Kim Burrell

The fallout continues over gospel singer Kim Burrell‘s hate filled sermon denouncing down low homosexuals in the church. Burrell, 44, has lost her radio show after her bosses took exception to a video of the singer calling homosexuals “perverts” and warning gays will die in 2017.

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Shaun King

NY Daily News beat reporter Shaun King, pictured left, is outraged over North Carolina’s anti-gay bill that was signed into law on Wednesday.

King, who is a white man pretending to be biracial, took aim at North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (right) for rushing the bill through to avoid protests from major corporations.

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marquez tolbert

Loyal reader Yvette sent this link to Marquez Tolbert’s Gofundme page to raise funds for his ongoing burn treatment.

Tolbert, 21, is one of the unfortunate young men who was badly burned when Martin Blackwell threw a pot of scalding hot water on him and his boyfriend while they lay in bed.

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