On the day that American terrorist Army Major Nidal Hasan opened fire on his fellow troops killing 13 and wounding 31, Barack Obama "cautioned" the nation and the media against jumping to conclusions "until we know all the facts."

This seemed to be a very odd request coming from Obama (a closet muslim), who obviously was already aware of all the facts concerning this terrorist who reportedly yelled "Allahu Akbar" (God is greatest) before firing on the soldiers at Forth Hood, Texas.

It seems that the CIA (who operate under Obama) were aware that Hasan tried to contact Al Qaeda operatives months ago!

Now it all makes sense! Obama didn't condemn the muslim terrorist who murdered Americans on our soil. Instead, Obama asked us to be patient and wait until all the details were in.

But before Obama could get the words out of his mouth, we learned that Hasan, an American born to Palestinian parents, was a muslim extremist who frequently wrote anti-war sentiments on his blog. Doesn't the government check these blogs?

We also found out that Hasan tried to buy his way out of being deployed to Iraq by offering to repay his government loans, but the government refused. And we now know that Hasan killed Americans because he didn't want to kill his fellow muslims in Iraq.

Isn't it funny that we knew all of this about Hasan but Obama didn't?

Isn't the commander-in-chief (Obama) supposed to be made aware of this sort of threat to national security? You mean, a U.S. soldier can try to contact Al Qaeda and nothing is done about it until he kills Americans?

Wait, it gets worse: Hasan's imam who runs a mosque in Falls Church, VA, runs a website calling for Jihad against America! Yet this terrorist is allowed to live and eat right here in the United States!

Why do we need to capture Bin laden when we have home grown terrorists living and working openly in the United States?


Three days after sharing a brother/sisterly kiss with struggling R&B singer Trey Song at the Soul Train Awards, Toni Braxton announced she's seeking a divorce from her husband Keri.

The photo above was taken the same day as "the kiss" by Thad at ExclusiveAccess and he reported to me that they seemed very much in love.

I even remarked in my post that it was Blessing they were still together. So what happened? In no way do I believe that Trey Song broke this couple up. Are we forgetting that Trey is very suspect?

First of all, the kiss was staged (as they all are at award shows). And secondly, why would they kiss right in front of Toni's husband. No woman is that callous. People forget about Britney Spears and Madonna or Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx.

If it is true that Toni and Keri broke up, it would really be a shame. The couple have two children together.

A blond, blue eyed Dallas Cowboy cheerleader is in hot water after a photo she posted on her Facebook page showed her dressed up as rapper Lil Wayne, complete with dread locks and platinum, iced out grill.

When are people going to learn that you can't put everything on the Internet unless you have nothing to lose?

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Whitney Isleib has inadvertently stepped into a Halloween controversy by reportedly dressing up as soon-to-be incarcerated rapper Lil' Wayne in black-face.

Photos of the blonde-haired cheerleader turned hip-hop impresario were posted to Facebook and eventually made their way to sports blog Deadspin.com.

Offensive or just plain fun? Dallas fans are split.

"If she wasn't a Dallas cheerleader would it really matter? It's Halloween, you know. You get to go how you want to go" Cowboys fan Laura Pyhrr told CBS 11 Dallas at Sunday's game.

He does have a point there. It was just a Halloween costume.

Do you remember Jay Z's ex-lover Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson who shared a bachelor pad with Jigga until Beyonce put her foot down?

Well, the Chiefs suspended Johnson for using gay slurs on the social network site twitter.com. Why didn't Johnson's reps tell that lie that the twitter account wasn't his like Neffe's people did when she posted Kim Zolciak's home number on her page?

I told y'all twitter was the devil.

Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson has been officially suspended for comments he made on his twitter account. Johnson made two gay slurs that have resulted in his punishment. The two time Pro Bowler will not be able to return to the team until November 9. His agent, Peter Shaffer, said the total dollar amount lost by Johnson would be around $600,000, which includes a game check and other lost revenue. Shaffer said that he would appeal the suspension and has consulted with the Players Association.

