They say a sucker is born every minute, and on Nov. 4, 2008, 58 million of them became potential victims of scammers just itching to separate them from their money. points out that many Barack Obama supporters were shocked to learn that the "historic" Presidential Obama Coin Collection they rushed to buy are just coins with Obama stickers on them. [LINK]

I'm not sure what people thought they were getting. I've never seen silver or gold coins in full color that weren't painted or had a sticker on them.

Besides that, in the commercial you clearly hear Montel Williams say the coins are "quarters" with Obama's image [stuck on them].

The company that manufactured the coins, U.S. Coin Network ( and, say it is against their policy to cancel orders that haven't been shipped yet.

Those Kool-Aid drinkers who seek refunds had better get in line. I suspect this company will file for bankruptcy soon, which will protect them from their creditors and dissatisfied customers.

Thanks to loyal reader Karen D. Civil for the link!

According to the Chicago Sun Times, actress Angelina Jolie is "totally creeped out" by reports that Nadya "Octopussy" Suleman had plastic surgery to look like her.

The woman who made news for giving birth to octuplets through artificial insemination, denies wanting to be Jolie.

But friends say Suleman is lying and there are indications that Suleman may have been stalking Jolie:

Though Suleman categorically denies she's undergone any plastic surgery to make her look like Jolie, neighbors, friends and family members of the unemployed single mom of 14 challenge those denials -- as do earlier photographs of Suleman clearly indicating thinner lips and a different-looking nose.

Apparently, over the past year or so, Suleman has made attempts to reach out the the actress -- sending her admiring letters and extolling her talent and humanitarian efforts on behalf of children's issues around the world.

"At least she wasn't a total crazy ... like the stalkers who try to actually meet Angelina and follow along with the paparazzi,'' added the source, who also said, ''It is clear this woman needs psychological help. It's one thing to clip out a celebrity's photo from a magazine and ask your [hair] stylist to copy that cut. Who hasn't done that? But to have a nose job, have collagen injections in your lips and start talking like Angelina -- that's over the top.'' [LINK]

Either Vivica A. Fox or someone pretending to be her, contacted BV Buzz to deny filming that Psychic Friends Network commercial that's all over the blogs.

In a statement that the star of 'Two Can Play That Game' and 'Soul Food' sent via e-mail late Monday night, she declared: "Vivica A. Fox is no friend of The Psychic Friends Network."

Fox is alleging that the footage circulating online "is using her unauthorized likeness, footage, voice and photographs as an endorsement of their service."

Yeah, right. I guess that's not Vivica in the commercial saying, "At the Psychic Friends Network you can ask your psychic anything you want..."

I guess the PFN found that footage of Vivica praising and endorsing them and they made a commercial without Vivica's permission.

I guess Vivica forgot that she was paid for that commercial by PFN and she cashed the check.

Whatever Viv.

You all remember the last Psychic Friends Network fraud perpetrated by a hustler who called herself Cleo and pretended to be Jamaican while mimicking the worst Jamaican accent ever?

Well, the FAKE Psychic Friends Network is back in business and ready to dupe gullible people out of their money.

This time they are using celebrity spokeswoman Vivica A. Fox to steal people's money. Anybody who believes in psychics deserves to be parted from their money. By law the PFN has to place the text "FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY" in their commercials, but it's in such tiny text you almost don't see it.

If psychics were real they could predict the Lottery daily. Oh, and they would have predicted that Cleo would be arrested and the PFN would be taken off the air by the feds years ago. But they didn't did they?

According to the NY Post, 50 Cent's manager Chris Lighty is one of Bernard Madoff's victims. Madoff is the Wall Street financier who literally made off with billions in client investments. (LINK)

Prosecutors accuse Madoff's brokerage firm of running an elaborate Ponzi pyramid scam by paying investors with money he took in from other clients such as Lighty.

Banks do this every day with our money but they are tightly controlled by the federal government.

Lighty's involvement came to light when 50 Cent took to the Internet to defend himself against rumors that he lost money in Madoff's scam.

But Lighty wouldn't reveal just how much he lost. "Nothing to talk about. It's not life-threaten ing," Lighty, 36, told The Post's Kati Cornell. "Not worth the ink you would waste."

