In other publicity stunt news: Rihanna was supposedly outraged that her album ANTI (pronounced "Auntie") was "accidentally" leaked online yesterday. The 27-year-old Bajan singer supposedly went ballistic after her boss Jay Z "accidentally" leaked her entire album on his flop Tidal music streaming service Wednesday.

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Drake Nothing Was the Same leaks

Despite his best efforts, Drake's latest album, Nothing Was the Same, leaked online last night. The reaction on Twitter ran the gamut from "Hated it" to "obsessed" fans who vowed to wait until the album drops before listening.

Originally due out on September 15, Nothing Was the Same was pushed back one week to September 24. That was apparently enough time for a hacker to upload the tracks to the Internet. Links are going up faster than Drake's record label can pull them down.

So far there has been no reaction from Drake or his record label.

Listen to the album before you buy it after the break.

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Kanye Wets's Yeezus Springs a Leak

Kanye West is probably somewhere doing some furniture moving now that his much-antipated album, Yeezus, was leaked in advance of it's June 18 release date.

Kanye is understandably paranoid about guarding his music from ruthless bootleggers.

To prevent unauthorized leaks of his and Jay Z's CD Watch the Throne, West, 36, recorded and mixed the tracks in portable studios set up in hotel rooms rather than established studios where leaks are known to occur.

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