"We will be filing an appeal on behalf of Larry tomorrow," Schaffer told The Associated Press. "While we respect the Chiefs' ability to try to discipline a player, we disagree and respectfully disagree that the punishment they propose is warranted by the facts or allowable by the collective bargaining agreement. Hopefully, we will be able to work out a mutual and positive resolution with the Chiefs short of a hearing. If we don't, then this will go to an arbitrator."


This is the old man that our young boys look up to. Unbelievable. More and more parents are tuning into the message that non-Christian rappers like Jay Z is sending their children. Some have even bought the book Jesus and Jigga from this website to get a better handle on what their kids are listening to.

If you play a single titled "Interlude" backwards, Jay Z says “Murder Murder Jesus 666. And in "Empire State of Mind" Jay Z raps “Jesus can’t save you, life starts when the church ends.”

So far Jay Z has not commented on this controversy and the public outrage is building against him.


An industry insider just alerted me to the fact that in "Empire State Of Mind" Jay Z raps "If Jesus payin' LeBron, I'm payin' Dwyane Wade." It doesn't matter if he's saying "playin'" or "payin'." The point is Dwyane Wade plays for the Miami Heat -- as in hot like hail!

Grandpa Jay Z performed live at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore last night. No word on if his wife Beyonce attended the concert. I can't believe that a grown woman would marry a 40-year-old man who doesn't know how to dress himself. This is beyond ridiculous. Would Jay Z go to a board meeting dressed like this?

Photos: Getty Images

My sources inside production for Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta are telling me that real estate millionaire Lee "Big Poppa" Najjar made an appearance at last Monday night's taping of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show at Opera nightclub.

Sources say Big Poppa kissed his fiancee, Kim Zolciak full on the lips before pecking each cast member on the cheek! I wonder if Bravo will show that kiss on the Reunion Show when it airs on Thursday (10/29)?

But isn't Big Poppa still married to his baby mama? I don't know how a man can have a fiancee and still be living with his wife?

This is the crazy shet that goes on in Atlanta. Atlanta is just different when it comes to male/female relationships. The roles here are reversed for some odd reason. Instead of the man getting up to go to work to support his family, the females do all the work and pay all the bills!

This is from Byron Crawford's blog. Please direct your hate mail to him, not me:

Just received a followup email from the guy who emailed me yesterday saying Drake's video ho Shakur gave him genital warts, He said she was dating someone from XXL named Charles. I don't know anyone there named Charles (not that I know hardly anyone who works there), but I thought it might be this guy Carl I used to work with.

And I quote:

    Yes you are right his name is Carl not Charles the person who told me he was the guy just text me and said it was Carl. I don't know the guy personally I just remember seeing his name in Shakur's text messages and it started with a C and he worked for XXL magazine.

I should have known something was up when they gave a video ho her own guest blog.

You'll recall that, earlier this year, I laid out my plan to score with one of the girls from XXL's Eye Candy section, in one of the very few columns I wrote for the dead tree version of the magazine. Then, a while later, I read where some guy had been caught tricking women into having sex with him by claiming he worked for XXL.

Carl has since left XXL for BET. Hmm...

Do I need to do a Medical Minute on genital warts for those rappers who might now know they caught the STD from her? Wow, this tramp is really shaking up the industry. More on Shakur latah...

According to online reports, ESPN analyst Steve Phillips has taken a leave of absence from the sports news network after admitting to an illicit affair with a 22-year-old ESPN production assistant.

The first mistake that Marni Phillips made was not leaving her husband when she found out he cheated in the workplace.

Marni Phillips made the mistake so many women make when their husbands cheat in the workplace: she gave him a second chance. As I wrote in an earlier post, most men will cheat if they have the time and opportunity, and most affairs occur in the workplace.

Men don't cheat by accident -- they cheat by nature. If they did it once, they will do it again.

