I was among the people waiting for Mr. Blackwell to release his annual Worst-dressed Men's list. I just knew Kanye West would be on it.

According to reports, the fashion critic, whose worst-dressed lists are anticipated the world over, lost consciousness at his home in Los Angeles earlier this week.

The 86-year-old Blackwell, real name Richard Sylvan Seltzer, was admitted to a hospital on Tuesday, where he remains on a ventilator to assist his breathing. But his publicist Harlan Boll has confirmed he is now conscious and responding to touch. Blackwell is intubated (with a tube down his throat) and cannot speak.

He is being treating with antibiotics for an unknown infection, and doctors will decide tomorrow whether he can be taken off the ventilator to breath on his own. (Source)

Do you possess a super sized bubble that you can't squeeze it into conventional store-bought jeans? Are you tired of watching shapeless skinny girls get all the attention in their fitted jeans while you can only imagine yourself in a pair?

Well, former reality tv star-turned entrepreneur Deelishis has a new line of jeans called D Cut that is specially cut to fit any size bubble - natural or enhanced.

D Cut jeans can be made to order in sizes 6-16. The styles available are:

  • BOOT CUT $89.00
  • HIGH WAIST $110.00
  • SKINNY $79.00
  • CARGO $79.00
  • TAILORED $89.00


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