Uptown magazine caught up with NBA superstar Dwyane Wade for a revealing look into his private life.

The 28-year-old, who once owned a 9,000-square-foot mansion in a tiny Miami suburb, now lives in a lovely yet modest row house (even though he reportedly earned $15 million last year). Wade explained that as he grows older (and settles down) he's let go of the flashy, material things that he accumulated in his youth.

On His Relationship With Gabrielle Union:

“I found someone I have a great relationship with and that was the most important thing. You have to like the person you’re around before you can say you love them,” Wade says. “That’s the biggest thing right now; we want to make sure that we stay liking each other.”

On His Chicago Home:

“I don’t need something too big. I’m in Miami most of the time. And I fell in love with [this property] once I was able to put my own personality into the house,” says Wade. “Every time I walk in my door, [I am reminded of] the journey that it took to get here and the hard work that I have to put in to continue to stay here.”

I'm sure by now you've heard about Kye Allums, the transgendered 'male' who plays for the George Washington University women's basketball team.

Allums, who changed her name from Kay-Kay to Kye, identifies as a man even though she has not had the sex reassignment surgery nor is she taking male hormones.

Under NCAA rules 'he' can continue to play for the women's team because 'he' has not had the surgery and is not taking hormones.

So what we have here is a chick who looks like a chick -- who still has all her functioning chick parts -- but she wants to be called a man now. And she, excuse me, he plays for a woman's team.

If that's not confusing enough, Kye says "My teammates have embraced me as the big brother of the team. They have been my family, and I love them all."

So all you have to do now is say you're a man and that's it?

Oprah Winfrey made this trend popular when she had that pregnant woman on her show calling herself a pregnant man.

I'm trying to be sensitive here, but I have a problem with a man choosing to play for a woman's team. Why not try out for the men's team? He/she can't have it both ways.

The Wall Street Journal apparently thinks so highly of rapper Soulja Boy that they invited him to attend the Wall Street Journal Conversations at David Rubenstein Atrium in NYC yesterday.

The swag rapper not only performed, but he also spoke to the well-heeled guests.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, right, brought out singers Keri Hilson, left, and Kelis (not pictured) to perform with him at his "One Night in Jersey" at House of Blues in New Jersey yesterday. Can you tell what Keri is dressed as?

Troubled singer chris brown dressed up as a convicted woman beater to pose with a Charlie Brown statue at the Opera Gallery SoHo in NYC on Thursday.

Photos: Splash News Online and Getty Images

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Singer Ciara attended Lord & Taylor's "Ultimate Face Lift" event in NYC yesterday.

Afterwards, she attended her 25th birthday celebration at greenhouse in NYC last night. Who else thought Ciara was older than 25?

Justin Bieber, left, who is 16, sat at courtside eating cotton candy with his pal Jaden Smith -- who is 12 -- at the LA Lakers game. The two are very good friends and Jaden often flies in on private jet (at great expense to his parents) to attend Justin's concerts. I think it's cute that Will and Jada allow their 12-year-old to pal around with Justin, who will be 17 in less than 5 months.

Photos: Splash News Online

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The Atlanta Hawks snuffed LeBron James and the Miami Heat 98-89 last night at the Philips Arena. Heat star Dwyane Wade, who was sidelined with a pulled hamstring, will participate in full practice with his Heat teammates on Sunday.

Celebs in the house included rappers T.I. and Young Jeezy, basketball legends, producer The Dream and socialite Ciara, who attended the game with Christina Milian's ex, The Dream. CiCi was described in the caption on the AJC website as an "American recording artist, dancer, actress, and fashion model." I had no idea she did all that!

What? Me? Worry?
T.I., who has a date with the Federal Bureau of Prisons on November 1st, sat courtside during the 2nd half.


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Alex Gidewon of AG Entertainment brought NBA superstar LeBron James to the Compound nightclub in Atlanta last night. Other celebs in the house included Socialite Ciara, actress Meagan Good, who is in town filming Fast & Furious; and actor Pooch Hall, who is in town shooting his TV show The Game.

I hear the turnout was better than expected. The line started forming around the building at 9:30 pm. By midnight it was a wrap. If you weren't inside by then, you didn't get in.

Heat star Dwyane Wade promised a Chicago judge that he would stop partying if granted full custody of his sons. Wade made good on his promise last night. The promoters thought in good faith that he would show up.

