Celebs Out & About: Ashanti, Rita Ora

Ashanti in Beverly Hills Ashanti in Beverly Hills

Singer Ashanti flashed the A-OK sign at paparazzi while shopping on Bedford in Beverly Hillls, CA today. Ashanti apparently took back her rapper boyfriend, Nelly, after he cheated on her with a bisexual gold digger whose name shall not be mentioned.
Photo: Splash News

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Target Under Fire for Badly Photoshopped ‘Thigh Gap’ Ads

Target Under Fire for Photoshopping 'Thigh Gaps' On Models

Target is catching heat for Photoshopping advertisements targeted toward image conscious teenagers and young adults.

The retail giant altered the images to add crude “thigh gaps” on the images of models wearing bikinis. The graphic artist also altered the torso and waist of the models to give them a desired, but unrealistic Barbie shape.

The altered ads resulted in angry comments on Jezebel magazine‘s website.

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2 buildings collapse in Harlem; at least 3 dead, 63 injured in gas explosions

2 buildings collapse in Harlem explosions

Neighbors reported smelling gas moments before huge blasts leveled two rent-controlled buildings in East Harlem, NY this morning.

168 firefighters are on the scene where two 5-story residential buildings collapsed after gas explosions between 116th and 117th Streets and Park Avenue in Harlem. The fires are still smoldering as numerous ambulances standby to transport the injured. Police report 63 injuries and at least 3 dead following the massive blasts.

The NYPD say there is no evidence of terrorism.

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Video: President Obama Cracks Jokes About ObamaCare with Zach Galifinakis

President Obama sits down with Zach Galifinakis

President Obama’s approval ratings hit a low of 41% this week. His lowest approval rating ever was 38% in 2011. But not to be deterred by the public’s growing distrust of him, Obama appeared on an Internet show called Funny or Die hosted by actor/comedian Zach Galifinakis (“Hangover”).

Wearing his usual deadpan expression, Obama cracked jokes about his lame duck health care reform, ObamaCare. Apparently, the president thinks 4 million Americans losing their health insurance is funny.

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Morning Wood: Lonnie Wilborn, Jr.

Lonnie Wilborn Jr -- Jamaal Lewis for Stayinblessed Photography12

Loyal reader Cam Montgomery, Jr. writes:

Lonnie Wilborn, Jr. is 23 years old and is originally from AKRON, OH, but now calls Scottsdale, AZ home. In his own words: “I say no one is “perfect,” but what makes me a great catch is my personality, my drive and my ambition. I’m educated and determined. I work on myself every day. I’m big on communication and personal development.”

Lonnie’s Instagram

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    Barack Obama is just like you; the president shops at GAP

    President Obama shops at GAP

    President Barack Obama stopped by a GAP store in NY yesterday to shop for the ladies in his life — first lady Michelle Obama and his daughters, Malia and Sasha.

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    Caught: Model/singer Accused of Killing Store Clerk Arrested

    Skyy Mims mugshot

    A 21-year-old model/singer from Detroit was arrested Tuesday in the stabbing death of a Dalton, GA store clerk, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

    The AJC reports Skyy Raven Marie Mims was arrested around 5 p.m. Tuesday in Bartow County.

    She was charged with murder, and booked into the Whitfield County jail.

    The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says Mims stabbed 37-year-old Dahyabhai Chaudhari at Kanku’s Express in Dalton on Sunday night. Chaudhari is a citizen of India who had only been in Atlanta a few weeks.

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    NJ Woman Dies After Receiving Butt Injections

    Tamara Blaine

    Another black woman with low self-esteem issues has died following complications from illegal black market butt injections.

    The NY Post reports Tamira Mobley, 28, was charged with manslaughter and assault in the death of Tamara Blaine, 22, who received butt injections from Mobley at a seedy motel on July 8.

    A worker at the Liberty Hotel Inn on 10th Avenue hotel called 911 after witnessing a woman experiencing convulsions.

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