Lighty, who founded Violator management, represents such high-profile artists as LL Cool J, 50 Cent, Missy Elliott and Sean Combs.

He was named to Crain's "Forty under 40" list for 2008. According to Crain's website, "Mr. Lighty has built his stable of artists into individual branding empires, each worth more than $200 million, carving deals that include video games and fragrance, beverage and clothing lines."

Madoff is currently under house arrest in his $7 million luxury upper east side NY Penthouse awaiting trial. His victims may never recover the millions they invested with him.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

It seems everyone is complaining about Russell Simmons' pre-paid Visa RushCard.

The NY Times wrote a scathing review of the consumer card, and a loyal reader wrote in to complain about the raw deal she received with her new RushCard.

Maybe Simmons should stop frolicking in the surf with women young enough to be his granddaughters, and pay attention to what's going on?

Loyal reader Tasha S. wrote:

Hey Sandra,

I am a loyal reader of yours and I just wanted to let you know about a fraudulous situation I recently experienced with the RushCard, Russell Simmons' pre-paid debit card. I decided to get one of his cards out of support for him because I think its quite obvious the card isn't receiving the attention they hoped for. So I received my card in the mail and immediately transferred money into the account from my bank. I was going to use the card as a "gas card" only, so I deposited $150 on the card. When I received my email alert from the bank informing me of my recent activity, I noticed that they withdrew $160 from my account, not the $150 that I clearly inputed. So I called customer service and the issue was quickly resolved.

Later, I went to the gas station to use the card for the first time. I spent $26 at the pump, which was on a Wednesday. The next morning I checked my balance on their website and the amount was accurate, also including a $1.93 fee. (I didn't know that everytime you make a payment they charge you $1.93!) Before I went to bed that night, something told me to check that balance again, and so I did. To my surprise, they had the nerve to charge me again for the same transaction! Again, I only spent that $26 at the pump ONCE, but there were two charges with the same amount from Shell gas station, just on two different days. So I called customer service to address the situation and both representatives I spoke with were beyond rude.

Read more »

A loyal reader emailed a FOX News producer (I'm assuming) to protest the network's revealing exposé on NeNe Leakes and her husband Greg Leakes.

The producer suggested that FOX could have got deep in that ass by revealing such federal offense no-nos as Mr. Leakes "operating outside of the law" and Mrs. Leakes misusing funds received from donors for her foundation which helps victims of Domestic Violence

In other words, FOX News held back.

Damn, NeNe, what's really going on?

From: Dana Fowle [mailto:Dana.Fowle@FOXTV.COM]
Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2008 3:37 PM
To: [Name removed by request]
Subject: RE: Realhousewives Of Atlanta

[Name removed by request]:

No one is perfect and no one is suggesting that. As Bravo and the Leakes seek to benefit from "reality" TV we were showing that it's not all real.

It was the Real Estate Commission, not us, who decided that Mr. Leakes livelihood should "cease and desist" because it was operating outside the parameters of the law.

Additionally, it is of public interest that a fundraising organization reveal where its money is going. Generally speaking, do you feel comfortable contributing your hard-earned money to a group without knowing how that money is being used?

There were all sorts of things we left out of our story like a criminal record for theft by receiving, a shoplifting charge, another eviction and other lawsuits. What we revealed were not isolated incidents.

Our story is accurate. If you don't like it, it's perfectly understandable. But remember, these aren't personal matters when they put themselves out on national television and tell us things that aren't always accurate. Additionally, these reality families are profiting off of this image.

If you hired a PI, you're right that you would find that I'm just like everyone - imperfect.

Let me know if I can answer anymore questions.


Dana Fowle

From KPTH FOX44 News:

A bogus e-mail about a number of well-known businesses closing is landing in inboxes all over the city. Reporter Samantha Suttle clears up the confusion.

On Wednesday, I called more than a dozen local stores and they all had the same response: "Where is this coming from?"

