Oh look, it’s the media making fun of black people again

Courtney Barnes

Just when we thought we had seen the last of attention hungry YouTube stars such as Antoine Dodson and Sweet Brown, here comes the media mocking another black person for their amusement.

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fanMAIL: Raven Goodwin Filming Reality TV Show at Waffle House?

Raven Goodwin

A loyal reader emailed me this video of Being Mary Jane actress Raven Goodwin getting into it with another patron at a Waffle House in Atlanta.

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YouTube Star Urges Women to Love Themselves and Throw Away Their Makeup

Lilly Singh

Some women can’t bear the thought of going outside without a face full of makeup. Some women have grown so accustomed to hiding behind layers of foundation, caked on concealer, lipstick and fake eyelashes that they feel naked and vulnerable without makeup on.

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Video Shows Bodyguard Dragging North West Through Airport

North West

There’s a shocking video going around social media that shows a bodyguard dragging 2-year-old North West, the daughter of mega stars Kim and Kanye West, through an airport as if she was a cheap piece of luggage.

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Atlanta Woman Says She Was Beaten Over a Hamburger

Myriah Pointer

An Atlanta woman is crying foul after the Atlanta Police Department initially refused to arrest her “best friend” and other women who savagely beat her over what she claims was a misplaced hamburger wrapper.

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Can Anyone Read Lips?

Beyonce and Jay Z

I missed the Grammy’s last night, so I didn’t see Kanye West’s latest cry for attention. His mama would be so embarrassed.

Apparently Kanye pulled another stunt by running on stage and demanding that an artist named Beck hand over his Album of the Year Award to Beyonce. Did Bey put out a new (and improved) album and I missed it?

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Michelle Obama Dances With a Turnip

Michelle Obama

Health food enthusiast Michelle Obama participated in an #AskTheFirstLady question and answer session on Twitter.com yesterday.

One of the first questions (which was surely pre-planned) came from a well-known President Obama impersonator who asked Mrs. Obama how many calories she burns when she turns up. “Turn up” is ghetto slang for get down.

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