Michelle Obama Dances With a Turnip

Michelle Obama

Health food enthusiast Michelle Obama participated in an #AskTheFirstLady question and answer session on Twitter.com yesterday.

One of the first questions (which was surely pre-planned) came from a well-known President Obama impersonator who asked Mrs. Obama how many calories she burns when she turns up. “Turn up” is ghetto slang for get down.

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Let’s hope Auntie Fee never gets a cooking show

Auntie Fee

YouTube has an obsession with making Internet stars out of uncouth, uneducated people who are challenged by the English language. Remember Antoine Dodson and Sweet Brown? Most of these Internet stars have no real talent, but they do have a unique knack for making a spectacle out of the mundane.

One such person is Chef Auntie Fee, a sassy woman who uploads videos to YouTube featuring her low budget cooking recipes.

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Video: Mateo Finally Got His Cupcakes… on The Ellen Degeneres Show

Mateo wants a cupcake

3-year-old Mateo rocketed to Internet fame after his mother, Linda Beltran, uploaded a YouTube video of him begging her for a cupcake for dinner.

“Linda, honey, just listen to me,” says Mateo to his mother. Beltran says her son calls her Linda when he’s “very serious,” and he wants to make sure she’s listening to him.

After viewing the video last week, Ellen Degeneres made a plea for Linda to bring Mateo on her show. Beltran and a more subdued Mateo appeared on the show yesterday.

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Video: Beyonce snatched off the stage in Brazil

Beyonce almost kidnapped in Brazil

Beyonce almost kidnapped in Brazil

Saloon singer Beyonce nearly lost her wig in Brazil when a shirtless fan snatched her off the stage during a concert performance.

The incident occurred as Beyonce, wearing a blue sequined catsuit, was performing live in Sao Paula, Brazil on Sunday night. As she leaned forward to sing directly to ticket holders near the stage, one over-excited, shirtless male fan embraced her in a bear hug and pulled her off the elevated platform she was standing on.

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Video: Tarpon Fish Swallows Man’s Arm

man-catches tarpon with his arm

A man feeding fish by hand at a tarpon farm almost became human bait when one of the giant fish leaped out of the water and damn near swallowed his arm. The shocking video is like something out of The Old Man and the Sea — which tells the story of an epic battle between a fisherman and a large marlin. In this case, the fish almost won. After battling the man — and several of his friends, the huge fish got away.

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Viral Video: Dragon Baby

Dragon baby

You think your baby is tough? French-Canadian filmmaker Patrick Boivin’s baby is tougher. In this adorable video created by Boivin, 2-year-old Romeo Elvis Bulte toddles out on the grass and proceeds to pull out a can of whip azz on a stuffed dragon who crosses his path.

Neither the baby nor the stuffed dragon were injured during the filming of this stunt. The video is so popular it has garnered over 13 million views on YouTube.

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