The e-mails in question alert shoppers of businesses that are closing or are scheduled to close. The e-mail suggests you not use credit cards at the listed stores or buy gift cards there either. It claims the gift cards will not be honored after the holidays. However, many of the managers at these Sioux City stores say this information is simply not true and is damaging to business. Some of the stores listed include Eddie Bauer, Talbots, J. Jill, Sprint/Nextel, Home Depot and JCPenney.

The Talbot and J. Jill companies have even issued a statement: "We do not plan to close all Talbots and J. Jill brand stores and there is absolutely no concern in buying a gift card from either brand this holiday season... Talbots and J. Jill remain open in Sioux City at Lakeport Commons."

So the best advice I came across -- don't believe everything you read. Source

Thanks to loyal reader Patricia B for exposing Beyonce's thievery again!

It appears that Sasha Fake stole not only her motorcycle corset from George Michael's "Too Funky" video, but she also stole her Terminator glove from the video too!

I remember receiving a press release from some marketing company explaining how Beyonce's exo-skeletal glove concept came about.

There was no mention of George Michael's video in that press release!

Thanks to my loyal readers for their tireless efforts in unmasking Beyonce's shams and exposing her as a fraud. :)

Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 16:20
Subject: About This Sasha Fierce Foolishness!!!

Dear Sandra Rose:

I'm an avid reader of your blog and I LOVE it! I wanted to make you aware of Beyonce's latest theft in reference to her Sony promo shoot for her Sasha Fierce foolishness!

One of your readers commented in the "Beyonce Covers Seventeen Magazine" blog post: *"I'm trying to recall WHO had the motorcycle bustier in the 80's on a magazine cover … I wanna say Grace Jones .. but TRUST me when I tell you it was NOT Beyonce who donned it first … "*

Do you remember the video by George Michael called "Too Funky?" It show cased supermodels Tyra Banks, Emma, Linda Evangelista and the video came out in 1992. It featured the fashions of the legendary iconic designer Thierry Mugler. Model Emma had the motorcycle corset on. Not only that, if you continue watching the video you will see the exo-skeletal glove that Beyonce
is now rocking as her own. That shot is around the 2:13 mark.


Just wanted to make you aware. Many blessings!



A federal prosecutor cut a deal with 13 Barack Obama campaign workers who illegally cast ballots in Ohio on Thursday (10/23). The 13 out-of-staters pulled their ballots after being warned that temporary residents can't vote in the battleground state.

The 13 workers -- including Obama Ohio spokeswoman Olivia Alair and James Cadogan, who recently joined Team Obama -- signed a form letter asking the Franklin County elections board to pull their ballots yesterday.

This action came after prosecutor Ron O'Brien personally spoke with lawyers for both Obama and John McCain camps and urged them to make sure their staffs met permanent-residency rules, or face possible felony charges.

On Thursday, the 13 Obama staffers -- including four from New York -- escaped jail time by tossing out their already-cast ballots after admitting they weren't permanent residents of Ohio.


I'm amazed at the lengths that Sen. Barack Obama supporters will go to smear Rep. VP candidate Sarah Palin. I still don't understand the hostility towards Palin although I do see that emotions are running high right now.

But why drag her innocent children into it?

If someone Photoshopped a pic of Malia Obama giving another child the one finger salute, Obama's supporters would cry racism -- and rightly so.

We're better than this, people!

Thanks to loyal reader Anita for the pic.

Click here if you can't view the video

Beyonce appeared on BET's 106 & Park yesterday. Bey touched on the controversy surrounding the video for her song "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" -- which she claimed she directed.

Bey admitted to stealing a scene from the infamous Fosse Walk It Out video -- just as various bloggers said she did.

Beyonce proved her critics right as she explained her unoriginal and uncreative thinking process while writing the treatment for the video. How could she not admit to stealing the idea when the evidence was so obvious?

Beyonce's double album is set to be released on Nov. 18. Bey says there are no collabos on her double album, which means it will probably flop big time.

Click here if you can't view the video

Thanks to loyal reader and member Crys for sending this video of member Charles professing his loyalty to Sen. John McCain. Lol!

Of course, I'm kidding, but the McCain supporter in this video did make some valid points.

For instance, did you know that Sen. Barack Obama and his "associate" William Ayers funneled millions of dollars to ACORN which has been implicated in a federal probe for fraudulently manipulating votes?

