La La Anthony was spotted strolling the streets of New York with her mom yesterday. You know what, I'm just going to say it: La La called the paparazzi to come get shots of her strolling with her mom in New York yesterday. As some of you may know, one of La La's lesbian clique members got out of pocket with your auntie on yesterday.

The whole thing started when your auntie questioned the hypocrisy of La La setting up has-been rapper Trina on a blind date with a man when everybody knows Trina is a legendary bisexual who prefers Doms.

Well, shortly thereafter, a flurry of DMs, text messages, and phones calls were made behind the scenes, and Trina decided to come for your auntie in the most disrespectful way.

The fact that La La is an undercover bisexual who hides behind her marriage to a ball player, and uses her celebrity friends to cover up her alternative lifestyle, is part of the reason why we declined to authorize her producer's request to even mention the name "Sandra Rose" on her show this season. We don't roll with down low hypocrites, and every drop of La La's tea will be spilt in a later post. So stick around for that.

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During the 2nd night of her sold out Speak Now Tour in Atlanta this weekend, pop queen Taylor Swift tweeted a pic of her backstage guests, rappers T.I., Nelly and Jeezy. Taylor and T.I. performed his hit single "Live Your Life", with Taylor singing Rihanna's parts. But not all of Taylor's fans shared her enthusiasm, and the backlash was swift.

Even before T.I. left the stage, Taylor's outraged Stans took to social networking sites to blast her for inviting the King of the south onstage. Some Stans called the 21-year-old singer every variation of the N-word. While others repeatedly asked "where's the love?"

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"Basketball Wives LA" cast member Laura Govan, in her infinite wisdom, decided to tweet this pic of her baby daddy, NBA star Gilbert Arenas, wearing a teeny cop negligee. Some might argue that it isn't a good idea for Arenas to be wearing negligee during the NBA lockout. But we contend that it is not a good idea for a baby mama to tweet a pic of her baby daddy wearing negligee at any time. Some things should stay personal between a couple, whether she stars on a reality show or not.

When R&B crooner/actor Tyrese took to, tweeting his 2 million followers about being kicked out of a radio station, we knew he was lying. The male attention whore complained that Delaware's WJKS-FM kicked him off the air earlier this week for objecting to the location of a liquor store across the street from a school.

The station's general manager, Tony Q, spoke up about the incident today, and, of course, his account differs greatly from Tyrese's story.

In a long letter posted on the WJKS-FM website, Mr. Q stated that the singer was shown the door for being rude to the DJ and for promoting a concert on the air without prior authorization.

You came on lecturing our listeners, you then asked the DJ if we had any listeners. What kind of question was that if we had any listeners. Then you went right into promoting your big night at the University of Delaware. You received the full air time you deserved. We did not cut off your mike, we did not let the audiences know that the interview was over but you did. You couldn't wait to tweet your words all over and let people believe that you were kicked off because you were talking about liquor store, that was not the reason. You got away with taking advantage of the only remaining independent station in the North East.

According to Mr. Q, Tyrese disrespected Delawareans on the air and, after the interview, he was kicked out of a Doubletree Hotel for causing a commotion. The station has retaliated by removing Tyrese's current single, "Stay", from rotation, as well as removing the singer's entire music catalogue from the air.

Read the entire letter after the break (thanks Snitch):

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Rihanna, 23, was spotted filming her new video for her crappy single, "We Found Love", in County Down, Northern Ireland today. The troubled singer took some time out of her shooting schedule to cuss out a fan on Twitter. Why doesn't Rihanna (and other celebs) ignore the negative and reward the positive on social networking websites? It always amazes me when celebs respond to harsh criticism online while totally ignoring their real fans who love them unconditionally.
Photo: Splash News Online

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First lady Michelle Obama was featured prominently in ABC network's promotional Tv ads for "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" season premiere which aired last night.

Most viewers who watched the TV commercials had no idea that Rihanna would be on the show because she was left out of the TV ads. In fact, the network did promote Rihanna's appearance as a "surprise guest" on blogs and in print media, but not in commercial spots that featured the first lady Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama simply wasn't interested in sharing screen time with a public drunken mess like Rihanna.

The Bajan singer, who once famously said, "I'm a rock star, not a role model!," wasn't actually on hand to help build a new house for needy families. Instead, she held a meet and greet with the families and a woman's veteran's group backstage at one of her concert stops (see video).

There's no doubt that Rihanna's public drunkenness has become a major cause for concern. Yesterday on, Rihanna lashed out at others who accused her of being a drug addict. But it appears that she Rihanna was worrying about the wrong thing. She failed to address her alcoholism which has become the talk of industry.

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My apologies to my mature readers who are tired of reading about this "fight" between rapper Fabolous and Brandy's little brother Ray J. According to Miss Info (via TMZ), the much-awaited video of the fisticuffs has leaked online.

-there are a lot of dudes voluntarily standing in very close quarters, with no music, no cocktails, and bright halogen lighting.
-Ray J, in his red hoodie (with hoodie up), is berating Fabolous….but after Fab complains about “touching,” there is some swinging arms and shoving.
-It sounds like after the scuffle, 50 Cent yells “What are y’all doing?” Which is a valid question. And I think Ray J says something like, “He got me twisted….”
-Whoever filmed this footage was literally standing right next to Ray J, looking over his shoulder, and holding a camera at face height. Given the 50 Cent namedrop, I’m wondering if he’s the one who cleared this clip….hmm. Source

The tweets are talking about a knock down drag out slugfest between rapper Fabolous and Brandy's little brother, Ray J.