Ciara, who is forced to pay her own bills now that she's no longer with rapper 50 Cent, stayed close to LeBron in the VIP all night. She looked HAWT in a little black dress, faux fur and black pumps!

Thanks to Prince Williams of ATLPICS.net for the Exclusive pics!

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According to a report on FoxSports.com, NBA superstar Dwyane Wade told a Chicago judge Monday he would give up partying if he was awarded full custody of his two sons.

But the party doesn't stop just yet.

Wade and his Miami Heat teammates, LeBron James and Chris Bosh will host a party tonight at the Compound in Atlanta. Alex Gidewon of AG Entertainment is the first promoter to sign the Big 3 to host a party together!

Doors open at 10pm, but guests are strongly encouraged to arrive early.

Wade, who was granted temporary custody of the boys earlier this year, described the boys' mother Siohvaugh Wade as mentally unbalanced, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Testifying for a second day in a custody battle with his estranged wife Siohvaughn Wade, the NBA All-Star said his oldest son, who is eight, had been "alienated" from him.

Wade said his ex-wife needed help dealing with her anger issues.

He told the court he feared she had harmed herself, and the two boys, when she failed to drop the children off on a court-ordered visit earlier in the year and he could not get in contact with her for more than a day.

“I immediately thought the worst,” he said, “that she probably took them away, that she hurt herself or even hurt the kids.”

The Wades have not spoken since that incident on March 12.

Wade said if he got custody of his sons -- who are 3 and 8 -- he would give up partying. He said he would allow Siohvaughn to be involved in her son's lives but only if she completed an anger management course.

The Miami Heat plays the Atlanta Hawks tomorrow night at Philips Arena.

Producer/rapper Kanye West was working out in Sydney, Australia yesterday. The "Power" rapper played basketball with his close pals Virgil Abloh and Don C in a gym under St Mary’s Cathedral, according to Kanyewest.us.

Kanye and Virgil both wore a pair of Nike Lunarswift Running shoes ($85) in a black/total orange colorway, according to Upscalehype.com.

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According to a loyal reader, who asked to remain anonymous, NBA player Amar'e Stoudemire is upset with ESPN magazine for Photoshopping his shorts off of him in that soon-to-be classic Body Issue shot.

She also implies that the majority of you who thought he was packing might be correct.

Ok Sandra ..you know my people's is the mother to Amare's children ...an she thinks this is hilarious cause she wants people to continue to believe that he has a small peen...lol

But he was in Italy when the pics came out..so when she told him the pics where online , he asked , "with my shorts on right?"...lol. When the pictures were taken he had on shorts , they airbrushed them off...

*don't use my name , just clarifying ...cause the media was having a field day

A dapper Kanye West attended the Australian premiere of his 40 minute short film/music video "Runaway", held at the Hoyts Cinemas, The Entertainment Quarter, Sydney, Australia yesterday. He always looks sharp! Did anyone hear that track he leaked on Friday titled "Don't Stop"? What do you think of it? Kanye's much-anticipated CD, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, drops on Nov. 22.
Photo: Splash News Online

Usher Raymond partied the night away at Boujis nightclub in London, England last night.
Photo: Splash News Online

Former Spice Girls singer Melanie Brown showed off her assets outside The Mayfair Hotel in London early today. She was wearing a black bodysuit and leopard print boots.
Photo: Splash News Online

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A loyal reader sent in these pics of VH1's Football Wives, baby mamas and jump-offs doing lunch in Dallas, Texas over the weekend. Shout out to Dallas' most well known exotic dancer, Zeralyn, who dated one of the Dallas cowboys and was made a kept woman by another NFL player. She should have been cast in this show since it doesn't matter if the cast members are married or not.

Anywho, most of the cast met for lunch recently, except for Pilar Sanders --who's married to retired Cowboys star Deion -- and who the rest of the cast hates.

Their faces may be unknown to us now, but I'm sure they will leave an indelible impression on our souls once the Football Wives season debuts on October 24.

Amanda Davis (wife of Cowboys' RG Leonard Davis) rocked a Louis Vuitton bag that we've never saw before. Is it real? She is obviously meant to be the Kim Zolciak of the bunch. Let's hope she has better sense than the wig wearing mother of 2.

Chanita Foster aka "The Drag Queen," looked Fab! We don't really believe she was born a man. But she does make Wendy Williams look like Miss USA. Chanita is the wife of UFL Tackle George Foster.

