Weiner’s Long-Suffering Wife Stands By Him Amid Latest Sexting Scandal

Only in America can a congressman who sent pictures of his genitals to numerous women be considered a candidate for mayor of a major metropolitan city.

Disgraced former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner is caught up in yet another sex scandal more than a year after he resigned from office. Website Buzzfeed.com identified a 23-year-old Obama campaigner as the woman who carried on an explicit 6-month affair with Weiner who claimed he was seeking therapy for his sexual compulsions.

Sydney Leathers, a political activist who campaigned for President Obama, met Weiner on Formspring chat, where he registered under the username Carlos danger. Weiner was drawn to Leathers after she defended him online.

Leathers released explicit photos of Weiner’s genitals and graphic text messages to TheDirty.com. Since this is a family blog, I won’t share the graphic photos or text messages here. But the photos are accessible via a quick Google search.

Weiner has been campaigning for mayor of New York for months — while allegedly cheating on his wife.

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Substitute teacher fired after high school student tweets nude pics she sent him (Video) **NSFW**

A Virginia substitute teacher has been fired after a former Cosby high school student tweeted graphic photos that she sent him. Justin Foster is now a student at the University of Virginia. The teacher, Anna Michelle Walters was a cheerleading coach at the school. Law enforcement is now looking into allegations that Walters had inappropriate relationships with other students.

This type of incident happens more frequently in schools than parents realize. For every teacher who is outed for having inappropriate sexual relations with a student there are hundreds more inappropriate incidents with students that fall through the cracks. Some schools (such as Miami Central high school) even protects teachers who are known to have a history of inappropriate sexual relations with students.

CAUTION: The following video contains graphic images of a sexual nature that may not be appropriate to view in the workplace!

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Twitter #FAIL: Wyclef Jean, Chris Brown

Musician and con artist Wyclef Jean thinks he isn’t getting enough of the right kind of attention. So he tweeted this pic of his birthday present to himself, a brand new Ducati motorcycle. Jean recently turned 43, just a month after he shut down his Yele Haiti foundation — after misappropriating $16 million in donations for victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Of course we tried to warn donors that Jean is shady, but no one listened. The NY Times wrote an article detailing Jean’s massive con scheme to line his own pockets. Diaoly Estimé, who runs an orphanage in Haiti, told reporters, “If I had depended on Yéle, these kids would all be dead by now.”

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Rumor: Does Jay Z have a Teenage Mistress?

According to an unconfirmed source, rap mogul Jay Z has a teenage mistress who may have had an abortion recently. This might explain why a man who is almost 50 would suddenly knock up his much younger wife. The rumor comes from the notorious gossipmonger hangout Lipstickalley.com, so take the following information with a grain of salt.

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Mitt Romney defends video; Referred to Blacks and Hispanics as ‘the 47 percent’

Presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney defended statements he made at a private fundraiser that was secretly recorded by someone attending (or working at) the fundraiser.

Speaking at the $50,000-per-plate closed door fundraising dinner back in May, Romney is heard saying 47 percent of voters are non-tax payers who voted for President Obama because they think they are victims. Romney may have gotten the 40% figure from a Tax Policy Center report that found 46.4% of households in America do not pay taxes.

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Fantasia’s baby daddy admits cheating on his wife

Fantasia Barrino’s estranged baby father, Antwaun Cook, has apparently gone back to his wife again. Gossip website RadarOnline.com reports that Cook signed an affidavit admitting he slept with the singer while he was still married to his wife.

By admitted he committed adultery, Antwaun paves the way for his wife, Paula Cook, to sue Barrino for “alienation of affection” under North Carolina law.

Barrino and Cook have a toddler son together. They reportedly split up last year amidst allegations of Cook cheating, according to gossip mongers.

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Taylor Swift was asked to leave after she crashed Kennedy wedding

Country singer Taylor Swift, 22, continues to embarrass herself in the eyes of Kennedy royalty. According to the Boston Herald, when Taylor and her new beau, Conor Kennedy, 18, showed up at the wedding inside the Plaza hotel — she was promptly asked to leave.

Taylor’s publicist denied the story, so the Boston Herald called up the source — the bride’s mother — for confirmation.

According to Victoria Gifford Kennedy, mother of Kyle Kennedy, Taylor’s people texted her for permission to attend Kyle’s wedding. Vicki told the newspaper that she declined, because she didn’t want Taylor’s appearance to distract from her daughter’s special day.

But Taylor showed up anyway.

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