Beyonce Knowles Super Bowl Halftime

One thing that we know about narcissists is that they are very protective of their public image.

Narcissists such as Beyonce spend a great deal of time in mirrors cultivating and perfecting the image that you see. So when a blog comes along and posts unflattering images of Beyonce, they must be dealt with accordingly.

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Jay Z hugging Beyonce

They're saying this is what caused the power surge that knocked out half the lights in the New Orleans Superdome after Beyonce's spectacular halftime performance Sunday night. Kelly Rowland's boyfriend/manager, Tim Weatherspoon, gave Instagram users an insider's behind-the-scenes perspective by snapping the above pic of rapper Jay Z bear hugging his wife, Beyonce, after her performance.

The official word from the power company is that the power outage came from the Superdome side. Entergy New Orleans tweeted: "Power issue at the Super Dome appears to be in the customer's side. Entergy is providing power to the Dome."

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Beyonce sings National Anthem at Superdome

In an attempt to silence her critics, Beyonce performed the National Anthem live at a scheduled press conference at the Superdome in New Orleans today. The impromptu performance wasn't as spectacular as her pre-recorded lip-sync fiasco at President Obama's Inauguration. But Beyonce did manage to draw a smattering of applause when she was done.

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Beyonce skimpy Super Bowl outfit

Yes, this is another Beyonce post. No, I am not on the payrolls of Beyonce or her husband Jay Z. Earlier today Beyonce revealed the skimpy outfit she plans to wear during her much-hyped Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday. The outfit is similar to the ones the NFL referees wear, but without the hooker boots and sexy boy shorts. Beyonce's intentions are to make sure that sports fans holding Super Bowl tickets will forget all about the action on the field.

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    Beyonce and Jay-Z spend a day out shopping's photographer spotted singer Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay Z out shopping in Manhattan Friday. Beyonce and Jay Z stopped by Cipriani's for a take out meal before returning home. Beyonce is among the performers hand picked by President Barack Obama for his second inauguration ceremony on January 21 in DC. Beyonce will sing the National Anthem. Other artists slated to perform include James Taylor and Kelly Clarkson. But not everyone is excited to see Beyonce perform.
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    Beyonce GQ

    Not everyone is sipping from the Beyonce fountain of self-obsession. The Guardian newspaper slammed Beyonce for being a "raging narcissist," as well as a hypocrite who posed barely nude for a photographer who has been accused of sexual harassment.

    In addition to calling singer Beyonce Knowles a 'raging narcissist,' the paper shreds Beyonce's conflicting statements about feminism in the February issue of GQ magazine.

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    Beyonce Goyard luggage

    Because she can -- singer Beyonce shows off her expensive luggage collection from Parisian trunk maker Goyard. The 31-year-old mother of one posted this pic on her Instagram account. If you recall, Kanye West designed a "Robot face" backpack for Goyard in 2010, during his meat and potato days when he dated fashion plate socialite Amber Rose.

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    Beyonce covers GQ

    GQ magazine published some of the photos from Beyonce's cover shoot for the February issue. The stunning photos portray a woman who celebrates her sexuality, even as her husband pushes toward 50. Her toned cheerleader body belies the fact that she was ever pregnant (some still believe she never was).

    In the interview, by Andy Wallace, Beyonce says she loves being onstage:

    "I love my job, but it's more than that: I need it," she says. "Because before I gave birth, it was the only time in my life, all throughout my life, that I was lost." She means this in a good way: When her brain turns off, it is, frankly, a relief. After drilling herself, repeating every move so many times, locking them in, she can then afford not to think. "It's like a blackout. When I'm onstage, I don't know what the crap happens. I am gone... I'm like, 'Please piss me off before the performance.' I used to use everything."

    Her daughter, Blue Ivy, with rapper Jay Z, is only mentioned once in the article -- by the writer. The reader is reminded often that Beyonce is focused on branding herself. She won't stop until she has seared her image into everyone else's reality. Being a mother is what every woman is born to do. No more, no less.

    Top by Azzedine Alaïa. Panties by Dolce & Gabbana. Earrings by Lorraine Schwartz. Chain and rings by Manon, Bracelets by Tom Ford. Heels by Versace.

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    Beyonce GQ cover

    An Instagram user uploaded a photo of the upcoming cover of GQ magazine's February issue featuring singer Beyonce. The scantily dressed Beyonce teases GQ's male demographic with a peek at her silicone filled breasts under a cut-off sports jersey. She wears a just barely there zippered bikini bottom. Bey is scheduled to take the stage during the halftime of Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans on Feb. 3. The cover could be fake, so wait for the official word from GQ before you make a rush out to your local magazine stand.


    From Conde Nast (GQ publisher):

    If you’ve been anywhere near the internet in the last day, you’ve likely heard buzz surrounding Beyoncé's February GQ cover. Well, we are proud to announce: it’s true. And you can check out the real cover in all it's glory here.

    What’s more, we promise it only going to get better (and hotter). But you’ll have to wait until Tuesday, January 15, when GQ releases the full photo shoot and interview with Beyoncé.

    The February issue hits newsstands nationwide on Tuesday, January 22.

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