Mary J Blige and Emma Stone

R&B Diva Mary J Blige, pictured above left with actress Emma Stone, was surrounded by untold riches and wealth at the 2013 Peace, Love & A Cure Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation Benefit at a private residence in Cresskill, NJ on Tuesday, May 21.

In February, Uncle Sam hit Blige with a massive $3.4 million tax lien.

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In a hilarious guest appearance on Dave Letterman last night, comedian Chris Rock clowned Bill Clinton - who he followed on the show - for being more enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton than he was for Obama.

My favorite Chris Rock one liner about Sarah Palin, "You let a white lady shoot a moose, [but] black man kill a dog -- that's a crime!"

CLICK HERE if you can't see the video. Thanks to Zedi at for the link!