Police say Phillips' mistress Brooke Hundley began calling Phillips' wife on Aug. 5, taunting her with text messages describing his birthmarks. Hundley also messaged the couple's 16-year-old son on Facebook, posing as another teen to get information about his family life.

Marni Phillips called police Aug. 19 when she came home to find Hundley standing in her driveway.

Hundley had tacked a letter to the Phillips' front door just before Marni Phillips drove up. When she saw Phillips, Hundley put her car in reverse, smashing into a stone column and then driving across the front lawn to escape.

"I knew instinctively that this was the woman Steve was involved with and I was terrified," Phillips wrote in a statement to police.

"I'm a real person in his life and I care deeply about his happiness," police say Hundley wrote in the letter.

Steve Phillips claimed his affair with Hundley was "three meetings that all took place in July."

ESPN, which no doubt has a no fraternization policy, said it took "appropriate disciplinary action" when the affair came to light back in August. But it wasn't clear what that disciplinary action was.

Police plan to interview Hundley when she returns from vacation next week. But here's the best part: Marni Phillips filed for divorce Sept. 14, according to court records.


Beyonce and Solange Knowles' father and business manager Matthew Knowles has another mouth to feed, according to TMZ.com.

Matthew, who has been known to sow his wild oats indiscriminately in the past, has been slapped with a paternity suit by Alexsandra Wright who is 6 months pregnant. That gives Matthew 3 months to try and buy her silence before the baby is born.

According to TMZ.com, Wright, who is in her 30s, filed the suit in L.A. County Superior Court where she lives and works in the name branding business. Which means she's a PR chick.

Wright is repped by Neal Hersh, who is currently repping Lamar Odom in the prenup negotiations with Khloe Kardashian.

Matthew and Tina Knowles have been married for 29 contentious years. The baby will be Matthew's second child born out of wedlock. Singer and former Destiny's Child member, Kelly Rowland (pictured above with her father), was the first.

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is calling for a full investigation into the California chapters of ACORN.

The governor sent a letter to California Attorney General Jerry Brown yesterday urging him to investigate ACORN's California activities. In the letter, he referred to "news stories regarding the ACORN organization that have concerned me greatly."

Schwarzenegger was motivated to send the letter after viewing a video released by BigGovernment.com showing a San Diego worker giving tips on how to smuggle underage girls into the country.

ACORN has come under fire recently after workers in numerous cities were caught on tape giving tax advice to Conservative activists James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles of BigGovernment.com who posed as a prostitute and pimp.

Barack Obama has strong ties to the organization dating back to the early 90s. As a Chicago attorney, he once represented ACORN in court. And last year he donated $800,000 to the group to help him "get out the vote" during his campaign for president.

In the video series, ACORN workers were overly enthusiastic about helping the Caucasian couple circumvent the law and evade taxes, but low-income blacks -- who ACORN is supposed to represent -- complained that ACORN workers virtually ignored them:

Outside the Sacramento office, Ruby Bradley said she was highly skeptical of the organization. She said she once applied for help with a housing loan with ACORN, but never got a response.
"I think it was poor business," Bradley said.

That complaint was echoed by Demario Anthony of Sacramento, who said his aunt's application was ignored.
"She stopped dealing with them," Anthony said. "We asked what happened, and she said she didn't want to talk about it." Read more...

A scatterbrained ACORN worker in San Bernardino gives prostitution tax evasion tips to a couple posing as a prostitute and pimp (so what else is new?). But as an added bonus, the ACORN worker, who admits to committing every illegal act under the sun, confesses to murdering her husband (yea, right). She sounds just a little grandiose and delusional.

Cheronda Guyton was living the high life in a $12 million 3,800 square foot beachfront house in the exclusive enclave of Malibu County. The home Guyton and her family resided in was the scene of many lavish galas that lasted well into the night.

Neighbors wondered how a Wells Fargo bank VP could afford the beachfront property's $60,000 a month rent on her salary -- even with bonuses.

