Derrick Rose to Pay for Jonylah Watkins Funeral

Chicago Bulls superstar guard Derrick Rose will foot the bill for 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins' funeral, ABC News reports. Jonylah died a day after she was shot 5 times while her father changed her diaper in the front seat of a van parked on Chicago's south side on Monday.

Police say the father, who had known gang affiliations, told them the killer opened fire on him while he changed the baby's diaper. Police believe the drive-by may have been provoked by a Facebook post.

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Before we get into this "Put 'em on Blast" post, I want to send my condolences to the family of Darrell "Big D" Davis, (pictured above) who is better known as rapper Bow Wow's longtime bodyguard. He passed away last week due to complications from an undisclosed medical issue.

Funeral services were held for Mr. Davis on Friday, March 11 in Stockbridge, GA.

If you are a Bow Wow fan then you are familiar with Big D, who protected Bow Wow from day 1 up until a few years ago when the two men parted ways professionally.

Bow Wow was supposed to attend Big D's funeral but he never showed up. According to inside sources who asked to remain anonymous, Bow Wow, 24, real name Shad Moss, also promised to handle the full costs of the funeral to relieve the hardship on the family.

That promise went from taking care of the full costs to paying half of the costs to paying nothing at all, leaving the family scrambling to come up with the funds to pay the entire bill.

I would love to give credit to the REAL MEN in the industry who stepped up to pay the entire funeral bill for the Davis family, but they do not wish to be identified.

Let's just say that they are very close to Bow Wow. Under normal circumstances, these people would not betray Bow Wow's trust, but what's wrong is wrong. By the way, my inside source drops a scoop in their email to us. Remember where you read it first!

Hi Sandra,
Bodyguard/Security affectionately known as "Big D" passed away on March 3. He'd been battling health issues. His funeral was held today in Atlanta, Georgia. He was Bow Wow's bodyguard for over 8 years. One of the FEW people that was there for him since day one. What's sketchy is how Bow committed to paying for his funeral. Well... paying in full went to HALF and HALF went to him not even showing up at all! Now how in the world does he LIVE in Atlanta and not show up to the funeral!?!? Maybe he was too busy tearing down Babies R Us since he has a child on the way! (Oops! Did I spill that? (And YES, it is a FACT.) Bow Wow is going through all these changes to reinvent himself. He has a new home with Young Money and always talks about how he "helps them" and they help each other... well guess he forgot he agreed to HELP his long time friend. What a damn shame!!


In the video after the break, Bow Wow is Punked by Toure for a segment on BET that never aired. As he leaves the room, you can hear Bow Wow shout, "Big D, handle that!" Big D was always there for Bow Wow. Too bad he couldn't be there for Big D.

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