Dawn Neufeld, wife of UFL TE Ryan Neufeld, is the only member of the cast who I am even remotely interested in (for now). Why? Because she seems to be the only one who is comfortable in her own skin. She's not wearing makeup, which to me is a sign of confidence and comfort with her own natural beauty.

Photos: Courtney N. Ward

NBA star Amar'e Stoudemire is one of the professional athletes featured in the ESPN magazine 'Body Issue'. A naked Amar'e is featured jumping into a swimming with one hand palming a basketball, while the other hand (or finger) covers his bare essentials.

The photo leaves a lot to the imagination, as well as lingering questions, such as maybe they photoshopped it out?

Via: TLF

Today's Morning Wood, NBA superstar LeBron James, was spotted at a preseason workout at a Air Force Base near Fort Walton Beach, Florida last week. Despite his strenuous daily workouts, LeBron still strained his hamstring in yesterday Miami Heat season opener in Miami.

LeBron limped off the court after playing for 3 minutes before a nearly sold out crowd. Correction: it was Lebron's teammate Dwyane Wade who strained his hamstring.

I am shocked that the NBA's superteam of LeBron, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh failed to sell out the American Airlines Arena in their first game.

The Miami HEAT beat the hapless Detroit Pistons by a score of 105-89. Afterwards, LeBron and his boo Savannah went out to dinner with friends. I was promised those pics by a friend, but I don't see them in my Inbox.

Photos: Getty Images and NBA.com

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This is so touching. I teared up a little watching this video. The Lake Stevens Vikings allowed the Snohomish Panthers’ player Ike Ditzenberger, who has Down's Syndrome, score a touchdown. This was not a scrimmage game, this was an actual regulation high school football game.

Watch how the players on the opposing team deliberately miss tackles so the kid can score. It's amazing how unselfish and compassionate kids can be when they are raised right. I hope you show this video to your kids when you get home from work today.

A cereal company is recalling limited edition boxes of Chad Ochocinco Toasted Oats cereal after charitable donors who thought they were calling a charity got connected to a sex line instead.

The number on the box is supposed to connect callers to an organization called Feed the Children.

But instead of being connected to the charity organization, the callers hear a steamy seductress offering services that are far from charitable.

Feed the Children receives a certain percentage of the proceeds from sales of the cereal.

Ochocinco told a local station that the number printed on the boxes was clearly a mistake.

But I don't know about that. Chad has been known to pull other attention grabbing stunts in the past.

Cincinnati-based Kroger Co. said Thursday it was pulling all Ochocinco cereal boxes from its grocery shelves because of the error. Some local stores had them on special display after the launch about a month ago.

Tara Sands of Reading, Ohio, told WCPO-TV and the Cincinnati Enquirer that her family called the number on the box hoping to learn more about the charity.

"We don't need anything to give our Bengals a bad name, especially Chad," Sand told WCPO. "He's obviously trying to do something great by doing this [for] 'Feed The Children.' "

It's hard to believe that no one checked the number before the boxes were sent to stores.


Here's the cast of the next chapter in VH1's seminal reality TV series featuring current, future or former wives, and/ or baby mamas of professional athletes (mostly the black and gullible athletes). The series is titled Football Wives.

:yawn: I'm already bored just looking at these chicks. Is one of them a tranny?

Here's what ICE over at Icedotcom had to say about the new cast:

Now if your an avid IDC reader then you know that I love women, love sports and loved Vh1’s Basketball Wives (hey Evelyn). So it is without further ado I bring to you the cast of VH1’s Football Wives starring my baby Pilar Sanders. Now generally I wouldn’t give a rats ass bout this show but like my crush on Evelyn turned me into a yenta on Sunday nights and an eventual fan of Basketball Wives, my longstanding crush on the M!LF that is Pilar Sanders, wife of legendary two-sport athlete Deion Sanders and star of her & Deion’s Prime Time Love reality show will most likely have Football Wives on my list of guilty pleasure television courtesy of VH1. The only other notable NFL spouse joining Pilar will be Melani Ismail, wife of former Panthers/Raiders/Cowboys & Notre Dame legend Rocket Ismail. Everybody else is either married or gettin dug out with no ring by a guard or punter on the Cowboys or some UFL player meaning a n!gga could care less. VH1’s Basketball Wives airs Oct. 12th at 10:30PM EST. - ICE


LeBron James' former teammate Delonte West has once agin denied a rumor that he slept with LeBron's mom Gloria Jones.

