Floyd Mayweather cash

Champion boxer Floyd Mayweather has everything money can buy. Too bad his money can't buy him common sense or self-esteem, because then he would truly be prosperous.

Mayweather's millions keeps him relatively comfortable -- and he makes sure to always have at least a million in cold cash on hand. As for the rest of his money, according to ESPN The Magazine, the narcissistic pugilist keeps $123 million in a single bank account.

By the way, the FDIC covers bank deposits up to $250,000. So if Floyd's bank ever goes under, the majority of his cash will go down with it.

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ESPN The Magazine Body Issue Colin Kaepernick

ESPN The Magazine released photos from its 2013 Body Issue featuring professional athletes in all their glory. NFL star Colin Kaepernick, and NBA stars John Wall and Kenneth Faried are featured in ESPN's ongoing series examining the human form, titled "Bodies We Want." Some of the female athletes look freakish which is why I'm not posting any of those images.

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