The problem is the Senior Vice President in charge of foreclosed properties at Wells Fargo, wasn't renting or buying the posh home.

The previous owners, who lost money in the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme, turned the home over to Wells Fargo bank to pay off a higher debt.

The bank agreed not to sell the home so the owners could align their debts and get it back. Guyton and her family moved in shortly thereafter.

According to the LA Times, Wells Fargo last week announced Guyton's termination for the executive's alleged personal use of the home owned by the bank.

Wells Fargo announced it would "take decisive action" against any employee "who may have violated Wells Fargo's policies." The bank in a statement also said it regretted "the disruption to the neighboring property owners since these allegations were made."

Many real estate agents contacted by The Times expressed surprise and said they had not heard of similar incidents.

An agent with Keller Williams Realty, told The Times she was "appalled" by the alleged conduct and what appeared to be an obvious abuse of a position.

But one agent, Farrell "Burt" Bakman of Coldwell Banker in Beverly Hills, believes Wells Fargo knew about the illegal home squatting. He said he saw no problem with a lender using a property "as some sort of a bonus" for their executives.

"It makes sense," he said. "It's thinking outside of the box for Wells Fargo. They just hold on to it as an asset."

Thanks to loyal reader Kimalah for the tip!

According to Hotair.com, the Senate has voted to cut off federal funding to the criminal enterprise, ACORN. This move comes after BigGovernment.com's explosive hidden-camera expose's into the fraudulent activities of the community organizing group that has been under investigation for years for voter registration fraud.

In 2008 Barack Obama donated $800,000 to ACORN, whose 400,000 members helped "get out the vote" in many urban areas using deceptive means such as registering dead people to vote.

Obama worked for the organization in the early 90s, and even helped train the members in community organizing tactics. The photo above of Obama training ACORN members was scrubbed from ACORN's website before the election.

After two videos hit the Internet last week, and one video released yesterday showing ACORN workers in Baltimore, NY and DC giving tax evasion advice to a woman posing as a prostitute, Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE) introduced an amendment to strip ACORN of all federal funding last night. The Senate passed the amendment 83-7.

And not a moment too soon: another damning video is set to hit the Internet today. According to Fox Channel's Glenn Beck, this video will "blow your mind."

So far there's been no word from Obama, who as a Chicago attorney once represented this criminal organization in court. And together with Nancy Pelosi, Obama earmarked $8 BILLION in federal funding to ACORN after bringing the group in as a "partner" in the 2010 Census count.

On Friday, the Census bureau moved to cut ties with ACORN citing the organization's questionable history.

Remember the couple who posed as a fake pimp and prostitute in order to get tax advice from ACORN workers in Baltimore and DC? Well, the Brooklyn, NY office was hit next, and the workers there gave the same advice "Don't say you're a prostitute...," "Honesty is not going to get you the house...," "You can't say what you do for a living."

Mayor Bloomberg spoke out on the controversy today.

"Prostitution is illegal in this state and I don't know why they would -- why an organization like ACORN, who's trying to encourage voter turnout and voter registration, why they're getting involved in any of that stuff," Bloomberg said. "But clearly it's not appropriate and they shouldn't have been doing it. Whether they broke a law or not I don't know. You'll have to talk to the legal (authorities)."

There are other videos yet to come! ACORN can no longer continue to make excuses for their criminal enterprise. Remember this is the organization that Barack Obama trained as a senator. He also represented this group in court as their attorney. Obama and the Dems earmarked $8 billion in the stimulus plan for ACORN.

After the first video hit the Internet last week, the Commerce Dept. cut all ties with ACORN for the 2010 census.

Barack Obama can no longer continue to give this criminal enterprise your tax dollars to operate! Expect a press release from ACORN firing the NY workers in a addition to the four that were fired last week.

By now you've heard about the two Baltimore ACORN workers who were fired for coaching a fake pimp and his prostitute on tax evasion.

A worker is seen on undercover video footage advising the prostitute to list her occupation as "performance artist."