How many times does he have to deny this stupid rumor before people will believe it? Why do some people stubbornly cling to this rumor when there is not an iota of evidence to support it?

Even Delonte's denial is being questioned by a few of my readers, even though the man clearly said "Not at all."

Finally, LeBron's former teammate has been asked directly about the gossip. According to the Boston Globe, a reporter asked West if he slept with Gloria James.

"Not at all," West replied. "I come from an era where you don't say nothing bad about someone's parent, so not at all." West, now with the Celtics, is looking forward to playing with his new team. "There's a lot of excitement here," he said.

The reason Delonte said he comes "from an era where you don't say nothing bad about someone's parent," is because the rumor itself is shockingly disrespectful to Ms. James and LeBron.


Thanks to loyal reader Deirdre for the tip.

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James and his common law wife, Savannah Brinson, have settled for a 'modest' Coconut Grove mansion, not the gargantuan $50 million spread that a certain blogger lied about.

According to a Coconut Grove real estate agent, LeBron and Savannah have decided to purchase a $7 million, 4 bedroom, 5 bath mansion in quiet, secluded Devon Court, a private enclave of 15 homes just south of Miami.

The home boasts a soaring 3-story foyer, an elevator, and his and hers showers in the master bathroom.

In the massive hands of basketball phenom and Miami Heat frosh LeBron James: a contract to plunk down some cash on a villa in Coconut Grove, Fla. Despite the fact that it had been off the market, James first showed interest in the 10,000-square-foot-property in Devon Court, a private enclave of 15 homes, in August. It's not exactly what one would expect form someone who just scored $110M contract, but it's comfy enough: four bedrooms, five baths, a gourmet kitchen, exotic wood and stone finishes, an elevator, and high-tech touch-screen gadgetry that adjusts lights, TVs, and radios from afar. What James will pay is unknown at this point; however, the house has previously sold for $7.65M. Stay tuned for updates: “It’s not officially done (the deed transfer) just yet, but he has a definite interest in it,” according to Miami Realtor Peggy Brin.


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It's been a while since I served up some piping hawt Wood along with your morning coffee.

LA Galaxy superstar David Beckham removed his Galaxy soccer jersey and tossed it to a fan in the stands after his team lost 2-0 to the New York Red Bulls at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA on Friday.

Then as he left the field, a fan taunted Beckham about his alleged romp in the sack with a $10,000-a-night call girl named Irma Nici, who appears on the cover of In Touch magazine.

"Stop with the prostitutes!" shouted the heckler. Beckham turned and yelled "Do you want to say that to my face?"

The cowardly fan quickly backed down, denying he said anything. But David wasn't finished. He noticed the heckler had his team jersey on, which enraged him even further. "You got a Galaxy shirt on?," David asked incredulously.

Beckham's team of lawyers are scouring the earth for the Bosnian born call girl so they can serve her with a subpoena to appear in court. Beckham and his wife Victoria plan to make an example out of Nici by hitting her with a $25 million lawsuit!

Beckham wants the world to know that not all men cheat on their wives.


Photos: Splash News Online

Superstar rap mogul Jay Z, who played a sold-out Yankee Stadium 2 nights in a row, returned yesterday to watch the NY Yankees play the Tampa Rays. He sat in Alex Rodriguez's seat in the VIP box.

Jay's Yankee cap had a personalized inscription under the brim that read, "I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can". He's such a typical narcissist, isn't he?

His accessories included an Audemars Piguet Royal Offshore Las Vegas Strip Chronograph timepiece, which retails for $29,500.

And a bejeweled NY Yankees World Series replica ring. Jay Z and his buddy chris Martin of the rock band Coldplay will perform separately during a 3-day gig to celebrate the opening of the Cosmopolitan Casino and Resort on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas.

Photos: Splash News Online and AP

According to CNN, the owner of the NY Jets has apologized to a female TV reporter who was the victim of sexual harassment by Jets personnel.

Ines Sainz, a former Miss Spain who now works for popular Mexican network TV Azteca, told CNN's Rick Sanchez that Jets owner Woody Johnson called her on Monday to apologize for the team's inappropriate behavior. She said she accepted his apology.

On Saturday, Sainz tweeted that she was “dying of embarrassment,” after players began hooting and hollering and an assistant coach threw footballs at her as she stood on the sideline during a team practice.

“To be quite honest, it didn’t bother me," said Sainz in an interview with TV Azteca. "I took it as a joke, and none of the footballs actually hit me.”

