Oregon College Shooter Identified

Police have identified the Oregon Community College gunman as 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer, a mixed race gun enthusiast and NRA supporter.

Mercer allegedly ordered students to stand up and state their religion before shooting them, a witness told the local News-Review newspaper.

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10 Dead, Including Gunman; 20 Injured in Oregon Community College Shooting

The gunman involved in a mass shooting at a small community college in Oregon was shot dead by police Fox News reports. The shooter was described as a male in his late 20s.

13 students are reported dead and 20 injured following the shooting rampage at Umpqua Community College in west Oregon.

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Glory Johnson Evicted from Brittney Griner’s Home

An Arizona judge has ordered WNBA player Glory Johnson to court to explain why she refuses to vacate the home she once shared with ex-“wife” WNBA star Brittney Griner.

The former couple’s legal problems became fodder for the blogs after they were arrested for using each other as punching bags earlier this year.

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Empire Ratings Tumble

Season 2 of Fox TV’s hit soap opera musical Empire took a big hit on Wednesday. Ratings tumbled from episode 1’s 16 million viewers to just over 13 million viewers in the second week. That’s the lowest viewing audience since episode 2 of season 1.

Twitter users mocked Empire for jacking scenes from HBO’s The Wire and indie film Hustle & Flow, starring Terrence Howard, who plays Lucius Lyon on Empire.

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Tidal Registers 1 Million Suckers; Jay Z to Celebrate With Star-Studded Concert

Rap titan Jay Z is overjoyed that his crippled TIDAL music streaming app has over 1 million registered users. In celebration of this delayed achievement, Jay Z is planning a star-studded concert to be headlined by his wife, exotic dancer Beyonce.

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Young Thug Reveals He’s a Cross-Dresser

Atlanta-based hip-hop artist Young Thug came clean about his affinity for wearing female undergarments in a come-to-Jesus interview with online menswear magazine, GQ.com.

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In Case You Missed It: Empire, Episode 2, ‘Without a Country’

If you slept through Empire last night, you didn’t miss the terrible script writing or the plot holes big enough to drive EJ Johnson through. If Empire put you to sleep last night, don’t worry, Twitter has you covered after the break.

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