Robert Marks Lyntell Washington

A Baton Rouge assistant principal is accused of killing his pregnant co-worker after she threatened to expose their affair to his wife.

Robert Marks, 39, was arrested on June 9 and charged with 1st degree murder and feticide in the shooting death of pregnant colleague Lyntell Washington, 40.

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Alexandria and Anastasia Duval

A yoga instructor is charged with second degree murder after she drove off a cliff to deliberately kill her twin sister, police allege.

Honolulu police say Alexandria Duval, also known as Alison Dadow, intentionally drove her car off a cliff to kill her identical twin sister, Anastasia Duval, also known as Ann Dadow.

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Deontae Mitchell

2 hardened criminals are in custody in connection with the abduction and murder of a 13-year-old Detroit boy.

Deontae Mitchell’s body was found in a field on Detroit’s eastside on Thursday. He was abducted at gunpoint Tuesday night outside a grocery store.

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charles wade

Black Lives Matter activist Charles Wade claims he was only trying to help a teenager find “housing” when he booked a motel room for her. The 17-year-old girl was busted less than an hour later by an undercover officer who answered her Backpage ad for sex.

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vancito gumbs

A former DeKalb County police officer is among 32 gang members named in a federal indictment, according to published reports.

U.S. Army veteran Vancito Gumbs, 23, was an active Dekalb County police officer when he took a better paying side gig as a hitman for the notorious street gang Gangster Disciples.

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