Fusari, who went on to help Lady Gaga launch her pop career, insists he was brushed off when he complained about the interview, adding, "I called Mathew - which was a big mistake; I got emotional, and I apologised after - but I called Mathew and said, 'Mathew, like, why?' He explained to me, in a nice way, he said, 'People don't want to hear about Rob Fusari, producer from Livingston, N.J. No offence, but that's not what sells records. What sells records is people believing that the artist is everything.' And I'm like, 'Yeah, I know, Mathew. I understand the game. But come on, I'm trying too. I'm a squirrel trying to get a nut, too.'" Read More...

Thanks to loyal reader Kalendria for the tip!

The year is not even 6 weeks old and Beyonce has already been hit with two major lawsuits!

It seems that Beyonce and her mother Celestine Beyince are being accused of racketeering (a federal offense) and attempting to undercut a Hong Kong company on the price of House of Dereon goods.

Bey and Tina are accused of costing apparel maker Vier International $500,000 in shady deals with the Asian company. According to legal papers filed in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, New York on Monday (Feb. 1), Vier International owners claim executives at a NY based company (owned by Bey and Tina) and House of Dereon, conspired to order shipments of goods from Vier Int. at bargain basement prices. The goods were then "converted" to House of Dereon pieces and sold at higher prices.

According to fashion bible WWD, Bey and Tina purchased cheap garments from the Asian company but requested "manufacturer specifications" so that the garments would not need altering before going to market.

Vier International is seeking the $500,000 they lost in the shady deals with Beyonce and the two companies she has ties to or owns. Vier Int. also filed a claim under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), the same law used in most Mafia prosecutions.

A RICO conviction carries with it a stiff fine and possible prison time.

Source: Hello Beautiful

Singers Rihanna, Maxwell and Wyclef Jean appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show today to talk about relief efforts in Haiti after the devastating earthquake.

As usual, Wyclef Jean tried to make the show all about him, saying, "I'm from Haiti. I'm willing to go to Haiti. I need a task force and if they put me in charge of the airport with the U.S. I can help facilitate... get the stuff to the people."

Why would the U.S. put Wyclef in charge of anything when he couldn't even run his own charity organization, Yele Haiti?

After witnessing him demoralize and put down former Fugees lead singer Lauren Hill right in front of me back in 1996, I have a very low regard for Wyclef (as I do for all narcissists). He thinks everything is about him.

Rihanna and Maxwell performed their singles "Redemption Song" and "Fistful of Tears" which are now available for download on, iTunes and the artists' websites.


I'm sure most of you have seen this already. I was out & about last night so I missed the latest update on this story. But as many of us suspected, this story was bogus right from the start.

I think most of us bloggers acted irresponsibly in our handling of this story. This is a classic case of jumping the gun before we got all of our ducks in a row. It illustrates the importance of not relying on blogs for your news.

When an industry cat called me about this story on Wednesday, the last thing he said to me was, "make sure you do your research before you post this." But like a dummy, I didn't listen to him.

I missed major red flags right from the start. Such as the fact that the source was a random, anonymous chick on Twitter(!). The supposedly "sealed" court documents that she posted online were incomplete and missing vital information such as a docket # and the jurisdiction/courts where the papers were filed in.

If this story was legit, she would have gone mainstream with it. And to use the excuse that the mainstream media didn't pick up on this story because they're not aware of who Pretty Ricky or Pleasure P are, is ridiculous.

I've seen the media get worked up over lesser known urban artists than them!

The reality is that media outlets like and used caution and common sense in not running with a with a totally unsubstantiated story that had the potential to ruin lives and careers.

Here's Pleasure P's official statement that was posted on Atlantic Records website yesterday:

The following statement was issued by Marcus Cooper p/k/a Pleasure P through his attorney Robert Meloni, Meloni & McCaffrey, P.C., [Contact info removed].

