Jonathan Casillas

According to Instagram blog Industry On Blast, NFL player Jonathan Casillas was busted trying to score a late night hook up with a transgender on

The 28-year-old New York Giants linebacker is among a slew of professional football players who shamelessly solicit trans individuals for sex on Instagram.

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Loyal reader Zuley writes:

Hey Sandra,

I saw on your blog you posted pictures of Basketball Wives Jennifer Williams and model Dollicia Bryan and they both had on the SAME limited edition Christian Louboutins on the red carpet. The must haves out here in LA. They are called the Christian Louboutin Daffodil Brodee. Those heels are ovahhh and gave me a shoegasm. They didn't have any left at the Christian Louboutin store out here in LA and there is a waiting list on them I was told by the store manager.

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First Beyonce blatantly ripped off Leyomi Mizrahi's signature ponytail pull, and now Dollicia Bryan -- who isn't famous for doing anything -- is copying the pose. Who's next?

I received this email from a loyal reader who writes:

Hey Sandra,
I just got this email of Bow Wow's ex jump-off Dollicia Bryan winning some video vixen of the year or something. But I laughed at the pic attached because I know there had to be some gay boy on set directing her to do that pose saying "Bitch lay your head back and pull that ponytail and have your face sitting for the gawds honay" LMFAO. I'm a hag so I know what they say, but you and I know that is some drag ball type of stuff gay boys pulling that pony tail. Well I can't hate the pics is fierce. Just found that funny and thought I'd pass it on to you.

Photos by Freddyo Exclusively for

Sometimes a woman has to handle her biz where her man is concerned. When Bow Wow's main chick Dollicia Bryan saw my post about Bow Wow's side piece last weekend at 300 Bowling alley, she decided to shut that down real quick!

Okay, I'm lying. But Dollicia was by her man's side at the Kanye West "no-show" after party at Jermaine Dupri's Studio 72 on Sunday.

You may recall I wrote this post on Dollicia and Bow Wow 3 weeks ago. Dollicia dropped Jamie Foxx when Bow Weezy sent his $300,000 Bentley to pick her up for a date after she appeared in his video.

Then Bow Wow flew her to his star-studded birthday party in Vegas on his private jet and it was on! Following the Kanye's Glow in the Dark concert on Sunday night, Bow Wow and Dollicia cuddled and kissed all night long in the VIP at Studio 72. So I guess it really is over for Melody Thornton and Bow Wow?

Someone wants you to know that Bow Wow recently dismissed his homegirl Melanie Thornton to take up with a new woman. Her name is Dollicia Bryan, and according to the person who sent me the email, Bow Wow was so impressed with the "model/actress" that he sent a private jet to fly her to his star studded birthday party in Vegas back in March.

Supposedly, Melanie saw the two making out like vampires in the VIP and vented her frustrations out on Bow Weezy who promptly took back his AMEX Black card on the spot.

Okay, I made that last part up. But I'm not totally convinced that Melanie is out of the picture. I know for a fact that the two love birds were together in a Florida hotel room just two weeks ago. So Dollicia better keep her options open.

More pics of Dollicia after the break

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