If you thought the dead birds falling from the sky in Arkansas was an omen — you were correct.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Chris is set to make His first official appearance on earth since being nailed to that cross about 2,000 years ago. This, according to an expert who used mathematics and dates from the Bible to determine the exact date.

According to Splash News, the billboard is erected near one of the busiest roads in Los Angeles for the purpose of high visibility to the heathens and sinners driving by.

The date ‘May 21st 2011’ is printed on the huge billboard. A religious website named www.wecanknow.com is behind the advertisement. An American Christian radio broadcaster named Harold Camping has predicted this exact day using mathematics and dates from the Bible. He also predicts that this will be the start of Judgement Day and the end of the World will follow on October 21, 2011.