Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, 28, married his longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, in a secret ceremony at their $7 million Palo Alto, CA home on Saturday -- one day after his Facebook IPO made him $10 billion dollars richer.

But the Zuckerbergs' honeymoon is already over.

Just 2 days after Facebook's Wall Street underwriters scrambled to purchase over 300 million shares to keep Facebook's IPO afloat at $38, the stock opened 2 percent lower in pre-market trading this morning.

The social network made history with it's initial public offering on Friday, but Morgan Stanley, Facebook's chief underwriter, was forced to buy millions of shares to keep the stock at it's opening price. While that type of stock manipulation may sound illegal, it is perfectly legal according to Wall Street analysts.

Now there are new concerns that Facebook stocks will start trading at below it's IPO value when the bell rings on Wall Street at 9:30 a.m. If that happens, small time investors who purchased the stock on Friday will lose big.

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  • Rapper Gucci Mane celebrated his 32nd birthday last night at Dream Nightclub in South Beach. Gucci celebrated his birthday with rapper Busta Rhymes and a bevy of beautiful groupies. The birthday celebration was presented by The S/E Groupe.

    According to sources, Gucci is undergoing painful laser treatments to have that ice cream cone tattoo removed from his face. Kudos to Gucci Mane for getting his grown man on!

    Photos by Urbanpartylife.com

    Valentine's Day is the one day out of the year when real men go all out to express their love for their faithful and submissive women. But rapper T.I. doesn't wait for valentine's Day, he expresses his love and gratitude for Tiny all year 'round. So what does a man give as a Valentine's gift to his wife who already has everything? Why not give her roses that are taller than she is, that are only grown in specific parts of the country and must be flown in on ice?

    In addition to the flowers, T.I. also hired a musician to serenade Tiny at an intimate dinner at home. And he filled the house with flowers, as well as gifts from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and other high end shops. Isn't LOVE Grand? :yes:

    Photos source: Instragram

    Please note that the following is a positive post...

    Actress Holly Robinson Peete and her husband, former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete, will renew their wedding vows after 17 years of marriage atop the Empire State Building on Monday, reports Page Six.

    Celebrity event-and-wedding planner Colin Cowie, who designed the couple’s 1995 LA nuptials, will also coordinate the private affair.

    When Holly hits the red carpets in Hollywood, she is often photographed with only 3 of her children; Ryan, 12, Robinson, 7, and Roman, 5.

    Holly and Peete are also parents to an autistic child, RJ, 13, who was diagnosed when he was 3. RJ is Ryan's fraternal twin.

    The Robinsons said RJ's diagnosis hit them both very hard.

    Holly said: “We went through this emotional connection, and we just cried in each other’s arms. We didn’t know what the hell this autism thing was. We were both in denial for a few weeks.” Rodney added: “I stayed angry and blamed the doctor and was still in denial—while Holly basically rolled up her sleeves and did what needed to be done.”

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    Miami Heat basketball star Dwyane Wade celebrated his 30th birthday at the Setai Hotel in Miami Beach last night. The point guard who is hobbled by a nagging ankle injury was joined by his longtime girlfriend (and part-time babysitter) Gabrielle Union; his teammates LeBron James and Chris Bosh; singer Kelly Rowland, rappers T.I., Rick Ross, Flo Rida, and about 400 family and friends.
    Photo: Keshishian / London Ent./SPLASH

    If you're a regular reader, you know I'm big on body language. Could Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's bodies be more in tune with each other? See how their bodies mirror each other, and their eyes are closed. Their body language reveals a couple who are in complete bliss without a care in the world at that very moment.

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    V-103 morning show co-host Frank Ski threw a birthday bash for his wife, Tanya Rodriguez on Saturday at his popular Frank Ski Restaurant & Lounge in midtown Atlanta. Celebs such as Antonia Wright and the Braxton sisters (Braxton Family Values) stopped by to wish Tanya a happy 30th birthday.

    We were surprised to see Trina Braxton accompanied by her husband, Gabe Solis (far right), after she caught him cheating online. Maybe Trina accepts the fact that most men are genetically pre-wired to cheat in order to further the human species (but that's for another blog post).

    Frank Ski's Restaurant & Lounge is located at 2110 Peachtree Rd. in NW Atlanta. The restaurant offers Southern food and features outdoor patios and private dining as well as a bar and lounge area.

    See more pics at ExclusiveAccess.net!

    Photos by ExclusiveAccess.net

    LeBron James celebrated his 27th birthday on New Year's Eve by proposing to his longtime girlfriend, Savannah Brinson, at the Shelborne Beach Resort in Miami Beach, Florida.

    According to SPLASH News, this is the cake that was made for NBA player Lebron James' 27th birthday. The call was made 2 days before the party. The instructions: make a birthday cake that is fit for a King. The baker, Alethea Hickman, (pictured above with her royal creation) was promised publicity for her bakery Hickman's Passion for Pastry. The Shelborne would receive the $3,000 cake as a freebie in exchange.

    But Hickman was surprised to see a different cake in photos tweeted worldwide on Twitter.com on Jan. 1. After getting in touch with James' people, Hickman was told her work wasn't fit for the king: "It just wasn't what was expected. When LeBron's people saw it, they just didn't want to use it and decided to bring their own cake."

    The cake is ugly, but at least she got the free publicity.

    Photo: Splash News Online

    Legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin, 69, is set to walk down the aisle for a fourth time. According to published reports, the Queen of Soul, who has a spotty history with men, is engaged to her "longtime friend" William “Willie” Wilkerson.

    “We’re looking at June or July for our date, and no I’m not pregnant, LOL!,” Franklin said in a statement.

    We checked public records and we found out that Mr. Wilkinson is only 54 years old. It's clear from Ms. Franklin's previous relationships with younger men that she tends to fall hard for smooth talkers who escort her down the aisle and later waltz out of her life with a substantial alimony check.

    Ms. Franklin suffered a medical setback in January of last year after allegedly undergoing weight loss surgery. She later released statements denying the weight loss surgery rumors. But according to Beverly Hills-based surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Koplin, in an interview with Fox News, such a drastic weight loss is next to impossible without surgical intervention.

    'Braxton Family Values' star Tamar Braxton, 35, and her husband, Vincent Herbert, were spotted celebrating the New Year in Times Square, NYC. As we previously told you, Vince is unable to travel or leave New York because he is still receiving outpatient treatment for a blood clot in his lungs. No doubt Vince is thankful to be alive after his ordeal.

    According to a source close to their camp, Vince is living temporarily in a hotel close to NY Cornell hospital where he receives blood thinners and gets his therapeutic blood levels checked daily. As a result of his illness, Vince reportedly lost over 50 lbs. But it looks like he gained most of it back.

    Tamar, who has a home in Atlanta, visits Vince in New York often. The couple will star in their own TV series on the WE tv network titled 'Tamar and Vince'. The show begins production in March.

    Photos: Splash News Online