If you recall, Ray J came to prominence when he came in appeared with his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian in that viral video a few years back. Well, the tweets are saying that Fabolous rocked Ray J's world last night. Ray J phoned into Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club this morning to address the rumors, and things didn't go well. :yawn:


Boxing chump Floyd Mayweather preserved his winning streak in the ring with a 'dirty' 4th round knockout over Victor Ortiz, who had his guard down.

Mayweather landed a quick 1-2 punch that ended the fight while his 24-year-old opponent seemed to be apologizing to him for an unintentional headbutt.

The first 3 rounds of the boxing match started off slowly. But the action sped up in the 4th round when the referee penalized Ortiz for a headbutt.

After the two boxers touched gloves to resume the fight, Ortiz seemed to be apologizing when Mayweather tapped him with a quick left jab and then dropped him with a vicious right cross punch -- while Ortiz's hands were down.

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Rapper Nicki Minaj, 29, was bored during a recent shoot for GLAMOUR mag, so she decided to start a new trend similar to the asinine 'planking' trend that swept a few months ago. This new trend is called 'fridging' -- and just as the word implies, you strike odd poses, preferably inside your mother's refrigerator.

Nicki demonstrated the new trend for her Twitter Stans, who happily followed her example by tweeting their own 'fridging' pics. One Stan even tweeted a pic of her cat fridgin.

See more lunacy after the break!

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Here's another post about down low men in the black community pretending to be straight while getting their backs twisted out in the privacy of their warm closets.

Until now the closeted NBA fraternity of gay players had managed to keep their existence a well-guarded secret. But Memphis Grizzlies rookie Josh Selby probably didn't receive the handbook on being discreet with those gold digging NBA groupies. Selby prefers his NBA groupies to be Hispanic boys who advertise their services on social networking websites such as

According to, Josh Selby sent pics of himself to one @iAmJustinCruz on who promised to turn him out after exchanging direct messages (DMs on Twitter). "I'm just curious, not gay, bruh," tweeted Selby to Justin, after making hotel arrangements. Justin's page is now private, probably to protect his other "clients" on Twitter.

The blog published email messages below:

Josh wrote: wassup bruh….heres some pictures of me. don’t show anybody! because im in sports and dont want people to know and plus im just curious not gay bruh.

Justin replied: Aight well are you still gonna get the hotel room? and once I’m done with you your gonna get turned out LOL and when you get time follow me @IamJustinCruz

Josh wrote: Idk about all of that but will see your pretty face and yeah I’m getting the telly [hotel room] 443-**** 443-**** hit me up aight!

Updated: the family of the 17-year-old boy in @iamJustinCruz's original profile pic reached out to us to let us know that his profile pic was stolen off his Facebook page. His name is not Justin Cruz. The person updating the @iamjustincruz Twitter account has since replaced the teen's pic with a blurry image of an older looking Hispanic male. That pic might be stolen as well. All you down low NBA players need to be aware that the pretty face gays you seek on Twitter might not be who you think they are!

*Edited to add screenshot of emails

Unlike most narcissists, BBQ Wives star Evelyn Lozada cares what you think about her.

She's extremely upset that bloggers have stopped believing her carefully constructed web of lies.

She's fighting mad that the truth has been revealed about her fake relationship with NFL's Chad Ochocinco.

She's angry with you bloggers, and she's not going to take it any more!

So Evelyn took to her Twitter page yesterday to clear up rumors about her dating Terrell Owens (like anybody cares) -- and to do a little kissing up to the blogs who happily print her BS lies.

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All over the Internet blogs claim that troubled singer Rihanna was chosen Esquire magazine's "Sexiest Woman Alive" for 2011. Unlike those other blogs we actually did our research, and according to Esquire's website, Rihanna did not even come close in the final vote count.

Rihanna was one of 64 women in the hotly contested "Sexiest Woman Alive" competition. But she didn't even make it to the Final bracket. Click here to see who actually won the Esquire Sexiest Woman Alive for 2011.

Oh, by the way, Rihanna took off her top for the Enquire cover photoshoot which was supposed to look sexy, but didn't quite hit the mark. If you recall, this was the shoot that Rihanna caught heat for after she tweeted that she starved herself to look skinny for the cover.

You can see footage from the cover shoot after the break.

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Despite the vigorous denials from Will Smith, 42, and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, 39, rumors continued to swirl about the status of their marriage yesterday.

According to celebrity gossip blog (which tends to be more accurate than other gossip rags), a source told them that Will and Jada are definitely having marriage trouble.

We're told it's "definitely a possibility" but they haven't pulled the trigger. In fact, we've learned Will, Jada and their kids are going away together soon -- as a family. Our sources would neither confirm nor deny if the trip is a last ditch effort to save the relationship. Source

Jada released two statements disputing the gossip yesterday. The 1st was a joint statement with her husband which you can read here. In her second statement, released through a rep, Jada specifically denied the rumors about a romantic liaison between herself and her HawthoRNe co-star Marc Anthony.

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