Barack Obama and David Patraeus

The heat is on President Obama as angry congressional leaders demand to know why the Obama administration withheld information about a sex scandal involving the head of the CIA until after the elections.

And now Obama’s choice to lead the NATO team in Afghanistan is himself embroiled in a sex scandal involving one of former CIA director David Patraeus’s alleged mistresses.

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Barack Obama David Patraeus

Dianne Gallagher WCNC

The Obama administration was desperate to keep the David Patraeus sex scandal from exploding on the eve of the presidential election.

There is evidence that the FBI — who answers to Obama — may have suppressed allegations that the disgraced former CIA chief was cheating on his wife at least a week before the elections.

On Monday night, about a dozen FBI agents descended upon the home of Patraeus’ alleged mistress searching for evidence.

“The FBI is here… I think there might be more than sex involved now…” tweeted WCNC reporter Dianne Gallagher, who was outside Paula Broadwell’s Dilworth home.

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