Mariah gave Nick Cannon permission to sleep around

Nick Cannon

True love is expressed through our actions, not our words. Songbird Mariah Carey demonstrated her love to her husband Nick Cannon when gave him permission to sleep around, or sow his wild oats, before they got married. The couple have twin toddlers Monroe and Morocco.

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Patraeus Affairs: What did Obama know and when did he know it?

David Patraeus Paula Broadwell

It’s a story as old as time itself: powerful, wealthy man meets woman, man romances woman — despite being married to another woman.

Four star Gen. David Patraeus, 60, tendered his resignation as head of the CIA the day after President Barack Obama won re-election. The general’s high flying career was grounded by accusations that he cheated on his wife of 38 years, Holly, with his biographer, Paula Broadwell (pictured right).

According to the NY Post, one of Patraeus’s other mistresses blew the whistle on his cheating ways.

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