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R&B singer Usher was spotted leaving Fred Segal Men’s Clothing store in Beverly Hills yesterday.

NFL players Chad Ochocinco, left, and Terrell Owens look on as Chad’s truck is ticketed for being in a no parking zone. The guys were filming Chad’s new show at Warren-Tricome in West Hollywood, CA. He has a reality show?

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Celebs Out & About

Singer Toni Braxton was spotted leaving the Ritz Carlton hotel today in Berlin, Germany. She was heading to her soundcheck for the Duft Show 2010. Doesn’t she look stunning for 41?!

There’s a new media slut in town and her name is Dez. You might know her from the many paparazzi pictures of her strolling with her BFF Amber Rose (has anyone seen her lately?) Anyway, Dez is always passing herself off as Amber’s “sister” to hide the fact that she and Amber are more than just friends.

The two allegedly met when they both stripped for loose change in a Philly gentlemen’s club in their hungrier days. Nowadays they both find that acting as undercover beards for high profile men is a much more lucrative gig than swinging from poles.

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FanMAIL: Amber Rose and Her Ex Still Talk, and Kanye Knows It

As I told you yesterday, I’ve been in communication with Trevon Haynes, the ex-girlfriend of Kanye’s lesbun beard, Amber Rose. At first Tre was reluctant to talk but I slowly earned her trust and now she’s ready to dish the dirt! So check back for that.

This morning I received an email from one of Trevon’s friends who says Trevon is still chasing male drag queens. Some of you will recall that Trevon, real name Tiffany Haynes, starred in the 2005 independent movie “Aggressives” that also featured Kimora Lee’s (alleged) ex-lover, Kisha Batista.

Well, the movie focused on Trevon’s affinity for male drag queens. So we’re not surprised that she’s strapping up with men. But that does beg the question: if Trevon loves drag queens so much, what does that make Amber? Is she tucking?

A loyal reader writes:


Ooh, drama! I’ll post Trevon’s response soon.


What Do Bloggers See In Her?

I still don’t understand certain bloggers’ bizarre fascination with this bird, Amber Rose. She looks like a plucked chicken which fits her chicken head status to a T. I’ve seen chemotherapy patients who have more swagger and sex appeal than Amber Rose. Anyway, she’ll be in Atlanta this weekend hosting some event as part of the BET Hip Hop Awards festivities.

Maybe she’ll do the same thing she did the last time she was booked to host an event in Atlanta — not show up.

Meanwhile, her ex-girlfriend Trevon emailed me to say she has some things she wants to get off her chest about her ex. I’ll let you know the scoop in a minute.

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Celebs Out & About

Janet Jackson attended a fundraising event for amfAR AIDS Research in Milan, Italy yesterday as part of the Milan Fashion Week. Isn’t she glowing in her shimmering cobalt blue Versace dress designed by great and good friend Donatella versace?

The gala charity event for amfAR hosted by Janet raised more than a million dollars for AIDS research.

Other celebs in attendance were Rachel Bilson, Dita Von Teese, models Alek Wek and Chanel Iman, disgraced rapper Kaney west and his beard Amber Rose, and designer Giuseppe Zanotti.

Janet Jackson and african model Alex wek

Supermodel Chanel Iman

Hollywood’s most comical couple: Kayne West and his lesbian beard Amber Hoes wearing a lip ring

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Is It Now OK to Turn a Ho Into a Housewife?

I found this interesting comment (among many) in an earlier post I wrote about black men who think LSLH/white women were a better catch. The responses in that post were mixed, with most women defending other sistas for raising today’s men to be the sorriest crop of brothas in history.

The old adage used to be, you can’t turn a ho into a housewife. So the question for today is: is it now OK to turn a ho into a housewife since Kanye West, Lamar Odom and just about every rapper is doing it?

Loyal reader Nichelle Walker writes:

Most of them do these days –- look at Kanye with Amber. Men now [would] rather have a stripper than a hardworking woman. It has taken over even with Khloe: she has been with at least 5 men I know of This year alone yet she can still get married. Men don’t value themselves any longer. So I don’t agree. I believe black men have set their standards low, it was a point where a man wouldn’t dare try to turn a hoe-into-a housewife but now that’s what they want damn a good woman…

You know how I feel about this subject.

We have all seen the disaster that’s resulted from black women raising black men alone in the last 30 years.

The bottom line is: It takes a man to raise a man. A female is not a proper substitute for a man in a boy’s life. We need to do better.

If you’re a single woman raising black boys, it is imperative that you have a man in their lives. You don’t have to be sleeping with the guy — he could be their uncles or male family members or just a friend. But he has to be there regularly in your sons lives to teach them how to be men. That means showing an interest in what they do, calling often to check up on them, taking them to ball games every weekend, etc.

In case you missed it: A female is not a proper substitute for a man in a boy’s life. And ladies, it would help if you stop putting black men down in front of your sons.


Now, Amber Rose’s Manager Claims She’s Mixed

I guess Kanye West’s beard, Amber Rose, is feeling some kind of way about my readers saying she’s white.

She had her publicist/manager/pimp Janero Marchand email me yesterday to say (I’m paraphrasing here): “Amber Rose isn’t all the way white. Her mama’s got some black in her. So please accept Amber into the tribe.”

Personally, I believe the only thing black about Amber is the sun tan lotion she bathes in. This tramp is not half black or even a quarter black. And just because one is born in a certain geographical location that is predominately black, doesn’t make them automatically black. If that’s the case then all the whites born in South Africa are mixed.

Janero writes:

Hey Sandra,

Just wanted to say that I read your blog daily and I must correct you on one of your Amber Rose posts where you corroborated with your readers claim that, “there’s no part of Amber that’s black”. Well actually that statement is inaccurate, I had the pleasure of meeting Amber’s beautiful BROWNSKIN mom who is from a country called Cape Verde which is an island off the coast of West Africa. The descendants from that country are usually of Portuguese and African descent and usually appear fair skin or white.

So actually Amber is half black and her father is Italian and Irish. So in correlation to your readers assumption, yes there is a part of Amber that is Black. Just thought I’d correct that statement for you and your readers.

I emailed Janero back and asked him for a pic of Amber’s mom to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Amber is mixed. Of course he couldn’t produce one. But he did offer that he was “sure in due time her mom will be accompanying her on red carpets.”

LOL! I’m still laughing!

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