TLC Sisterhood cast

958,000 is roughly the number of viewers who tuned in to watch the series premiere of TLC's reality TV show Sisterhood last Tuesday. In fact, the number of viewers who tuned in was so low that the show is not even listed on the TV ratings charts for shows that aired on January 1st.

Apparently, TLC's decision to cut the check for a reality show that focuses on preacher's wives was not a good move.

250 is the number of signatures reached on a petition to pressure TLC into canceling the show. But the petition might not be necessary.

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I found this video on AOL Black Voices blog. The video is a deep discussion about the different ways to God according to Oprah Winfrey.

The lively discussion took place on Oprah's "After Oprah" show on the Oxygen channel. I've never seen Oprah's audience go in on her the way this audience does. Her critics claim Oprah is denying Jesus in this video. That's not my interpretation. What I hear is Oprah explaining that there are other religions in the world other than Christianity.