ACORN members are attempting to influence the elections by registering Democratic voters more than once. Some voters apparently have been registered as many as 72 times without their knowledge.

ACORN even registered the entire Dallas Cowboys football team! What kind of mess is that? I'm just saying... :)

A pizza worker and others have been caught up in a federal voter scandal probe involving ACORN in Cleveland.

ACORN is a community-activist group that seeks to register low-income voters, who skew overwhelmingly Democratic.

Christopher Barkley, a Domino’s Pizza worker in Cleveland, is now facing questioning by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections after his name turned up “10 to 15” times on voter rolls. He claims he was harassed by ACORN workers who were paid by the name to sign up voters.

"I kept getting approached by folks who asked me to register," Barkley told The New York Post. "They'd ask me if I was registered. I'd say yes, and they'd ask me to do it [register] again. (Source)

Another Cleveland, Ohio resident, Lateala Goins, has also been approached multiple times by ACORN workers.

"If you get off the bus in downtown Cleveland, ACORN workers are everywhere," she said. "There are at least 5 ACORN workers to every one of you."

Read more after the break...

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There's another Obama email hoax making the rounds on the Internet. As you recall, last week I told you about an email instructing Obama supporters to wear blue on September 30 -- "Obama Blue Day".

Interestingly enough, Sen. Barack Obama's camp was totally unaware of "Obama Blue Day" when I contacted them.

Today, I received an email instructing the recipient to avoid wearing any campaign paraphernalia such as Obama t-shirts to the polls on Nov. 4 or they will be turned away. Here's an excerpt from the email:

Please, please, please advise everyone you know that they absolutely can NOT go to the polls wearing any Obama (or whoever you are voting for) shirts, pins, hats, etc. It is AGAINST THE LAW and will be grounds to have the polling officials to turn you away. This is considered campaigning and no one can campaign within X amount of feet of the polls. They are banking on us being overly excited and not being aware of this long standing law that you can bet will be ENFORCED THIS YEAR!!!!!

This is totally false and may even be a trick by McCain supporters.

There is no law that restricts voters from wearing a t-shirt bearing the likeness of their candidate at or near a polling office.

Individual states have different statutes governing polling place activities. But the restriction of campaign paraphernalia such as buttons, stickers and hats, etc. usually applies to poll workers and poll watchers -- not voters.

Either bleaching a baby's skin is the new Hollywood trend now, or something is wrong with my eyes.

I can accept the fact that the baby Gabe Autry is carrying is his and Halle's baby girl Nahla.

But clearly their baby has undergone a drastic transformation that is wholly evident in the photos above.

The first time I saw the photos of Nahla on Jared's blog, it was evident that Nahla was a shade darker than her mama. Now we're supposed to believe that Nahla is 2 shades lighter than Halle without any chemical manipulation whatsoever?

I think Halle is a very beautiful woman, and she seems fairly intelligent. But this is a new low even for Hollywood. She even threatened to sue the paparazzi agency that leaked photos of her dark skin baby.

Clearly, Halle wanted a light skin baby at all costs and she kept that baby out of the public eye until she achieved her goal.

Some things should remain sacred.

The moron who posted YouTube videos making vile threats and claiming to infect "thousands" of women with the HIV virus has finally been arrested. Anton Dunn, 42, posted the hoax videos in an attempt to draw traffic to his Internet porn business.

Dunn once posted a video threatening to kill Wendy Williams and also claimed to infect Bow Wow with the HIV virus. His juvenile antics worked because many clueless individuals reposted his videos on blogs, message boards and chat rooms.

Wearing a black ski mask and calling himself Trashman, Dunn posted at least three videos shot from his shower stall on YouTube and other Internet sites with bogus, hair-raising claims of mass food poisonings that have killed babies, authorities said.

In April, he claimed it was "too late" to stop the deaths because the food had been shipped.

Gerber alerted federal authorities the same month and Thursday called the videos a "malicious hoax."

Authorities said there is no evidence baby bottles were tampered with and there have been no reports of injury or death reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. "It's clearly designed to create panic or havoc," prosecutor Seetha Ramachandran said.

