So what's up with Ciara reinventing her style every week? Aren't you supposed to create a new style and stick with it? I'm not feeling the black Goth look, but maybe CiCi thinks she looks like a Super model?

It really doesn't matter what you look like -- the music is the thing. If Ciara doesn't bring it when she drops her new album --- her career is over.

Kids have too many options available to them these days to be wasting their money on garbage.

Anyway, I spotted this video this morning of Ciara steady lying about posing nude for VIBE magazine. Are we still talking about that?

CLICK HERE if you can't see the video.

As I told you earlier, Ciara (or her camp) attempted to put out a false rumor that she was suing VIBE magazine for airbrushing her drawls off of her for the cover of VIBE.

But her own people within her camp told me that the Ciara wasn't suing anybody.

VIBE's editor in chief, Danyel Smith, says not only did Ciara pose nude, but it was Ciara's idea to do so:

"It's just dramatic. I'm actually really sad. Almost any photo you see on the cover of Vibe or any magazine is airbrushed [to some degree]. What I was thinking of doing, actually, was releasing the unretouched photos [on Vibe's] website, so people can see what the hullabaloo is all about."

"I have so much respect for Ciara and Ciara was so happy when she pitched this idea to us, and the photos are actually striking and beautiful."

Smith clarifies that the magazine has not been sued by the singer. "Vibe would never put anybody out there - man, woman or child - in some way that they did not agree to be. We have no history of doing that."

So there you have it. Ciara is on a slow spiral downward and she's picking up speed with every dumb decision she makes regarding her career. The dumbest decision, of course, was dumping her manager who never would have allowed the VIBE cover fiasco to happen in the first place.