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Guest Post: Omar “Slim” White

Friend of the blog Omar “slim” White has a unique perspective on heterosexual interpersonal relationships. Slim, who once dated actress Vivica A. Fox, believes sex is for procreation purposes, and that random recreational sex outside of committed relationships is a waste of energy.

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OBAMA FAIL: Sarah Palin Blasts Obama’s Cap & Trade Disaster

Chalk up yet another failure to the Obama administration’s efforts to socialize America. Barack Hussein Obama’s attempts to regulate and control this country’s banking and auto industries have failed. As will his energy cap-and-tax bill, aka The BIG Lie. And Obama’s health care reform bill is floundering like a fish out of water. Never has…

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Obama: “I don’t smoke in front of my kids”

It’s a known fact: Barack Hussein Obama is a pathological liar. An admission as simple as a smoking addiction is too difficult for him to make because that would reveal his one flaw (out of many). Today’s press conference in the rose garden ended with yet another question from reporters about his smoking habit. Once…

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