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Troubled rapper Kevin Gates barely tasted freedom before he was re-arrested on an outstanding weapons charge on Friday.

Gates, whose full name is Kevin Jerome Gilyard, was due to be released from the Polk County (Florida) jail on Friday, March 24, when jail staff uncovered an outstanding warrant on weapons charges and he was returned to prison.

The “2 Phones” musician had completed five months of a six month jail sentence for kicking a female fan in the stomach at a concert in Lakeland, Florida in 2015.

In video footage of the incident, Gates appeared to kick the woman in her abdomen, and he was convicted of battery last year (Oct16), receiving a 180 day sentence and one year of probation.

A hearing relating to Gilyard’s outstanding warrant will reportedly take place today, MArch 24.

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Paris protests

Riots broke out in Paris as hundreds of people marched in the streets after a 22-year-old black man was violently sodomized by police.

Video footage taken from a mobile phone shows 4 officers stopping a youth worker named Theo in a suburb of Paris last week.

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Karina Vetrano

The father of Chanel Lewis, the man suspected of raping and strangling Queens jogger Karina Vetrano, said his son is “a humble kid”.

“It’s extremely surprising… he’s not the person for that,” said Richard Lewis, 70, a retired schoolteacher.

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Uber driver

A California Uber driver eavesdropped on a conversation between 2 female passengers and discovered they were pimps running a sex trafficking ring. Uber driver Keith Avila is being hailed as a hero for helping police bust up the ring and rescue a 16-year-old girl.

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