Robin Thicke Isn’t Handling Split from Paula Patton Very Well

Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton split

In Kevin Hart’s new relationship flick, About Last Night, actress Paula Patton plays a seductive woman who can’t get over her last boyfriend (played by Michael Ealy). In real life, Patton is having no problem getting over her cheating husband, singer Robin Thicke. The 38-year-old mother of one has moved on from her marriage — apparently leaving no emotional baggage behind.

But Thicke, who has only Loved one woman his entire life — is having difficulty picking up the pieces of his life.

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In Case You Missed It: Being Mary Jane, Episode 5

Being Mary Jane

Last night’s episode of BET’s hit scripted series Being Mary Jane sparked serious online debates about the manner in which Andre (Omari Hardwick)’s wife serviced him in bed. In a recent episode, Andre, who is cheating on his wife, Avery Daniels (Robinne Lee), with Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union), blamed his cheating on the fact that his side piece performs fellatio on him and his wife doesn’t.

So in last night’s episode, Andre’s wife attempts to give him head while propping her head on a pillow — an act which only angers Andre, and sends him running back to Mary Jane.

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Not So Blind Item

Blind Item

I did not write this Blind Item. Please address all inquiries and gripes to the original source.

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Bitter Rihanna Burns Everything Chris Brown Ever Gave Her

Rihanna poses with penguins

Troubled singer Rihanna, 25, has finally accepted the fact that she lost singer Chris Brown to the Love of his life, Karrueche Tran.

For the past year Rihanna has done everything she could to tear Brown away from Karrueche, but Brown refuses to go back to Rihanna.

Rihanna was recently forced to face reality after her best friend, Melissa Forde, threatened to cut her out of her life for good if Rihanna didn’t stop obsessing over Brown.

Rihanna didn’t want to lose the only person (other than her mother) who Loves her despite all of her flaws. So, to celebrate her decision to move on with her life, Rihanna, Mel and a few of their friends held a burning ceremony to destroy everything that reminded her of Brown.

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Did Producer Timbaland Impregnate 3 Women?

Timbaland and Monique Idlett

Word on the curb is the real reason behind Timbaland’s divorce woes is he allegedly impregnated three women. This information comes by way of the Internet, so take this TEA with a grain of salt.

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Producer Timbaland’s Wife Files for Divorce

TImbaland and Monique Idlett

Music producer Timbaland’s long-suffering wife, Monique Idlett Mosley, has filed for divorce from her philandering husband. The rumors about 41-year-old Timbaland’s roving eye began swirling in 2008, before the ink was even dry on the couple’s marriage certificate.

According to gossip website, Monique wants “permanent alimony” from Timbaland, whose real name is Timothy Zachery Mosley.

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Marc Jacobs’ Boyfriend Dumps Him Via Instagram

Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis split

Gay men are notoriously promiscuous. By Nature men are twice as horny as women. So being a gay man with options is like trying to choose between a variety of mouth watering cupcakes: it’s hard to stay faithful for very long.

So it’s no surprise to hear that Louis Vuitton head designer Marc Jacobs and his model boyfriend, Harry Luis, have parted ways.

Jacobs, 50, is a typical addictive personality who was engaged to marry at least two of his previous lovers.

Fed up with Marc’s philandering ways, Harry gave Marc the boot in the most spectacular way — via Instagram.

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