Then, when she entered the locker room to interview Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, she said she heard players discussing her.

"I try not to hear anything, try not to pay attention. My cameraman told me, 'Don't look on the right, don't look at the left," she said. "But I really feel the noise and all the environment was talking about me."

Sainz said that a colleague later told her what the players said about her in the locker room.

"One colleague – one female colleague – came with me and [told] me, 'I'm so sorry. It mustn't happen. It's not OK,'" Sainz said. "So I tried to calm her. … I really know that she [heard] something that I didn't hear, and the rest of the media … heard things that I didn't really hear. So I really appreciate the concern about it."

Sainz said she thought no more of it until the next day when she learned the incidents were the talk of the NFL.

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Jamie Foxx dined at BOA restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood last night. The always stylish comedian and radio host wore Gucci from head to toe.

Banned from the VMAs because his ex-girlfriend Rihanna was there performing last night, struggling R&B singer chris brown instead braved the pouring rain to dine at the newest restaurant and nightclub in New York called 'Lavo', where he grabbed drinks with friends.
Photo by: Swarbrick/Donnelly/INFphoto.com

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Tennis superstar Serena Williams is pining for a love match with rapper Drake -- this according to the NY Post's gossip section, Page Six.

Sources tell Page Six that Serena has asked her agents to arrange an introduction to Drake, who at 23 is five years younger than she is.

"They're hoping to fix up a meeting with Serena when he plays Radio City later this month," said the source.

Question: why would a grown woman need her agents to "fix up a meeting" with Drake? It's obvious that Serena Williams has serious issues with men. And it doesn't help matters any that Serena only dates male celebrities, which narrows the field down tremendously.

Still, this news is a little hard to believe. Maybe Serena has already put the move on Drake and he spurned her advances? So in desperation, Serena, who broke up with rapper Common back in May, instructed her people to contact Page six to put the word out there publicly that she's interested in Drake.

Clearly, Serena has ongoing relationship issues since she can't seem to keep a man. Is she just another Halle Berry whose severe personality drawbacks keeps creeping into her relationships with men?

Serena should consider taking a year off from dating to speak with someone who is paid to listen. Therapy would help her to understand why she constantly sabotages herself in her pursuit of love.

Women today are just too aggressive for their own good.

I've said this before, but it bears repeating: men don't want a woman who is their equal. If that's the case they can date other men. Wait... they already do.

Drake cover source: RR

Yolanda Dix raised Nick Turner the best way she knew how as a single mother. But without a man at home, the streets ultimately claimed her son.

The former football star's body has not been found, but the police suspect he might be dead.

A single drop of blood that hasn't been analyzed, leads police to the conclusion that Turner's life met a violent end.

According to the AJC, Turner, 26, and a friend went to a weed spot around 8:30 p.m. on Aug. 28, in search of "weed from unknown individuals."

As the young men approached a group of drug dealers behind a warehouse on Murphy Avenue, one of the men opened fire on them.

Turner was hit multiple times, according to Lt. Paul Guerrucci, commander of the Atlanta Police Department homicide unit. The friend claims he turned and ran as the shooting began, but he doubled back later to find Turner lying dead beside a rickety privacy fence.

The friend then called Turner’s family, not the police, Guerrucci told the AJC. When the family arrived at the scene, “the body was gone.”

A quick search of the area turned up a gun -- an AK-47 -- and some spent shells.

The family flagged down a patrol unit around 11:30 p.m. - roughly 3 hours after the shooting. By then the crime scene had been disturbed by the family.

All that was left of Turner, who had been shot 4 times, was a single drop of blood that has not been analyzed. The shell casings were from a handgun, not the AK-47 that the family found.

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A brawl in the stands at the U.S. Open halted a tennis match between Novak Djokovic and Philipp Petzschner in Flushing Meadows, Queens, a borough of NYC.

The drama unfolded yesterday when two Canadian spectators, a woman in her 40s and her father, took exception to a younger man's cursing.

After some verbal back and forth, the three spectators appeared to squash their beef. But the guy swore at the older gentleman, who then slugged him in the mouth. The two men toppled down two rows of seats before the daughter jumped in and slapped the guy.

Kudos to the real men in the stands who came to the defense of the lady -- even though she had no right to put her hands on the guy. Security handcuffed all three and escorted them out of the stadium to a round of applause. Djokovic went on to beat Petzschner in straight sets to advance to the third round of the US Open.