During a search of his apartment, the feds seized laptop computers and four ski masks, which they say Dunn wore in the videos. READ MORE...

A Boston firefighter on permanent disability was ordered to return to work after he was caught competing in a bodybuilding contest. Albert Arroyo, 46, filed disability claims for a back injury he said resulted from an accidental fall on the job on March 21. Arroyo's doctor backed up his claims, writing that Arroyo was "permanently disabled."

The firefighter collected his full $68,000 annual salary tax-free for six weeks while hoisting iron in preparation for bodybuilding competitions. Arroyo's doctor wrote that Arroyo couldn't perform his duties as a building inspector due to his disabling back injury.

Arroyo placed eighth in the May 3 competition — two months after falling on the job and severely injuring his back, according to MyFOX Boston.

Arroyo's lawyer told The Globe Friday that his client should not be forced to return to work because bodybuilding helps him cope with the "rigors" of his work.

But Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser disagreed: "It is common sense when you look at Mr. Arroyo that he is in better shape than most of the guys in the Boston Fire Department," Fraser told MYFox TV last week. "To say that he can't physically be an inspector in my opinion is ludicrous."

Arroyo is expected to report to work today (7/21). (Source)

South Florida rappers Rick Ross and Trick Daddy are beefing over an accusation Trick Daddy made that could adversely affect Rick's career.

According to Trick Daddy, Ross was once a corrections officer in South Florida. Not so says Ross, who claims a photo circulating the Internets of him wearing a corrections uniform is a Photoshopped fake. I believe Rick. The photo looks like his high school picture was Photoshopped on someone else's body (note the curly hair that doesn't match Ross's hair texture).

As you know, rappers rely on their (real or assumed) street cred to sell records. The harder they appear (on paper) the more records they sell -- or at least that's what they believe. So being affiliated with law enforcement in any way is like career suicide to a rapper. Rappers take accusations like that seriously. Trick Daddy might want to watch his back.

A man with Stage 4 colon cancer is injured by a "faith healer" who lays hands and feet on him.

    EDITED: to add interview of the fake faith healer by Geraldo Rivera. Notice how the sound conveniently cuts out when Geraldo asks for documented proof of his healings.

I'm not sure what people think they're accomplishing when they use "cleansers" or lemon diets. But hey, if they are happy with the results then it's all good, right?

So, Oprah Winfrey just completed her 21-day "cleansing" diet which prohibited her from touching caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten or animal products. Well, anything is better than that Colon cleansing scam that people get suckered into wasting money on.

    Winfrey kept a blog about her experience on the cleanse and admitted to nearly giving in at one point, writing: "I want some wine. Bordeaux 82. Just one glass at sunset, almost broke down and had a glass. I didn't." On the cleanse's final day, she ate a large baked potato and fresh green salad, reports People. "All ingredients except the olive oil came from my garden," she wrote."I got a real kick out of that. I was raised by a grandmother who grew and harvested everything," she added. (Source)

Good for Oprah. But I wonder how much money this "cleansing" diet cost her?

A promotion by R&B singer Ashanti's marketing team is attracting the wrong type of attention. Fans visiting Ashanti's personal website could send e-cards called Gotchagram's to friends or enemies. The marketing ad campaign featured threatening emails, fake murders and shocking images.

According to CNN, the emails informed recipients that their lives were in danger and encouraged them to contact a fake investigator for more information. Those who clicked the link to contact the "detective" of "Universal Crime Network" were shown a video of a fake crime scene with their names written in blood.

The link transported recipients to a fictional news report about "a string of murders inspired by Ashanti's music." A phone number includes a message from Ashanti thanking people for buying her album.

Fans were encouraged to send threatening Gotchagrams to "lovers who scorned you". Senders were given a weapon of choice and the type of murder they wanted to commit against the recipient.

The Gotchagram marketing campaign was discontinued once the complaints began rolling in.

All that and Ashanti's album will still do triple cement.

Next time maybe you will listen to your auntie Sandra? Do I ever steer you wrong? reports that former B2K manager Chris Stokes and his lying accusers Raz B and Ricardo Thornton (Raz B's brother) took Stokes to dinner in L.A. last night.

