Rap tycoon T.I. issued another sincere apology to all the women he offended when he said he would never vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s too emotional.

“I’m being told to be quiet & just let this pass…. Nah that aint quite ME,” T.I. wrote on his Facebook page.

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Look what Ebony magazine did to TV’s iconic Huxtable family. Ebony is so wrong for this. Don’t smear TV’s favorite family with Bill Cosby’s real life issues. Is nothing sacred anymore?

The disrespectful cover didn’t sit well with the show’s loyal fans. Many of them took to social media to criticize Ebony for exploiting the Huxtables to sell magazines.

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The owner of the Nevada brothel where former NBA star Lamar Odom was found unresponsive spoke with HLN’s Nancy Grace on Wednesday.

Dennis Hof, who owns the Love Ranch brothel, told Grace that Odom was “unconscious” and “foaming from the mouth” when 2 prostitutes found him in a VIP room on Tuesday. Hof said Odom spent $75,000 during his 3-day stay at the brothel.

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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart hold hands at the "Shades of Blue" set in NYC

Jennifer Lopez‘s boyfriend, Casper Smart, doubles as her nanny. Casper was seen arriving on the set of J-Lo’s “Shades of Blue” TV series with J-Lo’s 7-year-old twins Emme Maribel Muniz and Maximilian David Muniz on Wednesday. Casper came bearing gifts for J-Lo’s cousin-slash-personal assistant Tiana Rios, who celebrated her birthday on the set. J-Lo sang happy birthday to her prima before Casper and the kids arrived on the set in Queens, NY.

Photos: Jose Perez / Splash News

Natalie La Rose seen leaving BBC Studios - London

My niece Natalie La Rose was seen leaving London’s BBC Studios on Wednesday. Don’t act like you’ve never heard of this Rihanna look-a-like. Natalie is a superstar across the pond. She has like 100 million views on her YouTube video for “Somebody” ft. Jeremih. YouTube views isn’t an accurate measure of popularity. A record industry insider told me that if an artist has 10 million views on YouTube — 9.5 million of those views were probably paid for.

I don’t how true that is, so don’t quote me.

Photos: Splash News

Brothel singer Beyonce graces the cover of Beat magazine. Don’t expect any new thoughts or musings from Bey due to her code of silence as it relates to everything concerning the Carter empire. You will just have to be satisfied with this new photograph of Beyonce for now.

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