Dawn Richard

There's a debate raging on Instagram between Dawn Richard fans who say she had major reconstructive surgery and bleaching done to her face, and others who say she had no work done. Which group do you fall into?

The 29-year-old former member of Danity Kane was involved in a strange 5-year relationship with Day26's Q Mosley that went nowhere.

Her album, GoldenHeart, was released on January 15.

Thanks to loyal reader @Humble_one for the tip.

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  • I watched the Sean Hannity Show last night and I saw this dumb blond chick talking but I had no clue she was the singer Aubrey O'Day, formerly of that lame girl group Dannity Kane. I could swear they said she was a Playboy cover girl, but I guess that was an inside joke. That's what I get for tuning in late.


    Danity Kane's D. Woods is featured on one of this month's covers of King magazine. DK, the manufactured group she's a member of is also featured on a cover but I'll pass. When will the music industry catch a clue that the reason their industry is in the sewer is because they chose sex over substance?