According to, the three posed for photo ops outside the restaurant and Raz B told the paps, "We love each other, man!"

I can't wait to hear how some of you are going to twist this into some conspiracy theory. Let it go people. You got got. You got hoodwinked. You got bamboozled! LOL.

I like Jia. Years ago Jia and I used to spar on the Black Voices boards where she was a very popular poster. If you're not familiar with Jia, she's an ex-porn star - well, I don't know about the ex part, lol - and she lives in Atlanta.

In this video from her Jia TV channel on YouTube, Jia speaks the truth on the sordid Raz B affair. Thank God there are a few people out there who can see through the bulls*t.

Caution: strong language.

Raz B finally recanted his vicious allegations against his former manager Chris Stokes. No doubt he feared being sued for libel, slander and ruining a man's reputation. I'm sure the producers of their reality show didn't want to be sued either.

Let this be a lesson to you all that you can't believe everything you hear. The moment you heard the words "reality show" you should have known what was up. If Raz B was in a court of law he would be found guilty of perjury. There was NO evidence to support his claims and he didn't go to the police with his allegations because he knew he was lying!

How does going on YouTube benefit child victims of molestation? You don't go to YouTube with serious allegations such as this, you go to the police.

Raz B is a troubled young man who has made outlandish statements in the past. And because of his prior actions, he has zero credibility. I am dismayed that so many of you got caught up in this lie especially when you consider the 2nd video was edited to make Chris sound like he was confessing.

None of you questioned why they edited out the part leading up to what he said. Thank God none of you are working as prosecutors - you would put a lot of innocent people behind bars.

Honestly, if I were Chris Stokes I would go ahead with a lawsuit against Raz B and his brother for defamation of character.

Jump offs take note: this is not the correct way to bag a baller: A Chicago judge ruled Wednesday in favor of NBA superstar Michael Jordan whose former jump off claimed Jordan owed her $5 million.

Karla Knafel said Jordan promised her the money for remaining silent and agreeing not to file a paternity suit after she learned she was pregnant in 1991.Jordan denied making the promise and sued Knafel in 2002, alleging that she was trying to extort money from him. DNA tests later showed that Jordan was not the father of the child. (Source: Chicago Tribune)

The judge ruled that even if Jordan made the agreement it was voided when Knafel lied to Jordan about being the father.

Thanks to Miss Info for this video of Bow Wow attempting to explain this mess of lies surrounding his fake hospitalization. He basically called his publicist a liar and dismissed the press release claiming he was hospitalized with stress and exhaustion as "bullsh*t!" Somebody can't get their lies straight.

First of all, according to Bow Wow, he was "rushed" to a local hospital in Baltimore after he punched a wall in his dressing room resulting in a slight cut on his hand that he claims bled uncontrollably and made him light headed and caused him to pass out. The lies escalate as Bow Wow claims his white blood cells were elevated which prompted doctors to "look at" his appendix."

I've always had stomach issues," explains Bow Wow. He goes on to say he will decide if he should have his appendix removed because, well, you know, "an appendix is a life-threatening thing." Lol, I couldn't stop laughing. In less than a minute, Bow Wow went from punching a wall, to "losing a lot of blood", to experiencing nausea, vomiting and then fainting! All of that from a hissy fit in a dressing room?

I still don't know how his appendix became a part of this story because clearly he does not have appendicitis. No doctor is going to let a patient leave a hospital with an inflamed appendix! What's really going on here is that Bow Wow needed time off from Chris Brown's tour to promote his and Omarion's album - the name of which I can't recall.

To aid him in that endeavor, an overzealous publicist sent out a ridiculous press release claiming he was hospitalized with exhaustion - and it backfired in their faces.

Bow Wow's fans have been lied to and the media was made to look like fools for reporting this nonsense. Someone should sit Bow Wow down and read him the story about the boy who cried wolf. Next time, Bow Wow, just take the time off because all of this makes you and your publicist look stupid!

Bow Wow better hope that album sells after duping his loyal fans who bought tickets to see him in concert only to be suckered into believing he was seriously ill.