John Bonifield

CNN's credibility was rocked after an undercover investigator for Project Veritas infiltrated the newsroom and apparently planted fake Russia stories that were reported by CNN as fact.

CNN retracted a Russia collusion story from its website last week and apologized to an associate of President Trump who was falsely implicated in the article.

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jordan brown

Jordan Brown, the troubled pastor who claimed a Whole Foods bakery sold him a cake with a gay slur written on it was sued for unpaid student loans a few weeks ago.

KXAN obtained a copy of the lawsuit from the Travis County Clerk’s Office accusing Brown of defaulting on a $27,000 student loan.

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Porsha and Kordell Stewart

It's hard to tell what's real when it comes to fake reality shows these days.

With so many tiresome and boring reality shows crowding the television landscape, producers struggle to come up with unique ways to keep viewers tuned in. It is not unusual for reality show stars to involve the courts -- and even the police -- who unwittingly provide drama to boost TV ratings.

Lawsuits are often filed, but after the season ends, the lawsuits are quietly withdrawn; or the legal paperwork is filed incorrectly so the case is tossed out on technicalities.

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Wyclef Jean isn't content with just being a founding member of the legendary music group, The Fugees. Now he wants to be president of Haiti too.

What do you mean by 'is he qualified?' He was born in Haiti. What more qualifications does he need?

Didn't Barack Obama already prove that you don't need to be qualified to be president of the United States?

Can you blame Wyclef for setting his sights ridiculously high? What narcissist wouldn't strive to be president of a small island nation that he rarely visits?

Presidents don't have to reside in the country that they want to rule over. Especially if the president is a celebrity.

You can't expect Wyclef to actually live in Haiti, what with the presidential palace lying in ruins and all.

Wyclef will most likely win the election, because CNN says he's qualified.

Once he's elected, he'll pop over there every once in a while to make music videos or to take photo ops with orphaned Haitian children.

But Wyclef will spend most of his time stateside doing what he does best: fundraising and collecting cash that no one knows what he's doing with.

Oh, and he'll eventually rebuild that demolished presidential palace -- over in Miami, of course.