Gary Wit Da Tea

Radio personality and friend of the blog Gary With Da Tea is launching a new thong underwear line for men.

The 26-year-old Oxford, Texas native is known for his impeccable style and flair for fashion. So his new male-oriented lingerie venture is right up his alley.

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Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian

Power tool couple Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are desperate to attract viewers to their upcoming reality TV show.

Remember last month when they tried to convince their gullible followers that they were breaking up? That stunt drew nothing but laughter from the blogs.

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Catholic High School

A message to meddling moms from a Catholic high school in Little Rock, Arkansas, has gone viral on

The message posted on a door at Catholic High School for Boys instructs moms to “TURN AROUND and exit the building” if they are bringing their sons’ forgotten lunch, books, homework, etc.

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Nate Parker

A street artist is plastering altered Birth of a Nation movie posters all over West Los Angeles, Ca.

The movie posters feature the slave film’s star Nate Parker with an American flag twisted into a noose around his neck. Under his image is the stylized word “Rapist” with a question mark next to it.

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Taylor Swift

Tayor Swift has opening her heart and her checkbook to Louisiana flooding victims. The pop singer donated $1 million to Louisiana flood victims, many of whom lost their worldly possessions.

She told the Associated Press that Louisiana was so welcoming to her when she toured there.

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Rupert Everett Bruce Jenner

British actor Rupert Everett spoke out about parents and clinicians giving sex hormones to confused children to help them “transition” at an early age.

Everett, who is openly gay, warned parents not to allow their children to take hormones because most gender confused children grow out of their Gender Dysphoria.

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