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Beyonce is so desperate to stay relevant. Word on the curb is that she begged her former Destiny's Child bandmates to join her onstage during halftime of Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans on Feb. 3rd. Beyonce is hoping the reunion will be similar to the Jacksons' Motown 25 reunion in 1983 that catapulted Michael Jackson into the pop stratosphere.

According to, Destiny's Child will perform "their classic hits" from an upcoming album, in addition to one new song, "Nuclear," which Beyonce announced yesterday.

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    Kelly Rowland on the set of ICE

    Earlier today, songbird Kelly Rowland released the teaser for her full-length music video "ICE".

    "The whole feeling of ice is very sensual... it's very sexy," said Rowland, referring to the video and the frozen cubes as they glide over her body. "It's going to be so magical," said Rowland of the video which was shot recently on a closed set.

    "Ice" is off of Rowland's studio album, Year of the Woman, which is set for a 2013 release.

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    The urban blogosphere was all abuzz today with rumors about throwback, old skool group Destiny's Child getting back together for the 20th time. I don't know why I even bothered to run with this DC reunion story when I couldn't care less if they got back together or not.

    Anyway, group member Michelle Williams gave the rumor legs by running off at the mouth about working "on the future of Destiny's Child." After Matthew and Beyonce got in that azz, she took to her Twitter page to clear up the rumor:

    “I never said DC is getting back together. Just bcuz I said we love each other and are sisters….they took that quote and ran with it! Sorry :( "

    I guess this is the biggest news on the urban blogs today. For certain it is a momentous occasion on Your Beyonce Fetish blog. Excuse me one moment while I :yawn:

    What does this make, the 15th time this old school group has broken up and gotten back together now?

    From ContactMusic:

    Destiny's Child are reuniting.

    The sexy R'n'B trio - consisting of Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams - are planning to get back together in 2010. Michelle told Britain's News of the World newspaper: "It definitely will happen. We're sisters, we love each other and we want to work on the future of Destiny's Child."

    The 'Survivor' hitmakers split in 2005 to pursue solo careers. Rumours they were reforming began circulating earlier this month, when it was revealed they were contractually obliged to produce another album. A source said: "They still have another album they owe their label, Columbia Records, on their contract."

    The trio will reportedly head back into the studio to record their new album when 'Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)' singer Beyonce finishes her current tour to promote her latest solo album 'I Am: Sasha Fierce'.

    Thanks to loyal reader G. Brown for the tip!

    Former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland is no longer "living in fear" of self doubt after finding fame and huge success overseas. Kelly, who plays second fiddle to Beyonce here in the states, is a Superstar over in Europe. "I feel empowered – finally!," Kelly Rowland told USA today in a recent interview.

    When you don’t believe in yourself, you feel like you’re living in fear. You don’t give yourself the opportunity to believe that you can. And as much as you tell yourself you can’t do it, you end up not doing it.

    Kelly said she is having much more fun now that her music is not restricted by American standards.

    I have a new boost of energy. All the creative juices are flowing, and I'm having so much fun in the studio because I'm making dance records. And I'm working with producers who are just as curious about the sound internationally, too.

    Here in America, sometimes my music didn't quite work, but overseas it's on top of everybody's chart. I've had more international success than domestic success, and I think that opens my eyes up to music. I mean, I just got back from performing in Lebanon. Lebanon! Read more...

    Former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland tossed the pigskin around during an X-Box 360 event in Malibu, CA on Friday (7/24). Kelly displays good throwing form, doesn't she?

    Singer and heartthrob Ginuwine struck a pose before performing live at Central Park's SummerStage event on Sunday in NYC.

    MORE pics of celebs out & about after the break!

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    Burlesque singer and former Destinys Child frontman Beyonce Knowles finally left my homeland of London, England today after performing her final concert last night.

    Beyawnce wore a silk Summer dress with a ruffled collar, strappy metallic platform sandals and a modified trench coat with half sleeves.

    MORE pics of Beyonce's departure after the break!

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