Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Ford

A woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct is refusing to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday. Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer, Lisa Banks, says her client wants the FBI to investigate her allegations.

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George Bush clogged arteries

Former President George Bush underwent a procedure earlier today to place a coronary stent in a blocked coronary artery in his heart. The coronary stent will keep the artery open to allow adequate blood flow in his heart.

The blockage was discovered during Bush's annual physical exam at the Cooper Clinic in Texas, reports Fox News. The procedure was performed at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital," according to a statement.

Patients who undergo stent placements must take oral anticoagulants (blood thinners) for life to keep blood clots from forming around the stents. Patients are at risk of stroke from blood clots and a buildup of white blood cells around the stent. Coronary stents are typically used to prevent heart attacks in people who are diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease caused by Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries or clogged arteries).

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Barack Obama's approval ratings are sinking fast with no end in sight. The polls measure the apathy of Americans toward Obama due to his obvious lack of qualifications to run this country. What did voters expect? Obama was a junior Illinois state senator who spent two years voting "present" 130 times on tough legislation! That should have been a red flag.

From Hot Air blog:

Overall approval for Obama has now reached 46%, with 53% disapproving. Strong disapproval now comes within five points of overall approval, almost within the margin of error

Obama’s overall approval rating has dropped four points in the last two days, which gives an indication that the latest polling is significantly worse than earlier surveys. Rasmussen uses a rolling three-day poll of 500 likely voters each day. On Friday and Saturday, his overall approval was at 50%, but has dropped quickly to its new low.

Loyal reader Randi wrote:

I'm a democrat, but I believe in being fair. I read your site on a regular basis and while reading your Obama/Hitler post, I noticed a few commenters who said no one did that to former President Bush. However, if they did their research before typing, they'd know that the SAME EXACT GROUP also referred to him (Bush) as Hitler with the posters and everything, also. I saw it just now on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" during his opening segment tonight. You should try finding it on Youtube and post it for the naysayers and non-believers.

I voted for President Obama and support him for the most part (as I try to do with all Presidents until they prove they don't deserve it), but people go overboard with the whining about how he's being treated differently when, oftentimes, he's not. As they love to post "Let google be your friend"

Loyal reader Janice writes:

In his State of the Union Address in January 2003, Bush outlined a five-year strategy for global emergency AIDS relief, the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. Bush announced $15 billion for this effort. This plan went unnoticed because most of the funding went to Africa. (The Dutch and the British own way more real-estate there than America) this was almost double throughout his term.

This is his first term lets remember. No one, not Obama (who has close ties there and cant even get his own aunt a green card), Michael Jackson, or any other president (that includes that weak ass apology Clinton gave in '97 for slavery) has gone to task and followed through on any type of aid to the Extent Bush has.

Give the man that. Dont be so hard that you cant tell a person "good job." I say good job for Obama winning the election, I think he been walking into walls every since, but at least I have the common sense to acknowledge the fact that it is historical and a great accomplishment on his part.

One thing that I can say about Bush that I can't say for Obama is the fact that everything he said he was going to do he did it. I'm talking about from Governor of Texas to beyond. Looking back on Obama, I cant say the same thing.

It must be difficult for the Obama worshipers in the mainstream media to accept the fact that no one outside of their close-knit fraternity obsesses over Obama the way they do.

From MM:

Aptly named. Lemon certainly looked like he had swallowed something sour after Mabuse rejected his obsequious suggestion that President Obama’s warm welcome was somehow “unprecedented.”
Golden moment:

Mabuse: “It’s not unprecedented. When President Bush was here, you will remember, in February, there were people who were drumming, there were dances, and President Bush joined some of them.”

LOL, the blank stare on Lemon's face is priceless! Here's his face when African CNN correspondent Nkepile Mabuse tells him Obama got the same welcome that George Bush did. :blink:

Lemon was definitely caught off guard by her unbiased professionalism. Obviously Ms. Mabuse didn't get the memo that she's supposed to worship Obama as her counterparts at CNN do.

Despite arm twisting by president George Bush and others, Bush's $700 billion bailout plan went down in flames today.

Senate majority whip (Republican) Eric Cantor blamed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's speech for the rejection of the bill. "This is not a partisan crisis, this is an economic crisis," he said in a press conference following the vote.

Cantor noted that 92 Democrats voted against the bill following Pelosi's speech blaming the Bush administration for the current economic crisis and for not protecting the middle class who lost their homes, savings, pensions and their retirement.

Cantor called Pelosi's words "inappropriate". Bush is determined to get the bill passed to rescue his friends and their companies before he leaves office.

Bush claims if the bill doesn't pass, the economy will collapse. But he's not talking about "our" economy, he's referring to "their" economy.

This time "they" will be affected instead of "us" and it feels good.

In truth, the working class won't feel the pinch as much as Bush and his millionaire friends who caused millions of people to lose their homes, pensions, mom and pop stores and savings.

Upon news of the bill rejection, the Dow dropped over 700 points but rebounded 200 points.

Thanks to loyal reader Angela Watts for the tip!

Still no word on whether Sen. John McCain will show up in Mississippi tomorrow night to debate Sen. Barack Obama.

But Obama aides say Obama plans to turn the debate into a town hall meeting if McCain doesn't show up.

Congressional Republicans and Democrats reported agreement in principle Thursday on a $700 billion bailout of the financial industry, and said they would present it to the Bush administration in hopes of a vote within days.

Emerging from a two-hour negotiating session, Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., said, "We are very confident that we can act expeditiously."

"I now expect that we will indeed have a plan that can pass the House, pass the Senate (and) be signed by the president," said Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah.

The bipartisan consensus on the general direction of the legislation was reported just hours before President Bush was to host presidential contenders Barack Obama and John McCain and congressional leaders at the White House for discussions on how to clear obstacles to the unpopular rescue plan. (Source)