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Body Language 101: Scrappy & Bambi

“When the eyes say one thing, and the tongue another, a practiced man relies on the language of the first.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Body language is an important form of communication because, sometimes actions speak louder than words. Non-verbal communication reflects what a person is really thinking and feeling emotionally.

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Scrappy and Bambi Are Off the Market

Reality TV stars Darryl “Scrappy” Richards and Adiz “Bambi” Benson are engaged, according to ATL Night Spots. The Instagram blog posted a photo of Scrappy down on one knee proposing to Bambi.

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Celebs Out & About: Scrappy & Bambi, Chris Brown, Amber Rose, Mario Lopez

If you thought rappers Scrappy, left, and Bambi were faking their relationship to boost TV ratings for their reality show, you’re wrong. I observed the couple from afar, on the other side of the high end shoes department in Saks Fifth Avenue on Saturday. They really are a couple. Their body language was unmistakable. Thanks…

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