When the pimp told the ACORN workers he planned to smuggle 13-year-old prostitutes from outside the country, one worker advised him to list 3 of the underage girls as independent minors on his income tax form!

ACORN fired the two workers claiming the two workers "did not meet ACORN’s standards of professionalism.”.

But ACORN has come under fire recently for blatant acts of fraud including voter fraud and helping to rig the results of the last presidential election. Last week, Florida law enforcement officials rounded up 11 ACORN workers and charged them with knowingly falsifying voter registration cards and registering ineligible voters in 2008.

By the way, Barack Obama showed his gratitude to ACORN by funneling $8.5 billion of your tax dollars into the stimulus bill that went directly to ACORN.


The wheels of Change go 'round and 'round, thumpity thump, up and down:

Barack Obama's Green Jobs adviser Van Jones has quit amid allegations that he accused the same government he works for of murdering 3,000 Americans on 9/11 just to start a war with Iraq.

Jones submitted his resignation this morning. And in doing so, he saved his friend, Obama, the embarrassment of having to fire him.

In his resignation, a bitter Jones accused health care reform opponents of mounting a vicious smear campaign against him. "They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide," he wrote.

That must be the same type of vicious smear campaign brought against FOX News host Glenn Beck by Colorofchange.org -- which was founded by Jones. The smear campaign resulted in many of Beck's advertisers boycotting his show. How ironic that Jones' own smear tactics came back to bite him in the end.

In videos posted on the Internet, Jones, an avowed communist and racist, called Republicans "assholes" and referred to George Bush as a "crackhead." Jones also released an album a few years ago containing anti-American rhetoric and racist, violence inciting lyrics. Links to that album can be found all over the Internet.

Are we surprised that the Obama administration didn't properly vet Jones who has a police record in two states?

And why are we surprised that Jones was so virulently anti-American? Isn't Obama also anti-American and hasn't he always surrounded himself with radical, anti-American zealots like Van Jones, Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright?

Is it any wonder then that Obama slipped this nutcase through the back door of the White House by making him a 'czar' instead of a cabinet member -- knowing that Jones would never get Senate confirmation because all cabinet members must be approved by the Senate?

Glen Beck is somewhere smiling right now.

If you thought Chris Brown would open up and be truthful about his violent episode with ex-girlfriend Rihanna back in February -- think again. Larry King was duped by Brown's camp into thinking he would talk about the events that took place that night. But instead of being forthright and honest about his bitch fit, he sat there and lied his ass off claiming not to remember anything from that night.

Rihanna should sue Chris Brown for everything he owns.

His mama, who is as sorry as her son, also appears on the program which airs on Wednesday. As I said before, I won't be watching.

Jaycee Lee Dugard was 11 when she was snatched from a bus stop by two strangers within sight of her home on June 10, 1991. Yesterday she was reunited with her family for the first time in 18 years.

Jaycee's stepfather, Carl Probyn, witnessed the kidnapping as he stood at the fence in his yard and watched Jaycee walk to a bus stop two blocks from her home in South Lake Tahoe, California. Probyn said he saw two individuals in a grey sedan pull up beside the little girl and drag her into the car. "I saw them pull her in and I tried to get her," Probyn said.

He jumped on a bicycle and pedaled furiously after the car but the vehicle disappeared over a hill. Probyn said he screamed for a neighbor to call the police.

In the 18 years since Jaycee went missing, Carl Probyn was under constant suspicion by the FBI and family members who thought he was somehow involved in the kidnapping. Jaycee was featured on America's Most Wanted and her kidnapping garnered national media attention.

The case was finally solved this week by an alert UC Berkeley campus police officer who spotted 58-year-old Phillip Garrido and two children handing out pamphlets on campus. The officer asked for identification and, after running a background check, learned that Garrido was a registered sex offender on lifetime parole after serving time in 1999 for kidnapping and forcible rape of a child. Registered sex offenders are not allowed to be in the company of children.

