restaurant opening

Rap mogul and entrepreneur Clifford "T.I." Harris, Jr. will hold a grand opening for his new restaurant, Scales 925, in April, the AJC reports.

T.I. purchased Vibe Restaurant & Lounge late last year. After renovating the space, the father of 6 children has scheduled a ribbon cutting ceremony this Friday.

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Chase Reed opens pawn shop for sneakers

Why barter with other sneaker heads on for bootleg Jordans when you can get the real thing for $15,000 at a pawn shop that deals in throwback kicks? The president's teenage daughter collects a paycheck fetching coffee and dry cleaning for the staff over at CBS, but one enterprising 16-year-old has found the perfect niche: a sneaker pawn shop.

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Beyonce and Jay Z

Kanye West is in awe of rap mogul Jay Z's ability to move like molten lava through the complex landscape of the corporate world. A former crack dealer who sold poison to his own people, Jay Z relies on his street skills to help him broker million-dollar business deals.

Kanye, who doesn't have the charm or finesse to get in good with corporate wheelers and dealers, told San Francisco's 106KMEL he wants to learn from Jay Z.

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Sean Combs

Rap mogul Sean "P. Diddy" Combs was spotted with the latest addition to his harem. Sean acted a bit camera shy hiding his face as he walked into 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to appear as a guest. Combs, 43, who is the father of five children, has several women in his harem including Kim Porter, Sarah Chapman and singer/model Cassie Ventura. One of P Diddy's entourage was also seen carrying in a bottle of Ciroc vodka which he promotes. Combs appeared on the show to talk about his new music channel 'Revolt', which launched yesterday to little fanfare.

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Karrueche launch party

Chris Brown's other woman, Karrueche Tran, is set to launch her clothing line 'The Kill' at a party in Atlanta tonight. The only problem is her clothing line doesn't really exist -- except in boxes in a storage facility somewhere in LA.

Aside from the fact that Brown has withdrawn his support of her clothing line -- on orders from Rihanna -- The Kill is already a registered brand. But threats of lawsuits doesn't matter to someone like Karrueche when a club promoter is waving dollars under her nose.

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