"All of the recent rumors and accusations that are being circulated about me are 100% false. They are disgusting and vile; and they are being spread by individuals with their own sick agendas. The purported documents that are also being circulated are forgeries. I have never met or known anyone by the name of "AGoldstein" or Laura Goldstein or Ashley Goldstein, which I believe are fictitious names. I have never been represented by an attorney named Goldstein. For someone to go to such depths to assassinate my character and slander my good name is truly criminal. My attorneys are investigating this matter and will take all necessary and appropriate action to protect my name and reputation."

Kudos to loyal reader BlackBarbie404 for the tip!

Let's see, Obama has thrown friends, politicians and an artist under his bus wheels. Now he's throwing daughter Malia under the bus for getting a C- on a science test. The 11-year-old scored a 73 on a science test. Obama claimed he was using Malia's grade as a teaching moment.

That's a narcissist for you to use his own daughter or political reasons. How humiliating for the poor child.

After the break: Obama throws a black artist under the bus...

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A video posted on urban blogs all over the Internet yesterday purported to show old skool rapper-turned-Minister Ma$e 'bum rushing' his boss Sean Combs inside an Atlanta radio station last week.

The video shows struggling rapper Ma$e demanding his walking papers from the Bad Boy Records' CEO after bursting into the Ryan Cameron Show at V-103 while Sean Combs was live on the air.

The only problem is, none of the above is true -- and the implications of that video has rankled at least one higher up at the station who uncharacteristically reached out to via email yesterday.

The email was short, but sweet and straight to the point: the whole thing was staged by Diddy, Ma$e and a heretofore unknown blog called

The gist of the email, which I published below, is that no celebrity has ever been nor will ever be 'bum rushed' on The Ryan Cameron Show.

I called this a PR stunt yesterday and it feels good to be right again.

Here's the email:

Thank you... For being smart enough to know that nobody bum rushed anything on ryan's show and these fools just want site hits! [Ryan Cameron] told him when to come on

The insider, who asked to remain anonymous, indicates clearly in his email that Ryan knew about the stunt and even told Ma$e what time to enter the studio.

Why am I not surprised that yet another Barack Obama associate turns out to be a liar and a cheat?

According to online reports, Shephard Fairey, the artist who created the iconic Obama 'Hope' posters, has now admitted to lying about the original image he used to recreate the artwork.

The Associated Press, which owns the rights to the photo that Fairey used to create the artwork, sued Fairey for violating its copyrights by marketing an exact replica of a close up headshot of Obama.

The headshot was snapped by AP photographer Mannie Garcia in 2006 at the National Press Club in Washington when Obama was still an Illinois Senator.

Fairey sued the AP earlier this year, arguing that he used a different image of Obama, taken by the same AP photographer at the same event. He claimed that his use of the copyrighted work was protected under the "Fair Use" doctrine, which states that a portion of a copyrighted work can be reproduced for the purposes of news reporting or criticism, etc.

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In what will probably turn out to be one of the biggest hoaxes played out on national TV, the 6-year-old boy believed to hve taken off inside a homemade balloon spilled the beans on CNN last night and confirmed everyone's suspicions that the whole thing was a hoax.

I knew when little Falcon Heene busted his parents on CNN that something was going to happen to him in that home last night.

It's obvious that the parents are psychos who will do anything for television exposure. So it's not a stretch of the imagination to assume that they would threaten the child, or at least slip him something to keep him quiet for the next round of television interviews.

Children don't just hurl their breakfast for no reason. The father looks mentally disturbed and extremely agitated in this video. Why isn't the child protective services stepping in to remove those children from that home?

Tyra Banks is almost as bad as all these urban blogs cluttering the Internets battling for blog hits. The Tyra Show will air the first ever live colon cleansing procedure on TV. These are your people...

Only black folks waste their money on these types of scams because scammer know we are gullible.

Colon cleansing is a scam. There is no health benefits to it at all. It's a procedure that is used in hospitals prior to gastric surgery, etc.

It is not intended to cleanse the entire colon, only about 12 inches of it. As you know, your large intestine is about 5 feet long, and your small intestine is about 20 feet long. So stop wasting your money on these scams.

Anyway, the show airs on October 16.