The officer notified Garrido's parole case officer in Concord who called Garrido into the parole office for a meeting. Garrido showed up for the meeting on Wednesday accompanied by his wife, Nancy Garrido, 55, Jaycee Dugard, 29, and two girls, 11 and 15. Garrido told his case officer the two girls were his. But the case officer had visited the Garrido home on many occasions and never saw Dugard or the two girls.

Suspicious, the case officer interviewed Garrido and Dugard separately and the sordid story of kidnapping and rape began to unfold. Garrido admitted fathering Dugard's two girls -- the oldest of whom was born when Dugard was just 14.

Photos taken by Google satellite years ago show the backyard compound where Jaycee Dugard was kept hidden

Garrido said he kept Dugard and the two girls isolated in a series of backyard tents and sheds, secreted in a larger backyard behind his ranch-style home in Antioch, California. The secret yard was surrounded by a 6-foot wall and blue tarps. The car that was used to kidnap Dugard was also hidden in the backyard, arranged in a way to isolate Dugard from neighbors. The main shed where the victims were kept was soundproofed and could only be unlocked from outside. Dugard and her two girls had never been to school or to a doctor.

“I knew he was always strange,” said Diane Doty, whose back fence was adjacent to the compound. “But I never saw the girl.”

Police arrested the Garridos and charged them with multiple counts of rape and acts of child molestation and sexual penetration of a minor. They are being held on $1 million bond each.

Dugard's parents eventually separated due to stress following Dugard's kidnapping. Carl Probyn, Dugard's stepfather, said DNA wasn't necessary. He said he had no doubts about Jaycee's identity. “She answered all the right questions. It's her. We know."

Probyn's wife, Terry, who now lives in Orange County, flew to northern California yesterday accompanied by the couple's 19-year-old daughter, Shayna, who was just a year old when her sister Jaycee was kidnapped.

Garrido granted a telephone interview to a local TV station, KCRA in Sacramento. "My life has been straightened out” in recent years, he said from jail. “Wait till you hear the story of what took place at this house. You’re going to be absolutely impressed. It’s a disgusting thing that took place with me at the beginning, but I turned my life completely around."

"You're going to find the most powerful story coming from the witness, the victim - you wait. If you take this a step at a time, you're going to fall over backwards and in the end, you're going to find the most powerful heart-warming story."


According to loyal reader G. Brown, Beyonce's tour manager and cousin -- some idiot named Marlon Beyince, went in on Rihanna today on his Twitter page. The coward quickly deleted the tweets after posting them.

He then twittered: "God please dont let me get in trouble for my tweets Lmfao!!!!!"

What a dork! Fortunately, Twitter.com's servers are very slow and it takes days for the tweets to be deleted completely from all the servers. So you can see see his tweets by clicking his name below.

Here's what the moron Twittered on his page:

Rhianna - Roc Nation's/Def Jam's *Cassie*......Terrible voice, Sub Par Dancing, Nude Photos, Shaved Head... Rhianna's just more successful

Is it me or i think The *good ole Jay could of found SOMEBODY else to sing the hook on this song....She sound like a cat hurt in the alley

INF Daily posted these pics of the long suffering wife and daughter of Michael Jackson's former personal physician today.

Blanche Murray, also a doctor, was spotted picking up her daughter, Camille Murray, at the Las Vegas airport. As the paparazzi (and irate Michael Jackson fans) swarmed around them, Camille buried her face in her arm and hung her head in shame.

According to Radaronline.com, Blanche is Murray's second wife. Dr. Murray has admitted to fathering six children with different women, and has been ordered to jail twice in the past several years for non-payment of child support for a son he fathered outside his marriage.

Dr. Murray was the last man to see pop idol Michael Jackson alive before he passed away of a cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009. Jackson, whose death was ruled a homicide, will be laid to rest on August 29, his 51st birthday. Murray has been named as a suspect in the ongoing investigation into Jackson's death.

