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Janelle Monae ‘Skin Bleaching’ Photo Sparks Uproar

We can add eccentric singer Janelle Monae‘s name to the growing list of self-hating black artists who bleach their skin to fit the industry standard of beauty. The 28-year-old Kansas City native Instagram’d this image of herself posing with a soccer ball bearing a Pepsi logo. The photo caused an uproar among Janelle’s rabid so-called…

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Medical Minute: Body Dysmorphic Disorder BDD

Last night a friend sent this photo of blogger Necole Bitchie with the caption “She is getting bleach happy.” Because the friend didn’t identify the females in the photo, I had no idea the female on the left was Necole. The last time we explored the issue of Necole’s low self-esteem was in this post…

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