Years of Rumored Alcohol Abuse Finally Catches Up to Beyonce

Beyonce makeup

Beyonce’s Stans are tearing out their hair weaves after seeing these unsightly images of their idol surface on social media today. The realization that their idol is less than perfect was a rude wake up call for her Stans.

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CNN’s Don Lemon Says He Hates ‘Empire’

Don Lemon

CNN’s openly gay anchor Don Lemon is hating on Fox TV’s Hip Hop soap opera ‘Empire’ — but for the wrong reasons.

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Rapper Afroman Sucker Punched Female Fan Onstage (Videos)

Afroman assaults female fan

Rap artist Afroman is trending on social media after irate fans uploaded videos of him punching a female fan during a concert at a Biloxi, Mississippi, nightclub on Tuesday.

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Celebrity Style: Rihanna Wears Alexander Wang Platform Boots

Rihanna wearing Alexander Wang platform boots

Bajan singer Rihanna was seen leaving her luxury apartment wearing a black puffer coat and Alexander Wang platform boots in New York City on Tuesday.

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New Twist in Case of Las Vegas Mom Killed in Road Rage Incident

Tammy Meyers

CBS News reports a surprising new twist in the case of Tammy Meyers, the Las Vegas mom who was gunned down following a road rage incident on Thursday.

According to CBS News, Meyers, 44, was shot by an unknown assailant after she drove home and picked up her gun toting son, Brandon Meyers, and the two of them drove around the neighborhood for 5 to 10 minutes looking for the men she had a verbal altercation with earlier.

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