Read more »

I just received an email from an irate government worker who obviously isn't a loyal sandrarose.com reader. If he were he would know that we here at sandrarose.com believe in being fair and consistent.

So to that end, I am posting this video which offers a different angle from what the photo shows. Watch the video and judge for yourself if Obama's eye is wandering.

Did Obama offer his arm to the young lady who steadied herself as she stepped down? Or did she have to reach down and grab his arm because he was distracted?

The world is going berserk over this photo of Barack Obama sneaking a peek at a woman's ample derriere during the G8 Summit in Italy yesterday. The photo didn't seem like such a big deal to me at first -- until the age of the child was revealed to be just 16!!!

If you're interested, her name is Mayora Tavares, and she is a delegate from Brazil. Mayora must have made quite an impression on Obama.

Beyond the photo itself, it's all the little things he does, that when added together, equal a sense of apathy by Obama toward his devoted wife Michelle, who helped get him elected. Like Obama forgetting how many years they've been married or how they met.

This photo has become a worldwide international incident. How embarrassing for our country and for Michelle Obama.


indiscreto di Obama

Oh la la la US president checks out bum of g8 delegate

16 year old from Rio catches Obama's eye

A matter of international interest

ABCNEWS: No he didn't

Forgive me Father (Obama meets the Pope today)


A medical examiner's findings ends the rampant speculating on whether or not NFL legend Steve McNair's jumpoff shot him multiple times before turning the gun on herself:

From TMZ.com:

We just spoke with Tennessee assistant medical examiner Dr. Feng Li, who tells us preliminary test results in the Steve McNair death show Sahel Kazemi fired the gun that killed both of them.

Feng -- who conducted autopsies on the two bodies -- told us he was able to make the determination from the crime scene investigation, police interviews, autopsy findings and preliminary lab results -- which include gun shot residue test.

Friends say McNair's wife, Mechelle McNair, had no prior knowledge of her husband's 6-month affair with the 20-year-old waitress whom he met last year.

Robert Gaddy, a close friend of McNair's who phoned 911 from the death scene, denied McNair and his wife Mechelle were divorcing:

"People need to quit talking about what they don't know. Mac never said anything to me about he was going to get a divorce, and ever since this has all happened everybody is trying to paint a certain picture and they need to talk about what they know."

An emotional Eddie George remembers his friend Steve "Air" McNair. Too bad Eddie didn't talk to his homie about shtting on his wife and kids for industry whores.

To those of you industry wives who think your man's friends, associates, staff won't protect your man's other woman -- think again. They will smile in your face and act like everything is all good. The bottom line for them is money, not loyalty to you.

Who didn't think South Carolina Governor Marc Sanford was cheating on his wife when he went missing for four days and couldn't get his story straight?

At a news conference in Columbia, S.C., Gov. Mark Sanford has now admitted that he had an extramarital affair with someone in Argentina, as he attempted to explain his mysterious disappearance from the state last week.

He said he had developed a relationship with someone in Argentina during the past year. Mr. Sanford returned from Buenos Aires this morning, after leaving the state capital last Thursday. His whereabouts had become a source of nearly national speculation, with aides first saying they didn’t know where he was, then saying he was hiking on the Appalachian Trail but unreachable.

Mr. Sanford also said he would resign from his position as head of the Republican Governors Association.

As for his wife Jenny, he said they had been working through this for the last five months. He and his wife have four boys.

“I hurt her. I hurt you all. I hurt my wife. I hurt my boys,” he said, and asked forgiveness from everyone. READ MORE...

His wife Jenny knew about her husband's affair for five months (as most wives often do) and stayed with him. But now that their dirt is all in the streets, she refused to stand by him at today's press conference.

The guy who punched the pastor had to be mentally unstable. Who punches out a Pastor in church?

Anyone who laughs at this video, please fall to your knees and ask the Lord for forgiveness because violence against a man of the cloth is not funny -- unless he was messing with the man's wife.