Watch the video after the break!

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Troubled rapper Kanye West attended day 3 of the U.S. Open tennis match with his new love, part time model Selita Ebanks. The rapper and Ebanks laughed and cuddled together as they watched a match at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens in New York City yesterday.

At least Kanye has good taste. I'm sure he's happy that he dumped that cheating loser Amber Rose, who was only using him to further her own career -- whatever that is.

MORE pics after the break!

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Rihanna is in the Navy now. Isn't she gorgeous as a butch soldier? Love the hair! Okay, I'm kidding. She's actually starring in her first feature length film titled "Battleship," named after the popular board game that we all loved as kids. Rihanna will play a beautiful fearless naval officer who is helping to battle the aliens. That's funny, I don't remember any aliens being a part of the Battleship game. Yesterday on Twitter.com RiRi announced she will be releasing new music in about 10 days.

Jet Setter Halle Berry was not a happy camper as she arrived back at Heathrow airport after a two-day trip to New York yesterday. I'm assuming she's tired of answering questions about her rumored pregnancy (see her balled up fist). Halle is in London filming a movie. She was in New York visiting her daughter Nahla and baby daddy Gabe Aubry. I keep hearing that Halle can't keep a man because of her stank attitude. That's not entirely her fault. It's rare that you meet a beautiful woman who doesn't have issues. That's because these women grow up hearing how cute and beautiful they are almost daily. As a result, they grow up with a feeling of false entitlement. They simply stop believing they have to be nice to get attention.

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Yes, men can be gold diggers too as evidenced by Leicester Stovell's lawsuit against NBA star LeBron James. Stovell filed his lawsuit in June alleging he met James' mother, Gloria, in a Washington bar in 1984, when she would have been 15 or 16 years old.

He claims he had sex with the minor child only once, and that she contacted him months later to inform him that she was pregnant. Stovell, who is an attorney, said she told him she would name their child LeBron, a combination of Leicester Bryce -- Stovell's first and middle names.

But on Monday (Aug. 30) Gloria filed a counter suit against Stovell seeking to dismiss his frivolous lawsuit on the grounds that a DNA test proved he is not the father.

Stovell claims LeBron, Gloria and Santa's elves tampered with the DNA test so it would show a false negative. Stovell is demanding millions in compensation for the loss of a relationship with a son that he couldn't care less about even though he -- allegedly -- was informed of the child's existence.

He claims he has been trying for three years to establish paternity, which he hopes would lead to "financial and commercial opportunities."

But in a legal filing on Monday, James' team of attorneys, Frederick Nance and John Burlingame, scoffed at Stovell's demands, saying he is a gold digger (not in those exact words).

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Dwyane Wade and his girlfriend Gabrielle Union attended the Bridgehampton Polo closing day hosted by Hamptons Magazine, Bing and Dwyane Wade at Bridgehampton Polo Grounds on Saturday (Aug. 28) in Bridgehampton, New York. I see DJ Solange Knowles decided to dust off her afro wig and wear it to the closing ceremonies.

Actor Brian J. White, who everybody thought was teh ghey, got hitched over the weekend. His wife's name is Paula, and we are not surprised at all to see that she is LSLH.

Obviously she doesn't care about the gay rumors or the fact that her man doesn't exactly measure up.

MORE pics after the break!

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Over the weekend, the social networking website Twitter.com was all atwitter over an alleged "hit" put out by one of the NBA premier superstars, Carmelo Anthony.

The drama began unfolding on Saturday (Aug. 28) when Carmelo tweeted this message to his 300,000 followers:

Apparently, a mentally challenged woman who calls herself Kat Stacks sent private messages to Carmelo, who then responded in kind. Maybe 'Melo didn't realize who @iHateKatStacks was and that she would make his private tweets public.

In a panic, Carmelo tweeted the "hit" to his Twitter followers in an overblown macho attempt to prove to his wife that he wanted no parts of the Stack -- and that he was even willing to have the troubled woman roughed up to protect his marriage.

Carmelo then tweeted a photo of the $5,000 hit money in crisp $100 bills for anyone who doubted his word.

Not surprisingly, the tweets and the photo later disappeared from his account followed by a tweet from Carmelo yesterday claiming his Twitter page had been hacked. He also stated he was in China -- as if he had no way of tweeting from China.

We would probably be inclined to believe him were it not for the fact that his wife, LaLa Vazquez (@lala), co-signed everything he tweeted on Saturday!

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