Most of you know our friend Dorion from College Hill Atlanta. But some of you may not be aware that Dorion is very well endowed is a rising star in the industry with another reality series under his belt, various music videos and maybe a movie in the wings.

Early this morning, some fool hacked into Dorion's cell phone and exposed Dorion's nude pics, address book, and other private info on Dorion's twitter page on the social networking site Twitter.com.

The hacker also changed Dorion's Twitter password so he couldn't get into his own account.

Additionally, the hacker posted private telephone numbers of Dorion's celebrity friends, and gay info on most of the heretofore unknown gay celebs such as Sammie (who knew?), and other celebs such as Trey Songz (we knew), Michael B. Cox (who didn't know?), Tyson Beckford (chile), and Brian from Concrete Poop (ha ha ha).

Anyway, Dorion called into WVEE this morning to clear the air and give his side of the story. His twitter page is fixed now and all the smut and phone numbers are gone. But I preserved the numbers for posterity -- even though I'm sure they're all changed by now.

Some people are saying this is nothing but a staged publicity stunt orchestrated by Dorion. But I doubt it. Dorion could have done this a long time ago if he wanted to. Plus, he's not the type to throw his celebrity friends under the bus. Anyway, this drama has scorned woman (or scorned gay man) written all over it.

Thanks to TalkingWithTami for the tip at 6:30 this morning!

Thanks to loyal reader Yasmine for bringing this story to our attention. This is a great example of our people taking advantage of the system. This is why there is no more Welfare for needy families. The widespread systemic abuse by hoodrats claiming other people's kids for government benefits killed all that.

I am from Maryland and read the Baltimore Sun every morning. This morning there was a rather disturbing article and I guess it bothered me so much because the family is Black. Sgt. David Battle, who is a triple amputee, and his wife Lakeisa seemed to have committed some kind of fraud! I am unsure if it’s fraud but this is what it smells like. A nonprofit group that builds homes for wounded veterans built them an $800,000 home in Pasadena, designed to accommodate his needs.

They were set to have a ceremony today and unfortunately that will not be happening because they already own, not one but 2 homes in Georgia. Mrs. Battle took an Army payment of $100,000 to acquire the properties and failed to disclose that they were the owners—she said on record that her cousin owned one of the homes, which was a bold faced LIE! So, the misdeeds were disclosed and confirmed when media from Georgia were confused about the ceremony and contacted officials in Maryland—this is where it was found out that the battles were going to have a ceremony in Georgia on Saturday for a home that was built for them there.

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Late Friday -- long after cubicle workers and the media went home for the weekend -- the Obama administration finally released that one photo they promised of the exorbitant Air Force One Manhattan fly over. The photo is not much to look at -- just Air Force One flying low over the statue of Liberty.

Of course, it could have easily been Photoshopped thus saving you, the tax payer, $328,000. Maybe that's the reason why White House Aide Louis Caldera went under the bus wheels and lost his job. Maybe Caldera was the fall guy who came up with that stupid explanation for why AF1 was buzzing Manhattan and terrorizing New Yorkers that day. Even a baby knows the Obama administration is lying about the real reason for that fly over.

Maybe Caldera thought the "file photo" explanation seemed innocent enough -- until the Air Force revealed to the media how much that fly over actually ended up costing tax payers. I can see Obama pulling Caldera to the side in the midst of the ensuing chaos, and asking him why he couldn't have come up with a better excuse than that.

Obama's staffers are going to get tired of coming up with excuses for him, and going under Obama's bus wheels for their troubles.

We will probably never know what AF1 was really doing in the skies over Manhattan that day. But what's more disturbing than a president failing to deliver on his promise of transparency -- is the way black people have covered up for Obama spending their hard earned tax dollars on photos in the middle of a recession.

The Kool Aid drinkers didn't give George Bush the same courtesy -- and he spent tax dollars keeping this country safe from terrorists!

It's a shame that Obama can get away with spending $328,000 on some photos - and even laugh about it!! Yet the Kool Aid drinkers raise their cups to him and look the other way.